I’m hitting the road! Check my live shows!

It’s that time of year again where I journey from off my couch to venues all over the world to play people my music. It’s looking like a busy winter/fall as I will be all over the states and even back in europe.Some familiar places and some spots I have never set foot in before. so, without further ado, here are my upcoming shows:

W/ DJ Cam
2/26/15 Berlin, Germany -Gretchen
2/27/15 Kiev, Ukraine -Club Atlas
2/28/15 Linz, Austria -Stadtwerkstadt
3/2/15 Tel Aviv, Isreal- Ktovt
3/3/15 Prague, Czech Republic- Cross Club
3/4/15 Brussels, Belgium-VK
3/5/15 Amsterdam, Netherlands- OT301
3/6/15 Hamburg, Germany- Mojo

Us Dates! For details (venues and tickets) Go to http://blockheadmusic.com/

22 thoughts on “I’m hitting the road! Check my live shows!

  1. Hey there,

    Blockhead in Europe ? Shit, count me in. But just a quick question to be clear : You’re the main event right ? You’re not just doing the opening ? (I know it’s a silly question, but I prefer to look like a stupid for a few seconds, rather than be disappointed)

    Also, no date in France ? I suppose it’s the same as for the UK, you couldn’t find anyone interested ? Should I try to ask my local concert hall just in case, or is your schedule too tight for any other date in march ?

    Cheers man, love your work, love your spirit, keep it up πŸ™‚

  2. Nice! Sweet that you booked Stengade, I love that place (although it’s been um….TEN years since I was last there).

    ps: Most people in Copenhagen are damn near perfect English speakers, it’s insane.

  3. Hey Blockhead!
    I might be missing some crucial link or insider knowledge, but how does one get tickets to these shows? We would really love to catch you in Amsterdam but as we don’t live there it requires some planning.
    Thanks from industrial Germany!

  4. Will see you in Hamburg, can’t wait. I know it’s more of a DJ-Set in a Club and less of a concert, but will there be a chance of catching you for a photo after your set? Also, you said your vinyls are coming soon. Any chance you’ll bring some along? :))

    • My show isn’t really a Dj set. It’s a laptop show. Definitely better for concerts than clubs. I’m planning on bringing Vinyl (assuming I’ve got it by then) but I’ll probably only be able to bring a limited quality cause I’m flying with it. But I’ll definitely be available for pictures and all that good stuff.

      • I am sure it’ll turn out to be great πŸ™‚ afaik the Mojo is a nice venue and good mixture of concert and club appeal. I just thought it was more of a club thing because of DJ Cam.

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