Is it too late for Jay Electronica?

It’s rare that old rap heads get excited about new rap nowadays. It’s even more rare when that excitement is a rapper who might actually be relevant in todays musical landscape. When I first heard Jay Electronica, my initial reaction was “What’s up with this corny name?”. It sounded like an EDM producer from a third world country. But when I heard the raps, I felt something I hadn’t in a long time. There was something about Jay’s voice, flow and lyrics that took me back. They made me get the same feeling I would , back in the day, after I would buy cassettes at Disc-o-rama on west 4th street. I’d come home , Throw down my book bag, put a tape into the cassette player and just let it run. While it played, i’d meticulously go through the liner notes. Reading the production credits, looking at the artwork and checking the shout outs to see who this group/rapper knew. This was a time when i was a teenager and everything was exciting. Especially rap music. Flash forward 20 years and it’s a different story. I don’t listen to albums like that any more. I can’t. I got shit to do. At best, I’ll throw it in my Ipod and walk around with it and catch he whole thing over the course of a few weeks. Even then, I’ll get 20 seconds into a track, decide I’m not into it and skip it. Between aging and technology, it’s simply a different ball game.
So, when I heard Jay Electronica (this was probably 5 years ago at this point), it hit a nerve. He was a rapper who was clearly from my era of rap fans (IE he was old) BUT he had an edge that didn’t make him sound like a revivalist. One song in and I wanted to know everything about him. Since liner notes were not an option, I turned to the internet which is like liner notes for earth. A little research and I found Jay had a few mixtapes (which I quickly downloaded). He had enough material to really dig into. One would almost think , at that point, you were dealing with a prolific artist. And that’s a funny concept once you get familiar with Jay Electronica.
Since that time, it would appear Jay has hit a wall. Not of creativity but of production. After dropping stellar mix tapes and loose tracks in short period of time, he finally got the attention he deserved. Puffy, nas and Jay-Z all were knocking on his door. He did songs with two of them eventually. Word was he signed to Defcon records. Then word was he signed to The Roc (Jay-z’s label) and that’s where the trail went cold. Electronica started to become the Andre 3000 of underground rap. Every fan begging for an album…or even a song, but nothing. Every now and then, out of nowhere, he’d drop a song that would remind us all of why we desperately wanted new material but, as quick as that song would come, he would vanish into thin air with only a faint promise of “The album drops soon, guys…”.
There was even gossip going around. He was with Erykah Badu AKA the hip hop baby factory but then he was supposedly having an affair with a married woman from the insanely rich Rothchild family. There was talk of him being a drunk and having a terrible work ethic. All the while, he was supposedly working on his solo album “Act II: Patents of Nobility” for Roc nation records. There was even a leaked tracklisting that may or may not have been real. Then I heard that the album was done, Jay-z loved it, but was sitting on it cause it didn’t have any hits. Which seemed counterproductive to anyone familiar with Electronica’s music. He’s not a guy who makes hits. He’s a tried and true rapper. Trying to milk him for success isn’t in the cards for him. He’s a dude who will much sooner have 20,000 devoted fans than 1,000,000 people who’ve even heard of him, like one song but really have no opinion o him outside of that.
So, with all this push and pull, Jay’s fans are seemingly left in a strange position. It’s like an abusive relationship. We love this person but they just keep disappointing us. For every gentle kiss on our forehead, there’s a back handed slap to the face and the door slamming behind them that follows it. My question, for fans of Jay, is it too late? Can he still make an album that you want to check out? Personally, I’m a forgiving person and , more than anything, the quality of the songs he’s released has no waned. He may drop one song a year but I’ll be damned if that song isn’t great.
So, last week, a new song of his leaked “Road to perdition” and, surprise, it’s really good.
Here that it:
Road to Perdition
Also, I put together a folder of some of my favorite songs of his so, to the uninitiated , this could be a good starting point for you:

But I ask you, Is it too late for this guy? Answer the poll (you can pick more than one answer, btw)…

Notes from the road- Tel Aviv


Last Week I covered my european dates while on tour and this week, I wanted to talk about my brief time in Tel Aviv Israel.

I gotta lot to say about this.
First off, I wanna point out the opposition I received on Facebook concerning my trip to Israel. As soon as I posted that I was playing in Tel Aviv, A handful of people started bombarding me with “Boycott Israel” memes and basically telling me I was a piece of shit for playing there. Well, let me explain.
I’m a musician. My job is to play gigs. i don’t pick where I play and , for what it’s worth, this is how I make my living. Beyond that, I’m not at all informed of any political dealings in or out of Israel.I have friends who both support and do not support Israel but that’s the extent of my knowledge. I simply don’t pay attention to much news. I’m half jewish but I feel but I feel no deep bond to people in Israel. To put it bluntly, I don’t give a fuck. I don’t mean that in a disrespectful way. I simply don’t think about that kinda stuff. Perhaps I’m a shitty person because of that but I tend to only worry about what’s within my control. I’m speaking of any political aspect to any country I play in. I’d play Palestine if they asked me. So, when people started coming at me on some “How dare you!” shit, I was shocked. The idea of me playing a show anywhere angering people had never for a moment crossed my mind. Once the backlash started coming in, I was like “Oh shit…” but, you know what? The show must go on and, fuck it, I wanted to see what Tel aviv was like. People on Facebook were acting like I was performing for the fucking leaders of the country and not some regular young people who simply enjoy music and going out. I think that’s what gets lost in a lot of political bullshit. Yes, there are some shitty people in many places. Some more than others. But the second you think a whole country is evil cause you don’t agree with their leaders policies? You’re really not being fair. There are good , kind, normal people everywhere. In fact, a decent amount of the Israeli’s I spoke to were adamantly against what was going on in their country. It reminded me of the first time I went to the UK and I struck up a conversation with my cab driver. He started going in about how great G.W. Bush was and I was like “uhhh….fuck that guy”. So, to the people who had an issue, I respect your right to feel some sorta way about that country. You’re obviously more involved and informed than I am…but I’m just a dude who makes music and plays shows. I have no dog in this fight and really don’t care to. Also, taking firm political stances on the Facebook pages of niche underground hip hop artist is fucking ridiculous. Go find a message board or something. Better yet, talk to a friend.

Now that that’s out of the way, lemme talk about my trip there. It started rough. I arrived in the Tel Aviv Airport around 12:30 am. People had warned me that they were tight about letting people in. Obviously. It’s fucking Israel. So, I was mentally preparing myself for some bullshit. So, I walk to the passport inspection line. It’s a mile long. Not only that, it’s not moving. Each teller is taking 5 to 10 minutes with EVERY person. It might as well have been a doctors office but with like 200 people in it. So, I’m waiting on this line and theres a group of russian women get in line after me. i notice them hedging to cut me. The line is so slow that it’s very clear to spot. With every half step forward, this dumpy one slowly angles her body to be a centimeter ahead of me. I’m watching this happen and trying to figure out what kind of argument I’m going to get in once the line gets shorter. At this point, we’re so far away that it doesn’t even matter. I simply must stand my ground. I notice a teller walk into an empty booth next to the one I’m waiting for.. He’s an angry looking bald man with a flack jacket on. He’s taking his sweet time setting up , turning away people who think they might catch a break. Like I said, the line I’m on is very long. Looking into the booth of my lines teller, i see a girl who could literally be a sports illustrated swimsuit model. No joke. She looked almost exactly like Claudia Shieffer. Suddenly, the angry bald teller start accepting people. I have to make q quick choice. Do i wait on this never ending line and deal with the pretty woman or do I leap into action and jump on the short line with the angry bald guy. As I always do, I impulsively go with the quicker choice and get on the line with the bald guy. For better or worse, I’ll take slight discomfort and speed over luxury and waiting. I”m now behind 3 people, as opposed to the 35 on the previous line. The Russian lady cut squad is now definitively behind me and they can’t do shit. So i’m feeling pretty good about that. Waiting for my turn, I look at the bald guys body language as he deals with people. Unlike the other tellers, he’s standing. He’s obviously very much on a power trip and looming over all those before him is a big deal. His face scrunches up as he asks questions. Grilling 75 year old women and making their husbands wait their turn, instead of taking both at the same time like the other tellers. At this point, I feel as though I fucked up. I coulda just waited and dealt with an angel who probably just wanted to get off work so she could go meet her hot friends at a hookah bar but, instead, I got a guy who probably resents his penis and takes it out on any and every person he comes across.
Finally , I get to his booth. He looks me up and down with a somewhat disgusted look on his face.
“Why you here?”
i tell him I’m a Dj and I’m playing a show. He asks where and tell him. he then asks “Where are you?”
I give him a confused look and say “Israel?”
He responds, “No! Where are you!?” I pause and ask him to repeat the question. He does and it make just as little sense as before. I say “RIght here…standing in front of you?” And I was not being snide. I literally didn’t understand what he was asking. This exchange goes back a forth a few more times and begins to feels like a “who’s on first” routine but with an angry israeli dude who wants to strangle me. Turns out, he wanted to know what part of Israel I would be staying in.
“ohhh…Tel aviv. I’m sorry I was confused”
He does not accept my apology and asks me if I’m getting paid for my gig. I sheepishly say yes , now realizing that I might be missing a work visa. I’m kinda shitting my pants. He then snatches my passport and says “Go to passport room…wait”
I ask if I can get my passport back and says “I bring there. You wait”.
And wait I did.
I went to small room where others like myself were sent. It was a room full of frustrated people literally holding their heads in their hands. Women with babies. Sweet old ladies. Rude eastern european cunts who refuse to sit quietly. I’m waiting there and unsure if my passport has even made it into the room. Not having my passport with me in Israel is definitely stressing me out. So, the waiting continues. Everyone in this small room is cursing every passing second. It’s seriously one of those moment where every five minutes pass you just sit there and say “Fucking motherfucker…” to yourself under your breath. As the herd thins out, people who who came in much later than I did have come and gone. At about the 2.5 hour mark, I’m finally called into a room. I sit down, the woman takes a look at my passport, asks me two quick questions and lets me go. Fucking motherfucker…Let this be a lesson to you all. When faced with a fork in the road, even if one side of the road is longer, always take the one with the hot girl at the end and not the angry bald dude.
Side note, the people in general who worked at the Airport were all attractive. Not only that, they girls dressed up a little. Wearing fancy shoes and tasteful make up. I saw them all getting off of work and I don’t doubt they all went straight to the club.
So, I’m finally in Tel Aviv. it’s about 3 am at this point. Thankfully, the promoters are still at the airport waiting for me. I was definitely worried they might have bailed after the second hour of waiting.
They are two local guys where are awesome. friendly and accommodating. They take me to my hotel and I sleep my dick off. The bright side of this late arrival is that I have an entire day to check out the city. I wake up and go get lunch with the promoter. The food is great. Like the kinda shit I could 5 times a week no problem. I walk around most of the city and it’s just a really cool place. old and new. A much wider variety of people than I expected. The one downside is that the city is infested with stray cats.


If you read this blog or know me, I fucking hate cats. So, to see them by the dozens everywhere…not my shit. Apparently, the city was over run with mice a long time ago so they bought in 1000 (or so) cats to handle that business. Well, they handled it…but then bred like the animals they are, leaving over a million stray cats roaming the city. Fuck that shit. So, all you cat lovers? Go to Tel aviv and eat your fucking heart out. It’s crazy to say but I’d rather have the mice.
So, yeah, Tel Aviv is beautiful. The weather, the beaches and buildings. And I don’t even typically care about shit like that. But I do appreciate a good city and Tel Aviv is one of those without question. The people I met were awesome and it might be the “straight men dancing with straight men” capitol of the world (refer to last weeks “Notes from the road for what that means). It’s an ill sight to see so many swarthy dudes sweating and in motion and for it to be completely heterosexual.
So, my show ended at 3 am and I had to be at the airport around 6 am. Why? Cause you need to be at the airport 3 hours in advance. Why? Cause it’s Israel, that’s why. I get through the first part of the airport pretty smoothly. There’s a whole lot of Passport checking and question asking but it’s much less intense than the way in. I get to the bag x-ray portion of the trip and this is where things hit a wall. Keep in mind, there are people LEAVING the country. They make you take everything electronic out of my bag (which is quite a few things as I’m traveling doing music). After waiting for them to meticulously check the peoples bags in front of me for 30 minutes, it’s my turn. I strike up a friendly conversation with the security guy as he asks me question about the equipment I have. He’s a drummer and is curious about the launchpad I use. The conversation somehow angles into us talking about the movie “Whiplash” and how he felt the scenes where the lead actors hands are bleeding were bullshit. Hey, he’s a drummer, he’d know better than me. I feel as though this friendly rapport might speed my process through the bad check. MMMMMMNOPE. They send my shit through the x-ray machine and focus on my backpack. This is a backpack I carry all my equipment in and pretty much any important thing I need when I travel. It’s also where I stuff random crap. Papers, cd’s, stickers, loose change. It’s got all sorts of nooks and crannies , which I had honestly never considered until I saw israeli security go through it. They plucked every loose coin and painstakingly looked at each one. Every old gum wrapper. A box of pepto bismal. It took about 40 minutes of them removing things, rubbing some electronic stick on everything and re-running my bag through the x-ray over and over again. They even went through my dirty cloths. Lucky for me, they had no idea i was keeping a tiny bomb tucked under my nut sack. SUCKERS. Nah, but seriously…feeling secure is cool and all but…jesus fucking christ Israel. Relax a tiny tiny bit. I Know you’re a target bit the tired american hip hop producer with the jewish last name , who is on his way out is not a threat.
So, even though it was one day, it felt like more. I would have loved to say longer and actually gotten to party there. It’s a great city and despite the haters, I’d go back in a second. I just wish the getting in and getting out parts weren’t so fucking awful.

Answers for Questions vol. 229

Whattup everyone…back from Europe and ready to feel regular again. Thanks to all the people who came out to the shows. It was a great time.
Anyway, this is “Answers for questions”. You ask, I answer. I always need for questions so wend them my way. Email them to me at or leave them in the comment section below. I can’t stress enough to get creative. I’ve gotten a bunch lately that are all kinda boring music related questions , which is fine, but I need some weird ones too to keep this interesting. Give me your best shot.

Ill be at the aesop show here in NY soon and i wnated to ask you, is it hard to attend an aesop show since his fans are your fans? can you enjoy the show without someone dapping you every 10 mins when youre in the crowd?

It’s very easy. I fly under the radar to a point where I’d say maybe 5% of the people at his shows can recognize me by my face. That’s the good thing about being a producer. You’re behind the scenes and it allows for the most anonymity. I can walk through the crowds at my own shows and generally go unnoticed. It also doesn’t hurt that I’m super normal looking and dress how I do so I don’t exactly stand out in crowds.

If you had to pick one song to be your theme song (30 seconds of any song) what would it be? Mind you, it plays whenever you walk into a room/with more than 5 people.
I’ve long said “Downtown Swinger” by MOP would be the music I’d come out to if I was a boxer. I think I’d stick with that one. On the downside, if I was walking into , say, a funeral, that would be shitty but I can’t base my entire life around the off chance I’m gonna be at a funeral. I feel like the smart move would be to pick something non-offensive and kinda background music-ish. Like a Kenny G song. Man, how funny would it be to have “Songbird” play every time I entered a room…That would actually be amazing.
Side note…how crazy is it that that song was a hit. I’m talking it was on pop radio and had major sales. Can you imagine that now? If some dude with a sax made an instrumental joint that got played on pop radio?

Is it just me or is the amount of static electricity this winter way more intense than usual??? I keep getting crazy-strong static shocks all over the place!
I haven’t noticed. Do you perhaps have shag carpeting?

Have you ever accidentally said a text abreviation out loud, like LOL, ROFL or OMG? I am ashamed, but I actually said LOL out loud once. I blame an extreme amount of texting that week, mixed with some serious sleep deprivation. Luckily I was only around a few family members, and I don’t think anyone really noticed. I still feel deep sham

I pride myself on not doing that. For one, I’m an adult. Secondly, all that text abbreviation shit came way after my brain had locked into how it’s ways so it would take a lot for something like that to seep in. I try to not even use those type of things in texts, let alone actual human interaction. I’m more of a “HAHAHAHAHA” guy than and “LOL” guy, if that makes sense.

You find out that your girlfriend has been cheating on you for the past year. Would you rather it be with a skinny little asian guy or a huge, jacked muscular black dude?

I think anyone who doesn’t go with the little asian dude is lying. Men are so ego driven that the last thing we want to think about is our girl with a greater physical specimen. Not to shit on skinny little asian guys but, you know, I’m kinda tall, broad and far from little. I think the idea that we could take whoever the guy is in a fight is strangely comforting. Then again…if she was cheating this the buff black guy, I’d get that. He’s a buff black dude. Where as a skinny little asian guy would feel like it came out of left field. So, I’d have to assume it was for emotional reasons which might be worse…but still…that male ego gonna do what it does. I think the worst thing would be if it was with a dude who looked just like me. But, for the sake of my ego, I’d go with Skinny asian dude.

On your social networks, (aside from English) what are the most common languages that your fans (attempt to) communicate to you in?
I don’t think anyone has ever tried to communicate with me in a foreign language…which makes sense as I speak english and most people can tell that on all my networks. The closest I get to anything else is when I get tagged in tweets or facebook posts written in other languages.

I wonder how you handle/work (around) your add.

With me a very structered job helps a lot (as you may have noticed im quite impulsive and sometimes cant keep my mouth shut ) if not im lost/chaotic. I also find it very difficult to bring structure in my personal life. Maybe you have Some good tips and tricks for me.

When making tracks you get in hyper focus?
Do you have any struggles because of add on professional or personal level?
How do you bring structure in your life?

I bring structure to my life by simply having a regiment. This blog is actually part of it. During the week, i get up, write this blog, go eat then start my day. It’s the only constant for me , as what follows is dependent on what I’m doing that day. Sometimes I’ll work on music, other times I run errands, other times I go to the gym, other times I’ll just chill and watch TV while I fuck around on the internet.
But the way I start the day is crucial to me. So much so that when it’s bothered, it’s annoys me. That actually happens pretty often but I feel as though at least having that structure keeps me in order.
As for making tracks and focus, I’m very much a person who finishes what I started. So I generally see a beat the entire way through in a day , if I’m working on it. I’m like that outside of music too. I just like things to be done with. Not a fan of things being open ended.

Hey blockhead, been a massive fan for years, i bought music by cavelight with the bonus aesop rock instrumentals and been hooked ever since. Anyway, are you more of a hardware producer or computer based??

This is on some FAQ shit but I’ll answer it cause you’re so damn complimentary.
I use an ASR 10 and Abelton live. That’s it. So I’m both but my roots are firmly in hardware as the ASR 10 is all I used for the first 10 years of beat making.

Notes from the Road- The European edition.


It’ s been a minute since I left the US of A and did some dates overseas with DJ Cam. In the past, I’ve done little rundowns of my trips and pointed out the “quirks” of places that aren’t where I live. To be honest, I could do this kinda thing within the US but it’s generally more glaring on another continents. Thing is, I’ve covered most of these things. yes, the beds in some european hotels are seemingly built for Jockeys. Yes, the food in some countries is fucking weird. Yes, being in a place where you’re unsure of peoples ability to understand english is stifling for a dumb americans such as myself. These are all givens. So, with those out of the way, let’s take a look at my trip to Europe…and Israel (I’ll cover that later).


I’ve played Berlin a few times and it’s a city I tend to enjoy. For some unknown reason, I always end up eating mexican food while I’m there. Of all the places on earth to eat mexican food, Germany makes no fucking sense. But, honestly, I’m a creature of comfort and when I see a genre of food in a foreign country that I can immediately recognize, I go for it like the pussy that I am. German Burritos are odd. Like lots of more “americanized” foods, european places tend to make the food as if their recipe was based entirely on a photo of that food. This burrito looked like a burrito. it didn’t taste bad or anything. It was just…off. Like the meat was minced into a pulp and served with an ice cream scooper and they used curried rice. Again, it wasn’t bad…it’s just wasn’t really what I expected. This same thing would occur again when I ate hamburgers in Kiev. They were cooked well done, had a tiny piece of meat and a bun big enough to make love to with a few friends on each side and never have your dicks touch. But that’s Kiev…This was Berlin. Anyway, I always like my time there but there was nothing out of the ordinary to discuss about the show or time there except my weird ass burrito.


Going to Kiev I had a few reservations. I do not keep up on current events and , apparently, i know some people who also don’t keep up on current events but still feel compelled to let me know what’s going on in the Ukraine. From some people (european people) I had heard the warring had moved out of Kiev a long time ago and it was totally safe. From other people, I heard I’d be walking into a scene of “Call of duty” but with more Borsht. Turns out, the euro’s know best. Kiev was fine. Not only was it safe (My hotel was 2 blocks from where all the shit went down and that area literally looks like midtown manhattan during christmas) but the people were awesome and friendly. Aside from the questionable burger I mentioned above, this night and show were awesome. In my experience, Eastern European crowds go hard. All night. They dance. They yell. They’re drunk. That’s fine with me. It was here that I noticed a trend that would follow me throughout the rest of my dates overseas. Men. Dancing. Lots of men. All men. It’s the strangest thing. In the states, when i have people dancing, I’d say it’s generally 80% women and a few guys going in. Out here? It’s the opposite. The men of europe (and Tel aviv) get the fuck down. Sweating all over each other and dancing from beginning to end. It was insane. I’m not gonna lie. i’d much prefer to look down off stage and see a bunch of tits flopping around but I would never knock the dedication and exuberance of these fellas.

Linz, Austria

Linz is a small town an hour or two outside of Vienna. It’s adorable. The people are awesome and unlike many of the austrians I’ve met in VIenna. They’re a looser breed. That said, it’s still austria and it’s pretty mellow. It’s more of a “smoke a bowl and ride a bike” kinda place than a “Go see a show and have fun” kinda place. The hotel I was at was a few feet away from this statue. It was commemorating the bubonic plague that historically fucked europe in the ass many centuries ago.11043088_10152617316566781_473730357376188957_n

A plague statue is pretty real. It’s like a really ornate AIDs quilt or something. Oh, a highlight of this visit was talking to the girl who drove Cam and I around. I was telling her about to US and what cities to visit. Somehow, Baltimore came up and I was like “Well, it’s kinda dangerous” and she was like “Well, that’s okay though cause doesn’t everyone in the US have a gun?” and she wasn’t joking. That was precious. We really gotta work on our image.


Prague is pretty cool but I didn’t really get that much time there. It’s another one of those eastern euro countries where you routinely see 9’s working shit jobs and you can’t help but think there must be more in this world for a girl so pretty. Not that i would ever even consider doing so, but it’s places like prague where I get why a financially stable American would live there for a period of time, find his wife and take her home with him. Then, when they moved back, the wife would be a year or so into her marriage when she realized the dude she married is a fucking loser and every guy in the city she lives in would be willing to date her. Her street value would be realized. She’d eventually leave the guy who bought her to the states or just divorce him as soon as she had citizenship and live the life of a queen. She’d probably just be a waitress but whatever…it’s better than working in a toll booth in Prague.


I love Brussels. Not much to say about it beyond that. Everything was good there. I’d say, of all the places I played, the men danced the hardest there.


I hadn’t been to Amsterdam in over ten years. Not much has changed. It’s still full of bikes whizzing by you at every corner. Full of tourists and kinda filthy. I’m into it. I almost got hit with about 4 different types of wheeled machines at various times. It really keeps you on your toes. Anyway, I could go into the show and talk about that. it was awesome. The crowd was great and it made me feel good to be back there after all those years , knowing I still have love out there. But, I’d rather talk about the red light district. Dj Cam and I took a daytime stroll through it cause, why the fuck not? Now, I’m not sure what the hours are like for those ladies but I assume the more desirable women work the night shifts. These day shift hoes, though? Esssh….Now, to be fair, i saw some bangers. Legit hot girls with insane bodies, standing in windows waiting for any dude with 50 euro’s to fuck them. It’s really surreal to see as an outsider. You probably know what I’m talking about though cause I assume anyone who’s ever been to amsterdam has done this exact same stroll. But I wanted to bullet point a few things about the red light district.

1- The sad hookers As you walk down the skinny side streets, you see some girls standing, giving eyes to anyone walking by. They’re selling. But every 3rd or 4th girl will be sitting there looking like she’s completely miserable. Probably cause she’s a hooker. Just a guess. But it got me wondering if there were creeps out there who specifically went after the sad ones. The poor girl slumped over on her little stool, frowning as she sadly texts someone from her phone. I gotta think , without a doubt, that is some guys turn on. Man…guys are the worst.

2- Variety! From the looks of it, certain alley ways specialize in certain kinds of girls. There was the Fat black woman section where no lady was under 200 pounds and the skimpy lingerie they were wearing was being devoured by every crevice of fat their body created. I had the urge to wait to see a guy actually go in to one of those rooms and watch him come out. Just to see what his head space was like. Would he be proud? Ashamed? Relaxed? the whole thing was very curious to me. Aside from that area, there was Asian alley which was unfortunately placed right near transexual way. So close , in fact, it had Dj Cam and I questioning who did and did not have penis for the rest of the day. Lady boys can be quite confusing and I’d imagine there are more than a few drunken frat boys who have been out there looking for some asian girls and were surprised with a dick. Jokes on you, brah!

3- The prime spots Location, location, location! The hottest girls I saw where the ones on the main walk way. These girls were legit gorgeous. Like on some “WHY ARE YOU A HOOKER??!?!” shit. Seeing them, i assumed they were very busy. Do you think these ladies wish for busy days? Also, what’s the after sex cleaning ritual? I have so many questions that it would almost be worth it to pay the 50 euro’s just to interview them about it all. But, i’m cheap and fuck all that.

Just a few random thoughts about europe in general…

Why do all the street names have to be like 15 syllables? Getting directions is like entering a spelling bee. “Take a right on hieffwenenger then turn right brukenstrussel and you’ll see flurganwetzalnien road right there.”

I used to always think Americans held the title for being fat sacks of human garbage (and , to be clear, we do still hold the title) but don’t sleep on europe. It’s not all fashionable , lean people. Taking the trains exposed me to a different side of the people in certain areas. The Jerry Springer cast member looking side. It was actually nice to see.

Do you know how weird it is to not see a black person for a week? It didn’t even dawn on me until I was in brussels and noticed a few black dudes and I was like “holy shit…I forgot that this continent is white as fuck…”. It’s obvious but something that just sorta popped out at me.

I’m writing this on a train to Hamburg, Germany for my final show. in a day, i’ll be home and most likely sleep for about 48 hours. It’s been fun, europe…but, goddamn, you’re exhausting. Also, I’ll be doing a whole write up about Tel Aviv cause that trip definitely needed it’s own post. Stay tuned next week.

Answers for questions vol. 228

Shalom! I’m sitting in a hotel in Tel aviv right now. So, that’s happening! But, in honor of all the snow I hear that’s dumping on the east coast while I’m gone, here’s a sweet, frosty little piglet for you to cherish.
Anyway, welcome to another edition of “Answers for questions”. You ask’em , I answer’em. As always, I need more questions! Ask em shit !Anything! Send the q’s my way! Either leave them in the comment section or email them to at Get creative.
Anyway, …Let’s check this weeks batch.

When listening to gangsta rap, do you ever wonder how gangsta the rapper actually is? There are some actually gangsta ass motherfuckers out there rapping for sure, but are you ever listening tosomething and think, “This guy is just good at acting hard.”?

I used to care about that a lot more but nowadays it only bothers me when someone who is clearly not hard is talking shit. Like, when Drake starts popping off like he’ll fight anyone. But, in general, I assume most thugged out rappers are like 20% as thugged out in real life as they say on their songs. I’ve met plenty of real thugs over the years and those dudes do not give a fuck about making music. That said, there are certainly some rappers out there , ESPECIALLY now, who are no joke. Bobby Shmurda and Cheef Keef come to mind. They’re more examples of thugs who happen to rap.
Keep in mind, this is all coming to you from a person who hasn’t gotten into a fist fight since 7th grade. So, you know, take it for what it is.

How self-conscious do you get when you’re on stage? Which factors alter or affect this type of feeling?
I’m usually okay. My live show involves a type of concentration that I can’t really think about being self conscious. Like, I’m not going to look particularly cool regardless so it doesn’t bother me.
I’d say having my visuals playing the back ground and good stage set up settle me down even more.
Things that can annoy me or rattle me:
Playing a huge room with no visuals for a crowd who is not there to see me.
A super low stage where I’m faced to face with people and they are able to talk to me like I’m just doing a lounge.
People walking around behind me while I play.
People not moving during the show. Like there’s always a few dudes who stand up front with their arms folded , staring at me. I hate those guys. The back of the room was made for those guys.
Those things are definitely not my shit, when it comes to doing live shows.

From your Reddit experience, what makes a good question coming from a stranger and what makes a bad one?
I’ve been asked all sorts of shit over the years (This very column has been going on since the myspace days) so , in general, i’ve been asked everything. What make a good question? Either someone being creative , someone who is setting me up for a good rant or someone who is obviously familiar with my music asking me a nerdy question. I like those. There have been a handful of interviews where the interviewer I had was clearly a fan and it makes talking about myself so much easier. Where as, someone asking me “What kind of music do you make?” is pretty much the worst. To me, bad questions are either just the same boring bullshit over and over again (WHy do they call you blockhead? What are your influences? What inspires you?) or when people ask me silly questions that are more about them getting a joke off or injecting their opinion into things than anything I might actually have to say. Oh, and “What do you think off “________” (random artist)?” . Fuck those questions. They’re either boring or someone is baiting me to talk shit. I’m not into it. Trust me, if I want to talk shit, I will.

Other than English, what are the most common languages that you come across when interacting with fans online?
Hmm…it’s pretty much all english, as far as the interacting goes. No one writes me in other languages. If they did, i couldn’t read it anyway so i wouldn’t even know if there was a question being asked.

flash back to your smoker days for this scenario. suppose some mystical hippie you met in the park offers you a pipe that’s always smoking. you never have to pack it and you get unlimited hits to infinity. but it never stops smoking. whether you’re hitting it or not there’s a constant stream of smoke pouring out of it. do you macguyver some way to contain the smoke or pass and just keep buying regular green?
I would definitely pass on the mystical hippie pipe. I was never THAT big a smoker when I did smoke. I barely bought my own weed in general. I also lived with my mom for a portion of that period so having a constantly smoking pipe wouldn’t work for me. So, yeah, i’d pass but I’m sure there are a few weed loving cornballs out there who read that idea and were like “whoaaaaaa dude!” :hippie boner:. To be fair, I’ve had a similar fantasy with a refrigerator that is always filled with the best food or a TV that i can take things out of when they’re on the screen.

Here is a question for you…where did Spark Master Tape go? I have definitely dug him since you turned me on to him and for a while there, he came through with some good tracks about ever month or two, then all of a sudden…nothing. His social media seemed to die last year and I haven’t seen anything from him.
Man, I don’t know. I need him to make some more music. I actually tweeted at him a few weeks ago and got nothing . Perhaps , whoever it was that was doing that, lost interest in the character. It’s too bad cause those tapes were my shit. Here’s the last song I heard of his:
I need more…