Yay or Nay: Wati Heru

Wati Heru is a Brooklyn rapper who got a little shine a few weeks back from mass appeal.
He interesting to me for a few reasons. For one, he seems to be going through changes right now. Looking into his older stuff (the second and third videos i posted) he sounded like a throwback rapper. Now, I don’t mean on some joey badass shit. In fact, what he was throwing back to was very particular. It’s wasn’t the typical 90’s boom bap that seems to be the go to sound for all revivalist rappers. Heru actually sounded more like some deep cut super underground shit from the mid 90’s. Stuff that I’d imagine most people aren’t even aware of existing but any east coast rap nerd my age can spot immediately. I’d venture to guess that this isn’t a case of a rapper emulating older styles but more just the cycles of music over turning and someone landing in a place that’s been filled before. That said, it’s different and he does it well. Flash forward to the new video (the first video at the top, BKWYA) and you can see him evolving. From the production he’s choosing to the way he’s rapping, this has all the makings of a rapper who’s kinda on the verge of figuring out his sound and direction. It’s really the mark of someone who might actually have longevity. That jump we go from “just making songs” to “crafting songs with a purpose”. It’s funny cause, doing these “yay and nay” columns, I’ve seen this a fair amount. The newest video is an artist finding their groove and the old ones are kinda amateurish but likable enough. So, when judging Wati Heru, I suggest peeping all the videos and admire the progress.

Here’s his whole new ep with producer Kashaka:

So, what do you think? (you can pick more than one choice)

2 thoughts on “Yay or Nay: Wati Heru

  1. first video had a bushwackass/cella dwellas vibe to it. i was feeling that song the most, but I loved the cella dwellas. fuck it, i still do.

  2. I like the BKWYA song more than the others. Much of the flow and a bunch of the lyrics are lifted from the Pharrell hook on Nothin’ by NORE. Good one to borrow, though. I kind of like when he raps like Nine in that last video. I feel like the low-energy, Earl-like delivery is sort of white noise at this point. I miss faster, more energetic rappin’ ass rappin’. Because I’m old.

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