Answers for questions vol. 218

Can you feel that? That holiday spirit? Me neither. I almost forgot christmas was in a few days until I was reminded a festive drink menu at a local bar.
I hope you and yours have a good holiday. Eat food. Get gifts. Whatever.
Side note: I got some shows coming up next year. Check these dates. I’m hitting a lil’ west coast. Some middle america, a little midwest… Also, I’m waiting to hear about some european dates in late february/early march. I’ll let you know when those are official.

Oh yeah…Welcome to another edition of “Answers for questions”. You ask, I answer. As always, I’d love you to contribute. If you’d like to ask me anything, get creative and send me questions to my email: or leave it in the comment section below. Have fun with it, bro.
Let’s see what we got working today…

I have a big pet peeve for rappers saying some shit in an attempt to sound smart but not making any sense. A particular line from Cannibus comes to mind. It’s the hook for his song with common where he says, “I am your worst nightmare squared that’s double for n#ggas who aint mathematically aware.”

The only occasion when a number times two (double) and a number squared are the same thing is with the number two. 1 squared is 1 and 3 squared is 9, neither are doubled by squaring them. What makes it worse is he’s dissing others for not being up on their math skills while clearly not being up on his own.

Is it right to nitpick so intensely about rap lines? Should rappers be called out when they say some shit to sound smart that is just factually incorrect?

Oh I think rappers should be called out all the time for shit like that. Anyone should. People who go out of their way to sound smart but are actually kinda morons is something that’s been going on in rap for a minute now. Think of all those underground rappers from the late 90’s/early 2000’s whose whole style was based on them being “Mystical and lyrical”. It was a bunch of dudes telling you they are deep and smart but never showing it. I can’t front, I think all of us who were rapping in that style did a lot of that though. I sure as hell did , back when I still rapped.
On the other hand, you got rappers who I don’t consider dumb who make some simple errors. Like the RZA can’t pronounce the “Benevolent” or Nas refer to “Sly stone in cobra”. Those are more just basic fuck ups. It’s the ones who think they’re bringing lofty ideas to the table but speaking out their asses that really need to get checked.

What up Block? As a producer that used to rap I was wondering if you ever write anymore, bust a rhyme while you’re making a ham sandwich or get around your friends and freestyle just for fun?
Never. A decent line will pop in my head every now and then but then it fades away pretty quickly. At best, I’ll jokingly tweet it. I used to freestyle all the time too but I feel like I would be awful at this point.
I dunno. when I stopped rapping seriously, I did it with conviction. It was not my calling.

What are your top three beverages?
1. Honest tea green tea- I drink this all the time. I love it.
2. Water- Yup. I drink tons of water. I buy bottled water pretty regularly and it’s one of the few norms in my fridge.
3. Ginger ale- I don’t drink it that much but it’s the only soda I drink with any regularity. Pretty much , only with dinners on occasion.
Shout out to yerba mate tea (I drink it before I play ball sometimes and it feels like I’m on cocaine) and Gus’s cranberry/lime soda. That shit is dope.

Thanks to you I have a number of downloaded Nina Simone songs on my phone. What’s your opinion on the controversy of Zoe Saldana playing her in the upcoming film?
It’s an odd choice. I mean, Saldana is a beautiful, skinny, light skinned girl. Simone was dark, had a normal build and definitely wasn’t the prettiest woman I’ve ever seen. That said, sadly, there aren’t exactly a ton of actresses who can sell a movie who look like Nina Simone. I mean, surely they could find someone who’s a little closer to Simone in a few ways but maybe they’ll do to Saldana what they did to Charleze Theron in “Monster” and cover her with prosthetics.
I feel as though this is more a “hollywood” problem as the point o movies is to make money. To make money, you have to draw a crowd. To draw a crowd you have to have someone who appeals to a wide range of people. All these things work against this movie being successful. If they had casted an unknown actress who looked more like Simone, I doubt the movie ever gets made. That’s the unfortunate reality of shit like this.
To be honest, I’m equally concerned with her acting chops as I am with how little she resembles Simone. She’s a good enough actress , i guess, but that role just doesn’t make sense for her.
At the end of the day, most music biopics are pretty bad and leave a lot to be desired. i don’t see this being much different.

Were you a Columbia House cd subscription member back in the day?
I think I did it a few times but it was cassettes. My problem with Columbia house was that they had a really shitty rap selection so it never appealed to me. At that time, I only fucked with hip hop shit so getting the eagles greatest hits and INXS albums wasn’t exactly a big draw for me.

What’s the average gender breakdown at your
shows? It’s amazing how male-heavy some of your peers’ shows end up being, but I’d guess that the attendance at yours is more balanced?

It depends. I’d say there is always a good amount of girls at my shows. Not 50% but it’s a rarely a depressing sausage fest. On occasion, though, it will be pretty bro’d out. The last one i remember was Minneapolis earlier this year. There must have been like 10-15 girls there tops and the rest were dudes. No clue why that was but it happened. Then, other nights, you’ll be shocked. I did a sunday show in Jacksonville florida, expecting the worst, and it was full of girls. hot ones too.
I will say that , aside from being pleasurable to the eye, the more girls, the better the show is cause girls dance. and when girls dance, guys follow. If just starts a positive domino effect that I always appreciate.

What other country would you choose to move to judging by their food?

Depends how fat I’m trying to get. If i’m going for both health and flavor, Japan. i could eat ramen and sushi forever. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg with their cuisine.
If I’m just going all out and trying to die from a heart attack by age 50, I’m going with italian. It’s the best. I wish I could eat it constantly but , sadly, I almost never eat it cause it’s so terrible for me. But , in a perfect world, I’m stuffing my face with italian food all day.

7 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 218

  1. That Cannibus line always annoyed me too but I always wondered if he meant “I’m your worst nightmare squared unless you’re not mathematically aware in which case (I’m your worst nightmare squared) x 2”. But really, he probably just fucked up.

  2. Bloc, you have to make the choice to speak, exclusively, in either Snoop Dogg “izzle bizzle shizzle” talk, Das EFX “iggity” talk, or, say an obnoxious “Ha!” after everything you say, a la Juvenile/Kanye West/Ying Yang Twins etc… Which do you choose?

  3. Why not Macy Gray?

    I get what you’re saying, but Nina Simone (and Macy Gray for that matter) has more name recognition then Zoe Saldana (even if you have no idea who Nina Simone is or what she did, the name just rings out). Its like that Stephen Hawking flick, no one has any clue who that actor is. So unless you go real big (….and starring EMMA STONE as NINA SIMONE) you might as well go for quality.

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