Answers for Questions Vol. 230

Hi there! Welcome to another edition of “Answers for questions”. You ask, I answer. Simple stuff, really. If you’d like to partake in this magic, fire away. I’m not picky. Either leave the questions in the comment section below or email them to me at Have fun with it.
Oh, also, I’m heading out on the road this week for the next few months. Lots of North American dates…Check my website for details:
Come to my shows and tell me how little you enjoy my blog. It’s okay. You wouldn’t be the first. Anyway, let’s get into this weeks batch…

Do you ever feel odd when a fan from another country speaks to you in English, and your unable to speak back in theirs? I’m sure many people in other countries know English as a 2nd language, while us Americans (many of us) only speak in one language.

It is. When I’m in foreign countries I constantly feel insecure about speaking to the natives. Not only cause I feel like I immediately come off as a dumb American but even trying to speak a tiny bit of their language is off putting. Like saying “merci” in France. I feel as though even trying to speak the language is disrespectful. In reality, that’s logic make no sense but I definitely feel that way at all times overseas. It kinda sucks actually. I should learn another language but, you know, that’s hard and fuck all that. USA! USA! :eats five hot dogs and shoots a machine gun into the sky:

Would you rather be married to a professional mountain climber that always made you come on expeditions where you had to camp in the mountains and cook dehydrated food over a campfire, or a female version of Riff Raff that rapped in a different language and constantly asked you for advice about beat making but then told you your ideas were bad and just did the opposite anyway?
Ughh…i think I’d go with the mountain climber. One thing I’ve learned is that it’s hard to date someone who does what you do. I’ve never even remotely come close to that but considering simply being friends with people like that can be a chore, adding intimacy and feelings to that, it sounds like a total nightmare. I mean, so does dating that fucking mountain climber but at least i wouldn’t be arguing about rap with her all day.
I don’t mind talking rap and nerding out with my buddies but , ideally, i wanna be able to come home and not do that. Personally, a Girlfriend should be a sanctuary from that that kind of conversation.

Do you think Katy Perry’s breasts are overrated, or underrated?
I’d have to see them in the nude to truly tell but, from what I can see, they look pretty good to me. I’d say they’re fairly rated until proven otherwise. Unless she had jacked up nipples or tons of veins, how bad could they really be?

I’ve seen most of your demo reviews and I have yet to see you give any 9s or 10s in any of the categories, what are some hip hop tracks that you would give a 9-10 in all of the categories production, vocals etc. I’m really curious what you consider to be a 9 or 10, I was really surprised when you reviewed daylight I easily thought it deserved a 9 in each category, although I do agree with you on most of your demo reviews.

Hmm…i feel like 10’s exist as something untouchable. They are perfect and there is no such thing as a perfect song. So nothing one earth could ever get a 10. A nine? “Follow the leader” by Eric B and Rakim could get that for beats and rhymes. “Ny state of mind” by Nas. “The guidelines” by Aceyalone. “Releasing hypnotical gases” by Organized Konfusion. “Aquameni” by Outkast. I’m just rattling off random ones but those would all get that kinda rating from me.

You said that Aes hadn’t nearly reached his potential on Daylight. When do you think he really came into himself fully as a rapper? Obviously there are a lot of aspects to rapping so it may be a tough question but you know… I’m channelling my nerd power.

I think , as a rapper, Aes found his voice on the Fast cars ep and perfected it on “None shall pass”. Since then, he’s gotten better with every album. There aren’t many rappers you can say that about. He found his groove, flow wise and , lyrically, he settled into a nice medium between his old extremely verbose styles and a more down to earth approach that he first used on “No regrets”.

flash to the present to your eating days for this scenario. suppose some mystical fattie you met in the grocery store offers you a fridge that’s always regenerating food. you never have to fill it and you get unlimited food to infinity. but it never changes inventory, so you have to pick what food you want to constantly be able to eat forever. do you barefoot contessa some list to maximize your food options or pass and just fill the freezer with burritos and totinos pizza rolls?
I mean, if the list can be incredibly long I’d be all over it but if he offers me 5 foods, fuck all that. I like variety. In fact, I love it. Food is my favorite thing on earth so , unless my list of foods can be like 50 pages long, i’d pass on it completely and just keep living my life how I live it. These genies always trying to come into your life and throw curveballs at you. Can i live, genies?

Do you believe in the singularity? Ray Kurzweil thinks that humankind will merge with computers around 2045 and that we’ll all live forever in a kind of A.I. techno eden. He foresees that some humans will reject the whole thing and choose to stay as human beings in nature reserves while the rest of the planet is turned into a giant computer. Which side will you be on?

I’d like to think I’ll side with the humans. I love many of the benefits computers have given us. Hell, I’m admittedly addicted to the internet but I’m also a person who lived as an adult before this shit was all encompassing. life was fine back then. It would actually do a good amount of people a service to know what that was like cause I fear large portion of people today would probably end up on the computer side of things.
While i can’t really call it on the exact date he has decided on, I definitely agree with Kurzweil in some ways. We are barreling towards a world that will be impossible to exist in without computers. It already is but it’s only going to get worse.

Do you miss doing The Rogglecast? Do you miss Pollyne? Has she run into Moby yet? (so many queries..)

I miss Pollyne more than doing the Rogglecast. Don’t get me wrong, I loved doing that but it was only around for a year. I’ve known Pollyne for like 15 years. There’s more to miss there than a weekly recorded conversation.
I don’t think she’s met moby but she did meet Anders from Workaholics and Eric Andre. So, that’s a start, right?

9 thoughts on “Answers for Questions Vol. 230

  1. Have you seen whiplash yet? If so what are your thoughts?

    Have you ever cried during a movie? (unrelated questions of course)

  2. Do you care if the water you’re drinking is cold or are you totally fine with room temperature?

    Have you ever dyed your hair? Like, when you were in your preteens/teens…

  3. I’m quite pleased to hear that Pollyne met that Anders guy as I’m pretty sure she once said he was hot or something (heard from ……..the rogglecast!)

  4. why do you think Aes is seemingly only getting better (and more popular)? like what quality of him as a person forces his (other than 08-10) consistent and ever-evolving delivery?

    i mean his rhymes and beats have both gone from ‘this dude is really good’ to ‘this dude is one of the best’; few people have it in them to actually ‘progress’ as artists to the degree that he has.

    HOW DOES HE DO IT!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!

  5. I’m planning to going to your show again this time around and really looking forward to it! I also keep up with phatfriend, asking Questions wanting Answers and have before gone to Dr. Tony regarding me and my bf (who will also be at the show for the 2nd time!). This thought got me thinking…

    When you’re at a show–not on stage because I know you’re usually pretty in the zone then–but just hanging around, do you ever think that you could have given advice to that guy over there regarding the girl he’s with? Or answered the absurd question of the girl in the front row? When you’re at the merch table, do people ever reveal themselves to be the person who asked that question?

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