Answers for questions vol. 224

Hi guyz. Welcome to another edition of “Answers for questions”.
How bout that superbowl? If I cared about football I would be Livid/ecstatic. Fuck the patriots though.
Anyway, you know the drill. You ask me stuff, I answer it. If you’d like to participate, PLEASE DO! Ask me anything. Leave questions in the comments or email them to at Have fun with it. This week batch is actually a great example of questions. It’s all over the place and fun. Be like that.
Okay, let’s do this.

What habits do you have or phrases do you use that annoy you?

Umm…Things that I do that annoys me? I generally try and stop myself from doing things that annoy me.I’m assuming this is a ESL question gone awry but, just in case, I’m gonna answer it as it’s written. Maybe this is more existential than a typo.
The only thing I can think of is I have tendency to let a nervous giggle out for no reason. I wouldn’t mind not doing that any more cause, honestly , I don’t even know why I do it in the first place. But other than that, I like me.

Do you think electronica will survive ?
In some form, yes. It’s gonna keep doing what it’s been doing. A “genre” will get popular, sprout a ton of off shoots and then those genre’s will thrive and become the next big genres. Meanwhile, people will reach back in time and take something that’s already been established (Trap is a good example), give it a new angle and call it “new”. Music , in general, is a bunch of cycles. Everything has been done, on a popular level, so all we can really expect is variations of those things.
People are way to computer reliant for music being made on computers to cease being a thing. If anything, I could see instruments, as we know them, fading away.

Imagine you were dying in the most heroic way possible. What are your last words?
I guess it depends how I’d die. That would have a lot to with what I’d say. Like, if i died jumping off a building to catch a falling baby, I’d yell “You are not the fatherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!” Or if I died taking a bullet for someone maybe I’d say “You owe me one!”. It’s all very situational and , also, depends who I’m saying it too.

What do you have against sunglasses? (why don’t you like wearing shades)
Personally, they give me a headache. I wear hats and don’t mind squinting so they don’t really serve a purpose to me. But, in general, I’m not too big on extra shit. I don’t wear jewelry or watches. I just don’t care about that stuff. When I do wear it, I feel strange. Sunglasses fall into that category with me. Extra shit. They do serve a purpose though so I’m not gonna judge anyone who wears them. Unless you wear then indoors or at night. Then you’re a shithead.

Have you ever met someone face to face and after talking to them for awhile, thought to yourself, “this is the the type of person who could possibly be a troll online”…?
YES! Oh, so many times. Online trolls in person have a very particular way about them. They’re generally socially awkward (Shocker!) but friendly enough. However, the more you talk with them, they will throw strange little barbs every now and then that you can tell would only come from the mind of a troll. A common thing they do with me is try and get me to talk shit about people I’ve worked with/am friends with. Like I’m gonna be like “Oh totally, complete stranger! Lemme dish some dirt to you about my friend!”
I’ve even had some admit it to me, which is funny cause those dudes are generally more bashful about it. Like, they feel shame. Which is good, cause they should. Online trolling is so lame that anyone who is prideful about it should have their laptops taken from them and be forced to go to a “how to use the internet” class, like someone who got a DUI, but with computers.

I’m not sure if you really cook, but what’s the best snack you could quickly whip up for drunk and hungry people at your home?
I can’t cook for shit. I’m all microwave. That said, I can make some good simple sandwiches. My all time go to is the breaded chicken cutlet with provolone on a roll with mayo. It’s simple but it’s perfect. I recently expanded my horizons and made a grilled cheese with ham where I toasted the bread, put mayo on that toast then added some ham and turkey that I melted cheese on to. it was great. Normally I’d be lazy and microwave the bread but I got all classy and shit with my toaster.

What’s the worst sunburn you’ve ever had?
Hmm….damn, I haven’t been sun burnt in so long. I think the worst was when I was like 11 or 12 and I went to club med in mexico with my family. I got sun poisoning and the skin of my back was literally bubbling. I had to stay in for a few days cause of that one. In general though, I’m a fucking vampire so sunburns aren’t something i’ve had a lot of trouble with.

Who is worse regarding acting ability?
Keanu Reeves or Nicholas Cage

I’m gonna say Keanu. Even though cage is now a fucking joke, he has been good in things before. Raising Arizona, Leaving las Vegas. Keanu is pretty bad and the only roles he ever really excelled in, in my eyes, were Bill and ted’s excellent adventure and Parenthood where he played a really dumb teenaged stoner.So, it wasn’t much of a stretch. Keanu in Devil’s advocate is quite possibly one of the worst performances ever given by famous actor (Forrest Whittaker in “Species” is close though). As bad as Cage has gotten, he’s never be THAT bad.

9 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 224

  1. Next time you get classy n shit with your toaster turn that mafucka on it’s side so you can put the bread in horizontally and put cheese on top of it. Gangsta.

  2. I can feel for the sunburn experience, as a super white person i’ve had second degree sunburns many times. Worst thing ever

  3. Keanu’s movie “John Wick” from last year was actually very entertaining. It had like 10 minutes of plot, then was basically just non-stop gun fights with lots of head shots. Keanu just had to act pissed off through the whole movie, so he did alright. I hope he just plays out the rest of his career in this Steven Seagal phase.

  4. Ill be at the aesop show here in NY soon and i wnated to ask you, is it hard to attend an aesop show since his fans are your fans? can you enjoy the show without someone dapping you every 10 mins when youre in the crowd?

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