Yay or Nay: Westside Gunn

From where? Buffalo. That’s where. He may be the first rapper I’ve ever heard from Buffalo but he doesn’t sound like he’s from anywhere but NYC. Even though he currently resides in Atlanta. Clearly, he’s all over the place.
His style and sound is reminiscent of AZ and Roc Marciano. Definitely more on the thugged out side of things. I mean, his name is Westside Gunn. What did you expect? Now, I don’t doubt a decent amount of you will be turned away by his topics but, hey, it is what it is. I still like shit like this and the kid can rap well.
Sure, he’s not exactly blazing new paths but , personally, I give it up when people can do something well. Like Russell Westbrook might say “It’s the execution”.
Oh, and here’s an interesting thing, I couldn’t find one video of this dudes music. In this day and age , where video content is often deemed more important than actual albums, I actual find comfort in this guy just making a shit ton of songs and letting people judge him on that alone. Maybe that’s not why he has no videos but, whatever. I’mma pretend it is.
So, here’s a few links. The first is to his website where he has two Ep’s streaming. Ideally I’d like to highlight songs but that’s not possible here so I’ll just say peep “Messhall Talk” and “Rayfuls plug”
His soundcloud page has a bunch of loosies so here are few of those too:

So, what do you think?

7 thoughts on “Yay or Nay: Westside Gunn

    • Yeah he has a lot of videos on there, litrilly all I had to do to find them was type his name into YouTube. Blockhead must not know how to do that haha. His video Rolacks is on Worldstar today too.

      • I put his name into a youtube search and only found him rapping live or studio sessions. No actual videos. But that’s as far as I looked cause that what I can use on my blog. Oh well.

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