Wu-Tang Shirts ain’t nothing to fuck with

I’d like to start this off by saying I love the Wu-tang Clan. We all do. I can’t think of another rap group that has etched it’s way into so many sub cultures. It’s because of this that a problem has arisen. Wu-tang shirts and the people who wear them. Now, let me clarify. Not every person who rocks a Wu tang shirt is a full of shit poser. Not at all. Wu-tang, much like the Beatles or the Rolling stones, is a cornerstone of american culture. They have a very real and dedicated fan base. So, if you’re reading this and getting mad cause you think I’m talking about you, I’m probably not. No, I’m talking about the people out there who probably know the words to “Shimmy shimmy yall” but have no idea that Cappadonna has every released a solo album. I’m talking about people who own multiple Wu tang shirts and beanies but , in reality, couldn’t name half of the memebers (ESPECIALLY cappadonna) and , quite honestly, would rather listen to Motorhead or Erasure. I don’t wanna make it sound like there is a required amount of knowledge one must have in order to deserve to wear a Wu-tang shirt but, I dunno, if I’m rocking the shirt of a musician, I’m a huge fan. So, to me, if you’re rocking a Wu-tang shirt but have never heard a single song off of “Wu-tang forever” and think the members of Wu tangs solo efforts begin and end with Ghostface killa, that’s a little weak to me. It’s just blatant pandering.
It’s very similar to the trend of rappers wearing heavy metal shirts. You think Juicy J actually listens to Iron Maiden? No fucking way. He wore those shirts to throw a curveball. It’s just an example of person trying too hard. When I see a 21 year old hipster white girl walking around Brooklyn with a Wu-tang shirt on and combat boots, it’s speaking to me. It’s not saying “Hey, I celebrate the catalogue of the Wu tang clan!”. It’s saying “Wu-tang is a thing that’s cool so I’mma just wear this”. And she’s right. Wu-tang is cool. So much so that they’re basically infallible. I think that’s why this bothers me (Truth be told, it doesn’t bother me that much but it’s fun to rant about). By wearing that Wu-tang shirt, you’re making a statement. And it’s not “I listen to the Wu-tang clan”. I feel it’s actually a person trying to feign diversity in their musical taste. It’s kinda like that thing where hipster rock dudes always attach themselves to liking one rap act. It was Dipset for a while. Then it was the clipse. Then it was Lil Wayne. I have no clue what it is now but I’m guessing it’s some shit like Chief keef or Young thug. It’s the the “Hey man, it’s cool. I’m down with everything even though I’m not really!” of stances. Fake Wu-tang fandom is the all time version of that. It’s just so safe to like wu-tang as a person who’s generally not into hip hop. Who’s gonna question you? Wu tang is respected from the deepest hood to the most stark corn field.
The Clan has become on of those groups that is beyond music. Which is part of the problem here. To say “Wu tang is a lifestyle” is a bit much but it’s not far off. I was in Russia once and this kid was at my show. He didn’t speak much english but he definitely knew how to drop the N-bomb like whoa. He was saying “Aww man, hip hop is great! My nigga! Wu Tang! Wu-tang niggas!” Bear in mind, I’m not a member of Wu-tang. he was basically just explaining to me that wu tang is hip hop. Which is technically correct but also a weird thing to need to tell me, a non-wu-tang affiliated beat maker. That would be like me going up to Paul simon and saying “Hey man! Rock and roll! You’re my Led Zepplin nigga!”.
That’s a far reaching example but , in my eyes, it’s the same mind set as someone who mildly familiar with Wu Tang who wears a Wu-tang t-shirt. It’s a fashion choice, not fandom.
So, what’s my answer to all this? Well…I say, if you’re really a Wu-tang fan, you should rock Wu wear. And not just the T-shirts. I’m talking the the jeans. I’m talking the leather jackets. That shows commitment. Especially girls cause, man, that really will challenge your dedication to fashion. Buying a t-shirt at Urban outfitters is some bullshit and something anyone can do. But if you can track down some Wu-wear and actually wear it in public? I wouldn’t question your love of Wu-tang for a millisecond. In fact, I’d bow down and probably avoid eye contact with you cause, let’s face it, you’re not to be fucked with.Especially if you’re rocking Wu-wear jeans. That shit is mad real.


Oh, I’d just like to preemptively tell all the people who plan on commenting on this like “Whatever! people can wear what they want! Who are you to tell blah blah blah”
First off, you’re boring and bored.
Secondly, it’s not that serious. I agree. People can wear whatever they like and my opinion should have no bearing on anything of that sort. This was just a dumb rant. Calm the fuck down.

31 thoughts on “Wu-Tang Shirts ain’t nothing to fuck with

    • I’m a big enough WU-tang fan to know that their ship has sailed a a group and any new album isn’t really worth checking. I bet it’s got a couple decent songs on it though. They always have a few.

  1. I know that hipster only knows 1 hip hop group scenario well. I played a rap song I wrote in a songwriting class in school, and afterwords the one tight jean wearing leather jacket dude said “hey man I love digable planets.” Still sticks with me today, because nothing about the song sounded like them at all, that was just the only hip hop he knew so he had to chime in to show he was down.

  2. I bought a car one time that had a wu tang bat on the back window. It was cool. That’s the only reason I bought that piece of shit.

  3. How to spot a Tru-tang fan: Clothing will be simple and only have a ‘W’ or other simplified Wu logo… or real Wu-Wear.
    How to spot a poseur who can’t recite a single Wu-verse: Clothing will bear the new ‘WuTangBrand’ logo and will often have far too much information on it.

  4. I used to rock Wu-Wear in high school back in the 90’s. Needless to say it wasn’t cool to be rocking that as a white guy at that time.

  5. How did you respond to that Russian kid? Did you just fall the fuck out or actually engage him? Cause I’d find it extremely hard not to just lose my shit. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall for that exchange. Kinda reminds me of that Chappelle show skit “When keeping it real goes wrong” where that guy is in a meeting and goes off on his coworker and at the end of his rant he says he keeps it real and yells “WU-TANG!” for no apparent reason while making the hand gesture.

  6. I think there is a similar thing with Joy Division shirts, or at least one specific shirt. You know the one I’m talking about, right?

    My wife got really into Joy Division after seeing the movie Control(I should also note she is not from this country and was not really aware of them where she is from). Because of her new found love of the band she found “that” shirt online and wanted to buy it. I told her to not even bother because anyone seeing you wearing that will actually think you don’t know shit about Joy Division and that you are just wearing it for style. At the very least, I told her to buy one with a different design.

    Oh what do you know, it’s available(sort of) at Urban Outfitters. haha.


  7. I totally agree with you Mr. Blockhead 🙂
    BET those posers don’t know about the ‘Never Again’ song either, they’d probably think it’s a joke Wu-tang has a holocaust song….

  8. Haha. Couldn’t agree more. I own a pair of Wu-Wear moccasins (I think that’s what they were called, the Clarks Wallabees ripoffs). Does that mean I’m not to be fucked with? Maybe I should dig them up. Haven’t worn them in 15 years or so but I bet I still have them stored somewhere.

  9. Or people who think Method Man is the best rapper in Wu. I’m a die-hard ghostface fan (wearing a bootleg ghostface hoodie as I’m typing this), and explaining the subtleties of their catalog is a hard thing to do without sound like a cantankerous old man.

    Also, best Cappadonna track, he actually did this and his verse from winter warz acapella at rock the bells a couple years back:

  10. Oh man I was so into wu when I was a teen and forever dropped. I tried to track down every obscure affiliate an Solo tape I could. I remember Raekwon’s tape was purple. I even picked up shit like shyheim aka the rugged child. LA the darkman. Any soundtrack that had a member or affiliate member on it. Like the compilation AIDS and tales from the hood soundtrack. Loved killarmys first record. Gravediggaz blew my mind. But as u said that ship has sailed. A lot of the old stuff still holds true to me.

  11. I agree with this sentiment. The mention of Capadonna makes me smile because I have been a champion for The Pillage for years. I’ve had arguments about it’s overall ranking in the Wu library. I remember back in high school priding ourselves on knowing whose voice was whose. After listening awhile this is something we can all do with little effort. I still follow the newer releases and A Better Tomorrow has it’s moments although I do skip around. Preacher’s daughter is pretty catchy though.

  12. It feels good to know I am not the only one extremely irked by Wu Tang/ Beatles clothes wearers. I know for certain none of them know anything about anything and it frankly bothers me.

  13. I’m pretty sure 90% of the student body at my highscool own at least one “WuTangBrand” shirt. Not only that, but EVERYONE calls each other “nigga,” and the worst part is that there’s only like 3 black people in the area.

  14. Can’t remember who said this, but consider it prophecy:

    “The more hipsters that rock Wu shirts in a neighborhood, the better the chance is you won’t be able to afford rent there within the year”

  15. I wholeheartedly agree with you. I’ve been a WU fan since the 90s, and I was really sad when Wu Wear first disappeared. I remember when I used to study Wu Tang’s lyrics because I wanted to know EVERYTHING they were talking about. I bought EVERY album that was affiliated with WU tang clan (until my funds couldn’t keep up because they had so much stuff coming out that it was ridiculous). I LOVED their stuff. These days, the current WU fans are surprised when they find out that RZA got his start as Prince Rakeem and still is a member of the WU. All they know is that RZA writes soundtracks now. These fans don’t even know what GZA’s very first album was (Before Liquid Swords). As a result, I always quiz ANYBODY who wears a Wu Tang shirt.

  16. haha this is exactly why i havent worn my wu shirt since middle school…
    speaking of wu tang, check this cat out block

  17. Remember those 1-900 lines where you could call and “talk to the rappers” like 1-900-its-chef or some shit like that?
    Back in the 90’s they all had that stuff on their albums…
    Boot Camp, Redman, Wutang… etc. I wonder who was the first to do that…
    Also, have you (Block) or any of the fine people reading this ever called these lines? What happened? Some cheap recording? I doubt U-God was sitting by the phone to chit chat with random people…

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