Answers for Questions vol. 233

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Now that is a fucking bunny! I want it to be known that my mom found me that pic specifically for this purpose.
Anyway, hi there. Hope your easter/passover/satanic ritual weekend was lovely. I’m sad to see the cadbury egg time of year pass but all good things end eventually.
This is Answers for Questions. You ask, I answer. This is a place where you can really get strange and have fun. If you’d like to ask me stuff, ANYTHING, go for it. Email me questions to or leave the in the comments below. Get creative.
Let’s check this weeks batch…

I’ve been wanting to create a short movie-reel, showing the movie scenes that served as samples in your songs. You also sample rappers and songs, obviously, but do you have any preference? How do you decide what could serve as a good vocal sample? Are those mainly phrases who just stuck to you and you seek to implement them into one of your songs some time? In short: what is your process?

The process is pretty random, as far as what I chose to sample.
I start making a beat with one sound or sample. Once I have that how I like it, I simply build off it. What follows is totally arbitrary. I pretty much just stack as many samples as I see fit and then step back from it to see what I can do with it. Then i kinda take it apart again and arrange it how i see fit.
As far as vocal samples, I have a collection of songs with vocal samples in them that I keep in an I-tunes playlist. If I think the song requires a vocal sample, I’ll go to that and just start playing around with clips until I find one that makes sense. If it’s a vocal sample from a rap song, I’m generally just going off memory. Like, say a song is about a particular thing, I’ll wrack my brain to think of a rapper talking about that topic. That can be frustrating but it’s worked thus far in my career.

I am sure I won’t be able to identify all your vocal samples, especially since some are distorted in your tracks, but should I hit a wall in the reel-making process: can I turn to you? Or are your samples, like banger-tracks in the early hip-hop-days, a secret you keep?

That I cannot help you with. The sample sources must stay as quiet as I can possibly keep them. People will often figure them out but there is no way I’m gonna assist you. Sorry.

Have you ever wondered how you will die? If you had the ability to choose, how would you want to go out? Also, have you thought about what you’d want your funeral to be like?

I don’t think about dying much. I mean, every time a plane I’m on rattles I have a flash of that being the end but that’s as close as I get. I kinda assume I’ll die an unspectacular death like most people. Old age, disease, a doctors mistake. If I had to choose, I’d probably go out as peacefully as possible. Like maybe sleeping while on heroin. I bet that’s nice. I just want quick and painless with no chance of accidental survival that will leave me worse off than I was before. The thought of trying to die and failing is awful. Especially if you’re left paralyzed or something afterwards. I’m a man of simplicity and short cuts. Whatever is fastest and most effective, let me get that.
As far as my funeral, I really don’t care. David cross used to have a great bit on that. After I’m dead, I don’t care what happens to my body. I’ll be dead. So, i would hope my funeral would reflect that. I hate funerals (but really, who likes them?) so I’d want mine to be as quick and light as possible. Maybe set my casket up so I’m covered but only my hand is sticking out the box so people can run by me and give my one last high five. But they’d have to do it in a speedy and nonchalant way like two teams when a little league game ends. I’d be into that.

What’s currently happening with the hugely underrated DJ Signify ? He hasn’t put anything out for quite a while. I hope he hasn’t stopped beat making.

I actually don’t know. I haven’t spoken to him in a few years. Last I heard he was living in Boston but moving out west. He was working on music at the time but he also was working a job and in school as well. So,yeah, I really can’t tell you. That’s my dude though. I should give him a call.

With you being such a tried and true city person, how many times (approximately) have you set foot in a Walmart? Also, Target and Costco.

I have never been inside a costco. I’ve been in a target maybe twice and walmart maybe 3 times. Every time was while on tour. I bought some terrible sweatpants on Walmart for like 8 bucks. I can see how that kinda place would be addictive.

Do you ever go on dates with fans? Say there was this girl in Vancouver who was a super fan and thinks you’re funny and handsome and would love to take you for coffee before your next show there (or maybe do something after…). Would you say yes if she asked? Is this too creepy? (Also, she’s pretty and smart so you wouldn’t be saying yes to some ug.)

Well, I have a long time girlfriend so that’s a problem off the bat. I’m pretty sure she would not give me the okay on the “date with a stranger in vancouver” plan. Oh well!
But, let’s take this as a hypothetical question, I would be a little unsure about accepting a date from a stranger from the internet in general. Especially if they promised me they were smart and not an “ug”. I’ve watched far too much Catfish to ever trust anyones personal opinion of themselves. That said, it’s not creepy (though, if asked differently, it certainly could have been). It’s flattering. Old men like me need that kind of flattery every now and then.

What kind of music do you tend to listen to at the gym (such a basic question…sorry!)
I actually listen to podcasts mostly. That said, I haven’t worked out at the gym in forever. I just go play basketball.

Yo yo yo. Do you live off your music? Or do you have a part time job other whatever to help stay a float. As a producer how easy is it in your opinion to live off of music?

I do live off music. I have since 2004. I’ve been very fortunate/lucky with many things in order for me to be able to do so.
I will say it is not at all easy to live off music in 2015. You need to tour all the time. That’s how we make money. When i started it, I could sell beats, live off royalties and do random jobs here and there to live comfortably. But , with there being no money in selling music, that’s all been stripped away. You either license music or tour. And it’s hard to tour if no one knows who you are. Hell, it can be tough to tour when you actually have a decent fan base.
When every anyone asks me about doing this professionally, I tell them don’t quit their day job. Not to be a dick but cause, really, the % of people actually able to make this work on a real life scale is miniscule. Always have a back up plan for when the music doesn’t work out. That said, I do not have a back up plan know…say whattup to me in 5 years when I’m making your coffee for you.

8 thoughts on “Answers for Questions vol. 233

  1. I love the idea of the nonchalant pound line at your funeral. To step it up a notch you could have someone who knows you really well hold a string that attaches to your wrist and whenever someone you didn’t like tries to slap your hand, the string is pulled causing your arm to quickly ascend for a fake out. This is the best post-mortem idea I’ve heard since my friend’s request of being dropped from a helicopter onto a lower flying helicopter thus spreading his remains over his wealthy suburban neighborhood.

  2. Do you think that San Fran seems kinda like the “new New York” in some ways? (In that, rental prices have experienced an exponential increase in a short period of time). This is from a non-american on the outside looking in, so forgive my naivete!

  3. I think you are pretty well known among underground hip-hop cirlces, but lets say you were ever to blowup and become more well known, at least to mainstream America. Would you accept an invitation to play in the NBA’s Celebrity game? How do you think you would do if you played? I have never payed the game much attention so im not sure who participates now days but do you think you could give guys like terrell owens, bieber, timberlake, michael rappaport work? anyone you would gladly throw an elbow at?

  4. Tony, I love your responses to my death questions! I don’t often think about death either, but I thought it would be a good question to ask. I understand how you feel about plane turbulence, it always makes me nervous and then I feel the need to sort of mentally prepare myself in case everything is about to end. In terms of my own death, I also agree that quick and painless is the way to go. I would be totally happy peacefully dying in my sleep. Your funeral idea is fantastic – quick, fun, and painless! I died laughing, imagining people high-fiving you like a little league team. Personally, I think it would be cool to have my ashes put into a biodegradable urn that contains a tree seed, so that when buried my ashes will help fertilize it and it will grow. This is actually a thing:

  5. I’m sure this has been covered before, but which rappers/producers do you think have the best twitters, instagrams, etc.?

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