The Phat friend Census Report

You know, I spend a lot of time answering questions here. It’s not cause I’m self involved and want you guys to focus on me all the time, I swear. It’s cause I need content for this blog and getting people to contribute is a great way to generate that. But, now, I wanna know about you. Here’s a 20 question poll. The answers are all multiple choice and completely anonymous. They range from simple to somewhat personal. It should also be noted that you can choose more than one answer for these questions. I realize human beings aren’t black and white so hopefully that capability can fill in for any options I might overlook. So, please, indulge me and let me find out about you, the reader of this godforsaken blog. If nothing else, I can really pin point my readership after this. Please answer honestly cause jokey answers will just defeat the purpose of this all.

Phew…that was exhausting but I feel like I know you so much better now.

17 thoughts on “The Phat friend Census Report

  1. Shoulda had a backdoor man/side guy/girl option on the relationship question. I fuck alotta wives. I’m gonna get killed one day.

  2. so u got a lot of straight, white male fans in major cities who will lick a butthole from time to time…cool!

  3. Blockhead the sociologist!

    I clicked on ” I read phat friend occasionally.” Just kidding! I answered the whole survey honestly.

  4. I’m a little disappointed that “I’m drunk right now” wasn’t an option for the alcohol question. Cuz… You know.

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