Yay or Nay: This Fat Trel song

Every now and then I like to test the waters with you guys. Sometimes you surprise me, other times I’m reminded that a large portion of you don’t fuck with rap music that approaches subjects like gun, clothes and drugs.
I’m an old rap head. I’ve been listening since the 80’s and, to be honest, subject matter has never been a big deal to me. I think most subjects can be rapped about well and made entertaining. It always bums me out when people write off entire discographies of good artists cause they simply don’t like the topics they rap about. Like the famous “eww, you listen to Jay-z?” types that used to be all over the place in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. I get if people don’t wanna listen to it. The same was I don’t wanna listen to Common rap about his feelings in 2015. It doesn’t make him a shitty rapper. It just makes him “not for me”. I think the same applies to rap of all types So, I’m curious…
Here was DC based rapper Fat Trel. He’s signed to Rick Ross’ Maybach music. He’s a hood dude who raps about hood shit. There is no mold being broken here. He’s not raising the bar. He’s not bringing anything particularly new to the table. All that said, I love this song. I love the beat. I love his raps. His presence. The mood. I like everything about this song. But I’m curious what you think. This is a litmus test type deal to get an idea where the consensus opinion of Phat Friend readers is at. No judgements. If you don’t like this kinda shit, I’m not shocked. After all, considering the music I make, there’s an expected lack of crossover with stuff like this. But, I dunno, humor me. Listen to it. Not just the first 20 seconds. Peep the whole song. Lemme know what you think…

It should be added that Trel’s new mixtape cover (as seen above) is my favorite album cover since Asaad’s cover that had Tupac buttfucking biggie.
So, what do you think of this song? (BTW, you can vote for more than one option)

18 thoughts on “Yay or Nay: This Fat Trel song

  1. Well, I listened to it twice. The production is pretty dope. I don’t really fucks with it, but it isn’t horrible. I don’t think it’s a matter of the lyrical content, though, I just find his rapping kind of boring.

    That Tupac fucking Biggie pic was hilarious, though.

      • Vince Staples may not be the best example. I prefer someone like Nacho Picasso for newer rap. For my guns and drugs rap I still go to the 90’s. In those days my mindset was more into that. Now as I am a bit older, I use those artist, Cam, Mobb Deep for that.

  2. I don’t listen to Fat Trel a lot, but this is good. Good flow, and I enjoy the spaced out cloud beats. Violence sounds good over that type of production.

  3. this kinda rap IS my thing but im not impressed. for all that intro you gave, i was expecting something hard, a la westside gunn (who’s dope)… but this shit is corny

    • Corny? how so?
      I never said anything about being hard. It was more about topical shit that turns people away.
      Also, I think what’s good about this kind of gangster shit is that it’s got a quiet storm vibe to it. It’s menacing without being abrasive.

  4. Like this kind of rap, but I wasn’t too impressed. Maybe if I were in a different mood, like riding around on the bus stoned. But right now I’m sitting on my couch with the flu.

  5. People still do that ewww jay-z stuff to this day.

    I remember being at a Brother Ali show a few months ago and there were these guys that kept yelling “Fuck Jay-Z!” (there were quite a few bros at that show…so very odd). Anyways, Brother Ali shut those guys up real quick.

  6. Meh..I pretty much can’t stand this style of hip hop/rap. The older I become the less tolerance I have for individuals glorify stupid shit for kids to idolize. I’m not hating persay…perhaps Im just officially old! I’m more of a lyrical content kinda gal these days. But I did at some point enjoy that mob deep quiet storm ish… Maybe I’m just all corny and love my life vibes now so it’s harder to relate. If I caught this tack on a shitty day, perhaps “I’d spend when i get it” too. But for now, I’ll stick with saying, that he does not make financially sound decisions, LOL.

  7. I am really digging the bass and overall instrumentation, but that clap sound is honestly annoying to me, the lyrics themselves aren’t anything new but aren’t that terrible. I’d say this song is okay, I listen to quite a bit of modern/ generic hip hop but I believe some music is better parties and running and some for listening carefully to.

  8. Yeah, I’ve never been a jay-z fan, and kanye as a rapper has always just bugged me since that first single I heard with kweli, but you’d have to be a real fucking tool to not recognize the influence they’ve had. Just not my steez, and I have had too many

    This was good. I liked the breakdowns and I thought the track was pretty well put together.
    Definitely did a double-take at the cover, though.

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