Answers for questions Vol. 227

Hello there and welcome to another edition of “Answers for questions”. Just a heads up, I’m off to europe (and tel aviv) starting tomorrow for some shows so this blog may be slower than usual. I’ll try my best to keep some content flowing but, hey, you never know. Just don’t forget me while I’m gone.
If you’d like to be a part of the “asking questions” process, I’d love you to join. Simply ask me anything. Either leave it in the comment section below or email the question(s) to be at
The weirder the better.
Okay, let’s bust this weeks nut…

Hey, as you get older, do you find you have a decreased tolerance for mediocre music? I’m in my thirties, now, and I find that I have zero interest in listening to anything that isn’t Dope (with a capital D). Or, like, at least shows A LOT of promise.

To be honest, as I get older, I find myself caring a lot less about everything. I think you start to zero in on what matters more cause your life begins to gain focus. So, while I used to live and die for this music shit in my 20’s, I’m way more lax about it now. I’d even say I’m more open minded than ever. Things are not as extreme as they once were. It takes a lot for me to be bothered by music. I mean, it happens but , comparatively, I’m like a monk these days. I’m more prone to make fun of someone saying “Dope with a capitol D” than any music I might hear.

How skilled are you at avoiding the following situation? (that’s the best I could do in finding a specific name for this phenomenon)

Oh, I’m pretty good at this. Been doing it all my life. It more depends on the other guy. I tend to be the first to give way and let the other person pick the direction. But , every now and then, I’ll come across a person who’s the same way and we look like fucking two mimes out there shadowing each other. But, overall, I’m well adapted at avoid this phenomenon.

Have you ever been with a girl who had really kinky, or “out there” fetishes? As an example I once dated a girl who shared that she enjoyed wearing diapers. Not acting like a little baby type stuff, just enjoyed them. Curious what your experiences if any are with having something “out there” like that being shared to you by a significant other. Ive come to realize that no matter what you come up with… It’s a thing for somebody.
You know, I haven’t. I’ve always had a fairly good radar with that kinda stuff. I haven’t dated many crazy girls.I don’t put that energy out there and , when they do like me, I tend to not like them back. Not that fetish = crazy but I do feel there is a little crossover there. It should also be noted that, when it comes to weird fetishes, dudes are the most out there. I’d imagine your average dating girl has many crazy stories of dudes trying to pull some outlandish shit on them in the bedroom. Most likely just forced butt stuff but a dudes sexual dementia can go very dark and very deep.

I was wondering if you even though of making a secret hand shake or phrase for people who read your blog and happen upon you at a shot or some other public place. Nothing to long just a little nod to show respect for enjoying the blog

That’s not a bad idea. People just usually tell me “Hey, I like you blog!” and that makes my day. But a special handshake? Hmm…How bout the blog fan walks up to me and performs a hand job to completion (on me, not themselves)? That would be super top secret and not at all over the top. (please don’t actually do that…especially considering 95% of my readership is dudes with neck beards)

suppose you get abducted by aliens, and they tell you that they will return you to earth but only if you agree to spy for them and help them to conquer human society. would you agree or stay in the alien prison. what if there is a super rapey giant alien squid that has been eyeballing your sphincter in your cell?
I’d honestly probably find a way to kill myself but , if that’s not an option, I’d be that spy. Once back on earth, I’d try to escape or just do a really crappy job at being a spy. I’m very good at mailing in duties so this would be no big problem for me. Worst case, they get annoyed with me and throw me in prison/kill me. At least, by being the half assed spy, I’d be out of prison for a little longer. Cherish the days, brah!

Have you been asked by Rymesayers to sign? Would you consider letting rymesayers distribute/record your albums?
Nope and sure I would. They don’t really put out instrumental music though. But, if they wanted me, I’d be all over it.

10 thoughts on “Answers for questions Vol. 227

  1. Do you ever feel odd when a fan from another country speaks to you in English, and your unable to speak back in theirs? I’m sure many people in other countries know English as a 2nd language, while us Americans (many of us) only speak in one language.

  2. Hey blockhead, been a massive fan for years, i bought music by cavelight with the bonus aesop rock instrumentals and been hooked ever since. Anyway, are you more of a hardware producer or computer based??

  3. Would you rather be married to a professional mountain climber that always made you come on expeditions where you had to camp in the mountains and cook dehydrated food over a campfire, or a female version of Riff Raff that rapped in a different language and constantly asked you for advice about beat making but then told you your ideas were bad and just did the opposite anyway?

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