Answers for questions vol. 219

What’s up everyone?
OMG can you believe it’s almost 2015?I can’t even! ROFL! I, like, haven’t even started on my resolutions from last year! I guess next year will be the year I stop smoking and lighting homeless people on fire while they sleep. Fingers crossed!
Anyway, welcome to another edition of “Answers for questions”. It’s simple. You ask stuff, and I answer it. If you would like to be a part of the magical whimsy, shoot me a question or two. Either email it to me at or leave the questions in the comment section below. This week is an intersting one. More “random” than usual. I like it. Check it out…

What’s your take on Kirk Cameron? hahaha like what is the DEAL with that guy?

Is it to easy to just call him a crazy person and be done with it? I mean, at the core, that’s what I think of him. Really, any off the wall ,over the top religious person is a lunatic in my eyes. With Cameron, you can literally see it in his eyes. He’s not there. The workers have checked out but someone left a light on.
One thing I’ve been curious about, concerning him, is when did all this jesus freak shit start with him? I’m too lazy/don’t care enough to google it but was he always that guy? If so, how did he hide it while on “Growing Pains”? I definitely recall him marrying that hot girl who played his girlfriend on the show and thinking “That makes sense” but I suppose she could have been a jesus freak too. It’s too late now but someone could have made a great documentary on the evolution of Kirk Cameron. Well, maybe not the evolution. I’m sure he hates that word.

what do you think of producers like timbaland?

I thought you said you like the 1st clipse album. Which was the neptunes

I think missy and tim make some pretty unique hip hop

Does blockhead listen to a timbaland beat and be like. I can make that or do you kind of respect it for what it is even though it’s not like boom bap?

Or is this dumb and I should punch my own balls now ?

Timbaland and the Neptunes are awesome. Easily two of the most important and original producers of my lifetime. They may be two of the only hip hop producers who made consistently good pop music. Anyone who hates on either of those two , in a historic sense, has no fucking idea what they’re talking about. I will say that I never liked missy though. Those songs were good cause of the beats, not cause of that nursury rhyme bullshit she was rapping over them.
If I listen to a timbaland beat, I don’t think for a moment that I could do that. He’s a different level than me in pretty much every way. Dude is a genius.

Why do you think Canadians say “sorry” so much? (sorry)

I’d say that all goes back to them being so fucking polite all the time. They’re not an aggressive people. Sometimes saying “sorry” when it’s not necessary is done to defuse any possible negative interaction. At the same time, saying “Sorry” too much is also something abused people do. It’s hard to say.
I know I apologize on the basketball court more than I probably should and I do it just to make other feels better and not get down on themselves. So perhaps canadians are all about just making others around them feel better about things? They’re just sooooooooo nice.

Who would be more difficult to work with (if you were in the acting biz), Mike Myers or Bruce Willis?

I know a few people who know Mike Myers and they say he’s a totally sweet, quiet guy. Where as I’ve heard Bruce willis is somewhat of a prick. Which makes sense…So, I’d go with Myers. In general, I’d bet the comedic people are easier to get along with than the movie star people.

How comfortable are you holding a baby?
Hmm…At first I’ve very uncomfortable. It also depends on who’s baby it is. The better I know the parents, the more comfortable I am. Which is odd cause you’d think that would make me worry more about dropping the kid. Also, it depends on how little the baby is. I’m not trying to hold your new born. Them shits are way too fragile. But, outside of “hot off the presses” babies, once I get a hang of it, I’m good to hold that baby until my arms get tired. Which is like, I dunno, 4 minutes. Then you can have your baby back. Thank you and good day.

What is the suckiest part of winter for you – the temperature, the ground, or the amount of daylight?

I’d go with the temperature. When it gets below 30 degrees, it makes me not wanna leave me house. The amount of daylight doesn’t really effect me as i’m more of a night owl anyway. And the ground? Well, snow is fine when it’s happening and shitty for a few days afterwards but I own boots so it’s no big deal.

How much do you care about The Simpsons?
At this point in my life? Not a single tiny bit. I haven’t watched the simpsons in probably 15 years. I used to LOVE that shit but then , for no particular reason, i stopped caring. It’s one of those things that I fully recognize it’s brilliance, respect the shit out of it but simply never feel like partaking in it. Like voting and reading. I certainly would never look down on anyone who was a huge simpsons fan. I’m more of a south park guy though.

Would you spend 1 month in the clink for unlimited food at every restaurant . (Only can get food for yourself)

Ummm….Nah, b.
I love food. I love it so very much but I’m not trying to go to jail to get more of it. I was talking to my girl the other day, after spending too much money on a meal, about how I’m okay with blowing cash on food. It’s the only thing I ever splurge on and it’s worth it to me. Also, I’m a glutton. If you give me the option to eat as much as I can, I will. That’s not good for anyone. I’m trying to not be a rolly-poly fat fuck so the less free food the better.

7 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 219

  1. “when it gets below 30 degrees” At first, I quickly read that as ‘minus 30°Celsius’…and I thought, me too, I really don’t like going outside when it’s cold like that either (-30°C is -22°Farenheit btw). Then I realized you said below 30°F…get the fuck outta here haha, I love that temperature, I could marry it.

    PS: My new year’s resolution is to not email! hahahhaha, not even once! (blog comments obviously ok)

    • Obviously extra large women. Just look at honey boo boo’s mother, she was forced to date a pederast because of the impossible beauty ideals perpetuated by the mainstream media. Plus short guys are weirdos (e.g. Tom Cruise, that dude from elf and game of thrones).

      The real question is – why do attractive women have it so tough? The constant attention and wondering if a man will ever really love “them.” FUCK WHITE MALE PRIVILEGE. #trayvonmartin #georgebushdoesntcareaboutblackpeople

      • Oh second thought Blockhead, scratch that last question!

        I have another one though!

        Which NBA team has the tackiest-looking logo? My vote is the Toronto Raptors FOR SURE…but I also only know of like, only three other teams.

        PS: Is that picture above of a snake…with arms???

  2. I read your demo reviews and it’s pretty tough to get praise from you. How often do you listen to signed artists and think, ‘This is crap with few to none redeeming qualities’? Do you feel like most music produced by a real record label has some sort of redeeming qualities even if its not your jam, like at least being polished? Sorry if I have erred in my understanding of music industry terminology, don’t know how it gets produced, just like to listen.

  3. Got another- What are your thoughts on faking an orgasm? I know its different in a relationship vs random hookup. Lets say in a relationship- is it an awful thing that undermines the trust of the relationship, or is it a convenient white lie?

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