Answers for Questions vol. 229

Whattup everyone…back from Europe and ready to feel regular again. Thanks to all the people who came out to the shows. It was a great time.
Anyway, this is “Answers for questions”. You ask, I answer. I always need for questions so wend them my way. Email them to me at or leave them in the comment section below. I can’t stress enough to get creative. I’ve gotten a bunch lately that are all kinda boring music related questions , which is fine, but I need some weird ones too to keep this interesting. Give me your best shot.

Ill be at the aesop show here in NY soon and i wnated to ask you, is it hard to attend an aesop show since his fans are your fans? can you enjoy the show without someone dapping you every 10 mins when youre in the crowd?

It’s very easy. I fly under the radar to a point where I’d say maybe 5% of the people at his shows can recognize me by my face. That’s the good thing about being a producer. You’re behind the scenes and it allows for the most anonymity. I can walk through the crowds at my own shows and generally go unnoticed. It also doesn’t hurt that I’m super normal looking and dress how I do so I don’t exactly stand out in crowds.

If you had to pick one song to be your theme song (30 seconds of any song) what would it be? Mind you, it plays whenever you walk into a room/with more than 5 people.
I’ve long said “Downtown Swinger” by MOP would be the music I’d come out to if I was a boxer. I think I’d stick with that one. On the downside, if I was walking into , say, a funeral, that would be shitty but I can’t base my entire life around the off chance I’m gonna be at a funeral. I feel like the smart move would be to pick something non-offensive and kinda background music-ish. Like a Kenny G song. Man, how funny would it be to have “Songbird” play every time I entered a room…That would actually be amazing.
Side note…how crazy is it that that song was a hit. I’m talking it was on pop radio and had major sales. Can you imagine that now? If some dude with a sax made an instrumental joint that got played on pop radio?

Is it just me or is the amount of static electricity this winter way more intense than usual??? I keep getting crazy-strong static shocks all over the place!
I haven’t noticed. Do you perhaps have shag carpeting?

Have you ever accidentally said a text abreviation out loud, like LOL, ROFL or OMG? I am ashamed, but I actually said LOL out loud once. I blame an extreme amount of texting that week, mixed with some serious sleep deprivation. Luckily I was only around a few family members, and I don’t think anyone really noticed. I still feel deep sham

I pride myself on not doing that. For one, I’m an adult. Secondly, all that text abbreviation shit came way after my brain had locked into how it’s ways so it would take a lot for something like that to seep in. I try to not even use those type of things in texts, let alone actual human interaction. I’m more of a “HAHAHAHAHA” guy than and “LOL” guy, if that makes sense.

You find out that your girlfriend has been cheating on you for the past year. Would you rather it be with a skinny little asian guy or a huge, jacked muscular black dude?

I think anyone who doesn’t go with the little asian dude is lying. Men are so ego driven that the last thing we want to think about is our girl with a greater physical specimen. Not to shit on skinny little asian guys but, you know, I’m kinda tall, broad and far from little. I think the idea that we could take whoever the guy is in a fight is strangely comforting. Then again…if she was cheating this the buff black guy, I’d get that. He’s a buff black dude. Where as a skinny little asian guy would feel like it came out of left field. So, I’d have to assume it was for emotional reasons which might be worse…but still…that male ego gonna do what it does. I think the worst thing would be if it was with a dude who looked just like me. But, for the sake of my ego, I’d go with Skinny asian dude.

On your social networks, (aside from English) what are the most common languages that your fans (attempt to) communicate to you in?
I don’t think anyone has ever tried to communicate with me in a foreign language…which makes sense as I speak english and most people can tell that on all my networks. The closest I get to anything else is when I get tagged in tweets or facebook posts written in other languages.

I wonder how you handle/work (around) your add.

With me a very structered job helps a lot (as you may have noticed im quite impulsive and sometimes cant keep my mouth shut ) if not im lost/chaotic. I also find it very difficult to bring structure in my personal life. Maybe you have Some good tips and tricks for me.

When making tracks you get in hyper focus?
Do you have any struggles because of add on professional or personal level?
How do you bring structure in your life?

I bring structure to my life by simply having a regiment. This blog is actually part of it. During the week, i get up, write this blog, go eat then start my day. It’s the only constant for me , as what follows is dependent on what I’m doing that day. Sometimes I’ll work on music, other times I run errands, other times I go to the gym, other times I’ll just chill and watch TV while I fuck around on the internet.
But the way I start the day is crucial to me. So much so that when it’s bothered, it’s annoys me. That actually happens pretty often but I feel as though at least having that structure keeps me in order.
As for making tracks and focus, I’m very much a person who finishes what I started. So I generally see a beat the entire way through in a day , if I’m working on it. I’m like that outside of music too. I just like things to be done with. Not a fan of things being open ended.

Hey blockhead, been a massive fan for years, i bought music by cavelight with the bonus aesop rock instrumentals and been hooked ever since. Anyway, are you more of a hardware producer or computer based??

This is on some FAQ shit but I’ll answer it cause you’re so damn complimentary.
I use an ASR 10 and Abelton live. That’s it. So I’m both but my roots are firmly in hardware as the ASR 10 is all I used for the first 10 years of beat making.

9 thoughts on “Answers for Questions vol. 229

  1. With you being such a tried and true city person, how many times (approximately) have you set foot in a Walmart? Also, Target and Costco.

  2. Yo yo yo. Do you live off your music? Or do you have a part time job other whatever to help stay a float. As a producer how easy is it in your opinion to live off of music?

  3. Do you ever go on dates with fans? Say there was this girl in Vancouver who was a super fan and thinks you’re funny and handsome and would love to take you for coffee before your next show there (or maybe do something after…). Would you say yes if she asked? Is this too creepy? (Also, she’s pretty and smart so you wouldn’t be saying yes to some ug.)

  4. Have you ever used the following slang once upon a time?

    – All that and a bag of chips.
    – Just joshin’ you!
    – This sucks the bag.

  5. Why do you think people* refer to grown women as “girls” but we don’t refer to grown men as “boys?” *Myself included, but I gotta stop because it’s kinda bullshit.

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