Answers for questions vol. 220

Happy new year! 2015, right? That means we got, what? Like 35-50 more years left? I for one look forward to them.
Anyway, welcome to another edition of answers for questions. You ask, I answer. As always, I’d love you to submit more questions. Get weird! be creative! it’s all anonymous and no one will judge you (except me, if the question is really boring or stupid). Send questions to me at- or leave them in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you.
Let’s see what the new year has in store for us…

Asking someone what or who inspired them always is a stale question. But do you think you inspired other people? Do you think you’d be able to tell? Like if you here someone’s music and think: ‘hey that sounds a bit like me!’ or ‘that guy ripped my shit!’?

I can definitely hear it on occasion. Honestly, more in my “demo reviews” than I do any music I hear on my own. My response is definitely “Hey, that sounds a bit like me!” and not so much “That guy ripped my shit!”. I mean, if i lay claim to being the guy who layers tons of samples, that would cast a pretty big net and also be incredibly ego maniacal on my part. I wasn’t the first and won’t be the last.
That said, I’ve never really seen someone who was inspired by me on a larger level. I know younger , successful artists who have told me they “grew up listening to me” (btw, that’s how you make a person feel very old) but I can’t say I hear a ton of my influence in their music.

I have been reading your blog for sometime now and just wanted to say thanks. Also would like to ask if you had any suggestions as to where one should turn for guidance when they, their family, and friends don’t know any better?
To me, obviously.
Nah, that’s a tough one. Family is one thing. You can’t pick who births you. I know everyone is on some “You only get one family and you should blindly love them” kinda shit but I disagree. Plenty of worthless assholes procreate and , by no means, should anyone feel compelled to follow those types of people. And this is coming from a person with a generally great family.
Your friends, however, are something you can control. If your friends are so shitty that there isn’t a single one you can turn to for help or advice? You need new friends. Or join the army. From the sound of it, you’re living amongst shitheads everywhere you turn. Getting out of that scene would be your best option, if possible.
Maybe get a shrink, if you can afford it.

Do you have any thoughts on the Vice CEO, Shane Smith?
I have mixed feelings about him.
On one hand, when i’ve seen/heard him in interviews, he comes across as a really smart, informative guy who’s lived a fairly crazy life. And, unlike his former partner Gavin Mcguinniss , he hasn’t becomes a crazy person so set in his contrarian ways that he’s now a right ring talking head for fox news (which is really unfortunate cause Mcguiness was one of the funniest dudes ever).
That said, I know a few people who know him (smith) pretty well who have nothing good to say about him. So, while I respect him and think he does some good things, the personal shit I’ve heard about him definitely taints that.

If you had to go on the show Shark Tank tomorrow, and pitch one business idea, what would it be?
Love that show.
I’ve certainly sat around, watching it and thinking of what I could bring to the table. Sadly, I don’t think I have an inventors mind. For one, I don’t know how to “do” anything. So, the technological aspect of creating would end right there. Secondly, I’ve never been a great starting idea guy. I’m much better at taking someone else’s half baked idea and turning it into something much better. In fact, I’d be a great “shark tank consultant”.
But if I had to come up with one pitch?
It’s something I’ve spoke about before (I think on my podcast) but a bed with a built in urinal. Sadly, it only works for men (cause we have dicks) but it would be a way to not have to leave bed and pee, so you can roll over and go right back to sleep. The technology is all out of my realm but , goddamnit, if someone could perfect that, the world would be a better place. The sales to drunks alone would be in the millions.

Which is funnier, “that is as useful as a bag of dicks” or “that is as useful as a bag of smashed buttholes”

I vote for “bag of dicks” only cause it makes more sense. “Smashed buttholes” selling point is that it’s the less common saying, thus it sounds more original when you hear it. But, really, what is a smashed butt hole? In their essence, buttholes are holes. how do you smash a hole? Maybe if it were “torn buttholes” it might make more sense. Or “blown out buttholes”. That said, depending who you are, I’d imagine a bag of dicks might be pretty useful to the right person. A bag of limp dicks…now that would be completely useless.

I have questions concerning Album Artwork. Because I am someone who is paying attention to those things and they are also effecting the way of how I experience music. (Owen Brozman’s Artwork is genuine! I love it, especially “The Music Scene”. Creates a whole new world in my head). How important is that to you and your music. And what is your favorite artwork?

Honestly, when it comes to that kinda shit, I don’t care THAT much. I’ve always been an audio guy as opposed to a visual guy. By that, I mean I don’t sit around agonizing about it and putting a whole lot of thought into it. When it’s time to come up with artwork, I like to get a simple idea and just throw it at the artist. In my case, it’s been Owen Brozman who’s done all the artwork on my last 4 albums. We’re old friends and have a very smooth working relationship. He’s able to hear my idea and make it come to life.
Basically, I let the artist do the work. Cause that’s what he’s good at. I trust him. Sure, I might ask for a change here and there but, for the most part, once I give the most basic idea, I try and step away from it all. I’m definitely not one of those meticulous people who lords over every aspect of my album. I handle the music and everything else gets delegated elsewhere in a fairly casual manner.

Blockhead, what do you think is more offensive behavior – Not letting ppl off the train before getting on or not giving you seat up to elderly ppl

100% not letting people off the train before getting on. While it’s always good to give your seat to an old person, sometimes you aren’t paying attention or there’s no room to move. That’s one of those “It’s the right thing to do” kinda situations but it’s not a rule. Where as people who rush onto a train where people are getting out might has well have been raised by savages in a jungle. Who does that? Not only is it rude but it makes no kind of sense. People get off and make room for people getting on. When you cross those streams, you’re fucking up the flow for everyone.
Not giving your seat up to an elderly person isn’t great etiquette but, at the same time, there is an element of “I was here first” when it comes to seats in the subway. Especially if you have a long ass ride ahead of you. I’m not saying it’s okay, but it’s nowhere near the foul that barging on to an emptying train is.

6 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 220

  1. Sup ‘head,
    I just had to comment on the last one. You’re absolutely right, but since you asked “Who does that?” I have to answer it: Chinese people. I don’t know how it is in the states (I’m from Europe), but last year when I visited China (Shanghai and Beijing) I was shocked at how impolite and savage those people are. They bump into you on the street and don’t even flinch. They pull that subway shit all the time and it actually got quite fun once I got used to it. They are all kinda small and I weigh around 40 kg more than the average person so I just treated every subway stop as a bumper car ride. They rushed into me and I just kept bouncing them away, fun times. But yeah, they behave like animals in the jungle, it has to be because of the huge population and everyone must fight for every centimeter of space or something.
    Always a pleasure, peace.

    • I live in Flushing, Queens (a very highly chinese-populated region) and can 100% vouch for this comment. They will actually put their hand on your back and attempt to shove you on the car as soon as doors open. I won’t budge until the car empties and have had a few smash into me from behind. Love the animal kingdom.

  2. When you finally release Bells And Whistles on CD, you should add this to the cover, like one of those critic-comment stickers “I’m much better at taking someone else’s half baked idea and turning it into something much better.”… It’s either that, or “Bells And Whistles- It’s more useful than a bag of dicks.”

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