So this trap music the kids seem to like…


Before I start, I need to ask of you, please read this in its entirety. It’s very important and I feel like if you miss any of it, it won’t really make sense.

You know guys, I’ve been doing hip hop music for as long as I can remember. I made my first beat around 1994. Before that, I was helping others make beats and rapping. That’s 20 plus years of dedication to a genre of music I love. In those 20 years, I’ve seen all types of music come and go. The cyclical nature of music never stops moving. When hip hop began, most people thought it would be a fad. “Give it ten years!” they said. “This isn’t music!” they said. Well, 40 years later and it’s pretty much the biggest genre of music in America (outside of country music and , maybe, EDM). What I’m saying is that hip hop has persevered. So much so, that I finally feel I can move on from it. I’ve done my part…time to expand my horizons and step into a new beginning. I keep hearing about “trap music”. The kids seems to love it! The way people talk about it kinda reminds me of how people once spoke of dubstep, or maybe even drum and bass or , hey, remember Jungle music? Hell, good old downtempo and trip hop even once had the ” new car smell”. Oh and what about all those little sub-genres that came out of the UK that had the word “step” in them even though, to my totally ignorant ears. they all sounded kinda the same? Yeah, all those too. It’s clear to me that trap music is here to stay and, if there is one thing I’ve learned over the years it’s “when that new trend comes knocking, you better answer the door, brah”. That’s a saying, right? This mantra was most recently captured in my 2010 release “Blockhead Vs. The Cyborgs: A dub-step odyssey”.

I’ve always envied producers out there who were able to evolve with the times. I’m just some guy who makes beats. Always have been. I wish I could say “Oh my music? Well, I started making trance music but then got into jungle, I did some hip hop but then really started focusing on dubstep…but now? I’m all about that trap!” I mean, can you imagine the power that comes with those words? It’s like saying “Hey man, I DO IT ALL!”.

So, I feel like it’s time for me to take control of my destiny. It’s time to evolve with the times. hip hop won’t be here forever. I must embrace the new…and that new is called Trap music. Sure, this “new” music has actually been around in some form since the 90’s as what we used to refer to as double time hi-hats in southern hip hop. I mean, that did happen. But this is different! More 808’s and the double time drums are , like, totally triple time. I think. And sure, a genre of music called “trap music”, that’s title is based on the area of a ghetto where drugs are sold is an odd choice for the next EDM craze but, hey, the heart wants what the heart wants. Who cares if it’s being made by people who live nowhere near a “trap” and/or don’t even know what said “Trap” is. It’s music. So, lemme give this whole trap music a whirl! Goodbye hip hop. It was fun. You had a lot of attitude , spunk and we shared many great moments together. Like, remember that time Chuck D said “Bass! how low can you go?”. That was cool. What about that time I bought Illmatic on cassette? That was a fun time for sure. But, we can’t all live in the past. Trap music is the new thing and if I don’t get on it now, I might as well retire and start working at coffee shop. So, here is my trap song. My FIRST trap song! You can be assured that there will be MANY MANY more to come. I figure, after i drop this one, the money should start pouring in pretty steadily.  That’s how this works , right? I make one trap song and I become rich? Cool…I’m in. Check out my song “Molly boyz anthem”. I’m pretty sure it’s gonna change the face of music as we know it. YOU’RE WELCOME!

PS: I hate that I even have to write this part but , let’s be honest, people are dense. if you think any of this real or serious, I feel sorry for you and every one who knows you. Obviously, this is a joke. Just to give you some back story, I made the “Molly boys anthem” as a beat my friends and I were going to make a joke song over. The song was going to be about men nearing 40 years old, doing drugs. It never happened so this beat just was kinda sitting there. So, please…don’t freak out. I’m not actually ever going to make trap music.

It will be fun to see what people react to this in some certain way cause it will let me know who actually reads this bullshit that I write. In a way, this whole post is an experiment in reading comprehension and to see how reactionary people can be about this stuff. I really shoulda done this on April fools day. Shit. Missed opportunity.

PPS:Also, I’d like to say I have no issue with trap music or people who make it. This isn’t about that at all. So, if you make that kinda stuff, know this isn’t a dig at you or your music. This is more about the idea of trend hopping. Trap just happens to be what’s in now so I choose you. It’s all good, dudes.

24 thoughts on “So this trap music the kids seem to like…

  1. I’m not into trap at all and I thought that was a decent beat. The latter part of the article wasn’t needed as your sarcasm shone through

    • Oh, I know…but I’ve been doing this blog long enough to know that people need things spelled out for them and written in sparkling lettering. I bet if I hadn’t written that, a few people would have skimmed what I wrote and accused me of selling out.

  2. Trap with Blockhead’s personal touch. I love it! I would like trap much better if it sounded more like this. Kinda reminds me of Bonobo’s style. Tony, are you familiar with him?

  3. I heard this track earlier today and, while actually enjoying it, said to myself “oh no, now even Blockhead’s going the way of trap.” Very glad to read this. The thing about trap is that a lot of the guys I like who make it (Mr. Carmack, sango, esta, etc.) are actually really talented, but as soon as I hear that triple tappitty-tap trap sound (?) I sigh to myself; I can’t wait til that gimmick passes and these guys come back to good old’ hip-hop tracks.

    What I enjoyed about yours was that the trap beat was subtler, as if it’s not a high-hat or is muzzled or something. Anyway, trap or no, your beats are amazing. Keep at it, please. You’re one of the main artists who inspired me to set out making beats. I still suck but I enjoy the shit out of this beat-making stuff. Thanks!

  4. I actually don’t mind the track. Don’t worry, I read the entire post. Your sound is too unique to give up. Is there anyone who even has a sound close to you? Clams Casino and Flying Lotus are kind of close. Maybe I just don’t follow the scene close enough.

  5. the beat wasnt thaaat bad. dont mind so much when people throw in some trappy when its still their style kinda. have you heard the sims album field notes i think its called? i guess lazerbeak produced it and he often mixes the trappy elements in his beats these days. anyway, that album has good examples of both sides of the coin. on one side, with a track like ‘scope or claw’, you get trappy elements mixed in and its not so bad, kind of enjoyable. then take the track ‘they dont work for us’, go just over a minute in and youre getting a full on trap build/drop. sims makes it a tad less annoying but that shit is waaay too in my face.

  6. I feel like people aren’t picking up on how hilarious this beat actually is. Those patterns are fucking great, man, you really should get involved with more of the comedy stuff.

  7. Trap is now evolving into a more hazey, more grimy kind of form. I notice people are using other drum samples in the same way old 808s were. Take Drake’s “Worst Behaviour”: The Hi-hat rolls in that beat swapped old 808 hats for a hi pitched wooden snare. I think ASAP Rocky got that ball rolling. Run the Jewels also contains elements of trap, but obviously EL-P did his thing and kept the sound original. Who knows what the next trend will be for the young thugs and futures of the rap game.

    All I know is that I’m going to make the hip hop I’ve always wanted to hear and what I know lots of people want to hear, and that’s not trap.

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