Year in review 2014

Whelp, this year is finally over. Can’t say I’m too bummed about that. As I do every year, it’s time to sift through the crap and see what was popping over here at Phat Friend. This is a great way to perhaps read some posts you might have missed, peep some songs you didn’t know existed and basically see what this blog is all about, if you’re not initiated.

Let’s start out with 5 posts that got a lot of page clicks. For whatever reason. These are a mixed bag of fun write ups and lists.

1)You know, i bet she/he is alright
Maybe you can’t judge a book by it’s cover? In this post, I run down celebrities who, while I loathe what they do/create, I’d imagine are actually pretty cool people in real life. This is as positive as it gets around these parts.

2)Top ten types of people I meet at shows
In this post, I rundown the most common types of people I meet when I do my shows. i omitted the normal cool people cause that would be boring. Granted, they make up the majority but, you know, lemme have some fun.

3)I hooked up with Riff Raff Part 4
Continuing the popular series from last year, I ask girls who fucked rapper Riff raff some questions. I’m not trying to get dirt on the man as much as I’m trying to tear down the walls and see who’s behind the curtain. Spoiler alert: apparently, riff raff is riff raff.

4)Which Hip hop Gimmick with the best?
This is a walk down memory lane. I look at some of the best/worse gimmicks of 90’s hip hop and see which on stands as the greatest. Reader votes included.

5)Quality or quantity
This is a look at the age old discussion, but how it pertains to people who make beats/music. Admittedly,it’s not very funny but it’s food for thought at the very least. Especially for budding musicians.

Admittedly, I don’t rant as much as I used to. Maybe I’m running out of shit to pretend to be mad at. Or maybe I’m just getting older and slowly beginning my transition to “man who yells at clouds” for good. Who knows. That said, it wasn’t an empty year for rants. Here are my five favorite rants I posted this year

1) Moby Leaves New York and the world stops for us all
This is a response to a “farewell and fuck off!” letter Electronic artist moby wrote upon leaving NYC to move to a little town called L.A.. I don’t think Moby ever read it though. Oh well…

2)Stop Snitching: instagram Edition
This post is a response to this time I posted a pic of my nephews bare ass (he’s 1.5 years old) and it got taken down off instagram. People are fucking ridiculous.

3)3)Things that are wrong with the world Vol. 30
In this edition , I go off on a terrible female white rapper from minnesota. It’s not her, it’s me…But , really, it goes way beyond this one lady.

4)4)Too much ass? Say it Ain’t so
It was the year of ass. I love ass. But , let’s be honest, it got a little fucking ridiculous.

5)A message to people being shitty on the internet
So many assholes out there hiding behind their laptops. It’s easy to be a terrible human being on line. This one is for those people.

On a rare occasion, I can tell a story. In all reality, i don’t do much. I make music, chill with my friends, get drunk on occasion , play basketball until I injure myself and go on tour. That’s about it. But, there were a few things that popped off this year that needed to told to you.

1)Old people doing drugs
This is a recap of weekend where I went to a cabin with a bunch of my friends and did drugs. This doesn’t sound like much but, keep in mind, we’re all in your mid/late 30’s and , personally, i don’t do drugs anymore (much). So, this is a retelling of what it was like to return to that world after a 10 year hiatus.

2)Goddamn Wet Wipes aka the shittiest day
This is the story of the time my toilet decided to explode and destroy my home. This is actually still a slight issue and is not fully resolved but why not give you guys something to chuckle about. Warning: There is video included.

And what would this blog be without the music? It’s been a busy year for your truly so I have plenty to share…let’s start with the two releases I worked on:

My new solo album Bells and whistles. If you’re linked to any of my social networks, you should know that this came out last month. I’ve been certainly posting about it enough. The link above has all necessary info you will need to find that album. As well as the full thing streaming.

I also did an album with Philly rapper Marq Spekt that came out on Hipnott records.
It’s him rapping and me on the beats. If you like some straight up hard east coast type shit, this is for you. Peep our album “Justplaywitit

Beyond the full lengths, I did a ton of remixes too. Here’s links to those:
Hott Nigga Remix
Nina Simone mega mash up
I remixed a song for Little People
A bonus track from the Marq Spekt album featuring Aesop rock and Open Mike Eagle
A mash up of “Sunny” That i do live, recorded for your pleasure
A remix for the band The Skins. Taking some rock and roll and making it more blockheadish.

Finally, let’s not forget that I occasionally give away music. Why? Cause i love you.
Here are some compilations I gave away. Music of my own and by others…
My favorite songs of the year
All the songs I produced with rappers (excluding aesop songs)
A ton of random , hard to find remixes I’ve done from over the years

And that’s it! hope your new year is great and see you all on the other side.

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