Uncle Tony’s coloring book is now available on Bandcamp!

So, about 6 years ago, I made this album “Uncle Tony’s coloring book”. It was a limited edition album. Only 5000 cd’s were pressed, no Vinyl and very little digital availability. Well…guess what? I just uploaded to band camp so you can own it in it’s digital form. Only $8. What a bargain!
While you’re there, don’t forget to buy my newest album “Bells and whistles”, which dropped a few months ago. Some old, something new. Something borrowed (sampled, actually) something blue (Not sure what’s blue but I’m sure you can make something up).

15 thoughts on “Uncle Tony’s coloring book is now available on Bandcamp!

  1. Did you get the cover from the internet? That would be so funny, but it has happened to me in the past, searching for things I made because I didn’t have them anymore.

  2. Oh heyyyyyyy. So I heard that you’ll be stopping by my city during your Bells and Whistles tour. Expect me there in my wu-tang finest! Hmm…perhaps a soccer jersey instead. (Either/Or 😊)

    • Still waiting on them to be delivered. I was told in the next two weeks. Meaning, i won’t have them for europe but I will for my North america tour. It will also be available for order via band camp.

  3. Hey Block, is there a listing anywhere for music you sampled for this album? It’s always been one of my favorites. I was lucky enough to snag a copy on a whim back in Borders shortly after it released, and I still listen to it often.
    While I’ve been able to find a few (such as “running bear” from the strain), it’d be cool to listen to some of the other samples as well.

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