Answers for questions vol. 216

Hi there. Welcome to another stirring edition of “Answers for Questions”. You send me questions, I answer them. If you’d like to be involved , ask me stuff! Anything. Try and be interesting/weird cause it definitely enhances both reading and writing this column.
You can send me questions here- Or simply leave them in the comment section below. It’s anonymous and no one will know it was you who asked a stranger a question on the internet. Do it!
Let’s check this weeks batch…

lots of ringtone questions:
you ever judge someone based on their ringtone?

I’d like to say no but I’d be lying. Though, I can’t say I’d judge someone on a specific tone, I’d more judge them by the fact that they have a super loud and obnoxious ringtone that goes off in public. Unless they are older and don’t know how to set their phone up or maybe hard of hearing, that shit is unacceptable. You never wanna be that guy in an elevator who’s phone goes off and we all get to hear that your phone plays “hott nigga” every time you get a text.
what is your ringtone and why?
I have mine on vibrate only cause I’m an adult with dignity.
how often (if ever) do you change your ringtone?
Never. I’ve kept it on vibrate for years now.
if you could record your own verbal ringtone (which you can), what would it be/say?
It would either be me saying the words “Ring ring” over and over , getting progressively annoying with each round of “rings” OR me rapping the entire last verse of “Hott Nigga” in a thick british accent.

What is your favorite song produced by Aesop Rock and why? As when I found out that he was a producer and an mc it immediately made me think of you and what your favorite track of his is.

Gotta say, I’m really not a fan of these “What’s you favorite……?” questions. Partially cause I rarely have a definitive favorite anything. Things change. Depending on my mood, I might like something more one day than the next.So it’s all pretty arbitrary.
But, if I had to chose right now, the first thing that pops in my mind is “battery
It’s certainly not the “best” beat he’s ever made but I’ve always felt a closeness to this song. It’s just a really ill song. Definitely wish I had produced it!

Yo Block,
How do these whack rappers get as many chicks as they do? I’m talking the likes of Riff Raff or Mickey Avalon and so on? Is it the never breaking character, acting like a big shot thing they have going for them or what? If I starting putting out shitty albums and dressing or acting like a goon I don’t think I’d be as deep in women as these clowns. So what’s the difference?

You’re not familiar with how fame works, huh? Famous people get girls. No matter who they are. Jared from those subway commercials has gotten more girls than you. Right now, Peter Dinklage is probably waking up with 3 naked girls in his bed. At this very moment, Carrot top is laying in bed with 2 girls hotter than you or I will ever touch and hoping they wake up soon so they can leave and he can take a dump in private. There is a guy who was on a season of The Real World 15 years ago who’d gotten laid more than anyone you’ve ever met. That’s how it works. It’s unfortunate but putting a man on a screen or stage makes him more desirable to many women.
In the case of guys like riff raff and Mickey avalon, sure, the character they play comes into it. I mean, there are all sorts of non-famous guys who peacock and just have an undeniable arrogant confidence about themselves that typically leads to getting women. But don’t for one second think that their fame isn’t the reason they get more girls that you or me. Notoriety and access. It’s all about that.

question – How nervous do you get the day before you release an album by yourself?
Strangely, I was pretty calm. I no longer have lofty expectations for releasing records. I know some people are gonna check it out and hopefully they’ll like it. But, it’s not like I’m ever expecting huge sales or that this album is going to change my life. I simply don’t make that kind of music. If anything, I’m relieved to get it out cause I had been sitting on the finished version for almost a year.I’d imagine it’s like having a healthy baby. All that matters in that moment is that it came out breathing with ten fingers and ten toes.
But, yeah, I was never nervous. It’s simply too intangible a thing to really ever get scared over. I’m more nervous when I read a review of it and even that isn’t that nerve wracking.

When you eat a standard meal of potatoes, a type of meat, and vegetables…are you a person who eats each section in its entirety before moving onto the next or do you eat it all together bit by bit?

I tend to pick at one then pick at the other. There’s certainly no method to it. I don’t finish one part then move to the next. The only constant is that I eat the entire meal at a wildly unhealthy break neck speed.

If global warming is in fact real, how come we’re getting record cold winters?
Would you rather hibernate like a bear or migrate like a bird?

I’m not a scientist but I recently saw an interview with one who is at the top of his field and he said some shit about how these freezing winters and record snowfalls are part of global warming. I forget how or why but it seemed legit.
And I’d rather migrate, if it meant I could fly. But, if I couldn’t fly, sleeping for 4 months would be the shit.

9 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 216

  1. Here are some randos to tide you over (although not particularly creative):

    Who would be more difficult to work with (if you were in the acting biz), Mike Myers or Bruce Willis?

    How comfortable are you holding a baby?

    What is the suckiest part of winter for you – the temperature, the ground, or the amount of daylight?

    How much do you care about The Simpsons?

    Also, have I done this FMK before? Ana Gasteyer, Cheri Oteri, Molly Shannon

  2. This is more to the person who asked the global warming question than you, Block…

    It is called global warming…keyword being GLOBAL…hotter average temperatures increase the volitility of storms…GLOBALLY…the recent freezing weather we recently went through was due to a massive tropical storm in the Pacific that pushed way north, farther than storms of that type normally make it. This caused the cold air that normally stays in the north pole(to generalize) to be pushed down into the US causing a massive dip in temperatures. The hotter the planet gets, the crazier the storms on a global scale become. You might not think about it much but weather that affects warmer areas definitely has a cause and effect EVERYWHERE. If you ever say that global warming is a myth because you are cold, you are an IDIOT.

    Google it and educate yourself fucknuts.

      • Also the change in temperature across the hemispheres is causing a change in the jet stream, which is in turn causing stronger storms, which get very cool and windy by the time they make it up to us.

        Also how DARE you use an adorable picture of a titi monkey.

        King Geoffrey

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