Answers for questions vol. 240

Hey guys, hope you had a lovely memorial day (that’s what it was , right?). It was just another monday to me but with a hangover.
So, listen, I need you help. I was just looking at my question pile and it’s getting somewhat thin. I need you guys to ask me stuff. Anything. Ask me multiple questions. Basically, I need content for this page and that doesn’t work unless you guys ask me stuff. So, please, go nuts. Try and keep it interesting but, hey, beggars can’t be choosers. Either leave the question in the comment section below or email them to me at:
It’s always anonymous and there is no shame here.
I also need some “Ask Dr. Tony” questions as well so, if you need advice about anything, don’t be afraid to ask me.
Okay?!? Help me help you , while you’re helping me.

How often do you engage in casual conversation with strangers?
I’m not quite sure what this is asking. I mean, I’m a pretty friendly person and will always respond kindly when someone asks me something (which is common walking around NYC) but I’m also not out here chatting up motherfuckers like I’m the town sheriff in the 1950’s.
I don’t try to create conversations where there are none. Like, if I’m in an elevator with someone, I’m standing quietly. People who feel the need to fill every waking moment of their lives with talking are deranged and/or lonely. Basically, I live by the “speak when spoken to” rule.
I will say that I must have a trust worthy face or something cause I get asked directions on the street all the time. People will literally stop me while I’m listening to my headphones and ask me for directions at least 2 or 3 times a week. No clue what that’s all about.

When was the first time you told a girl you loved her? (Excluding that story from the rogglecast with the long-distance relationship, the phone…and the cat haha)
Well, that phone call was probably the first time I did say that…and it no doubt scarred me.
Shit…I’m the worst with that phrase. I hate saying it and I honestly haven’t said it much in my entire life , even when I felt that way. It’s not something I’ve ever thrown around casually with girlfriends and I still have trouble getting it out of my mouth (much to the dismay of my gf).
I think the first time I said it was probably in my mid 20’s to a girl I was breaking up with. Man…that’s fucked up now that I write it but it’s the truth. Prior to that, I had had a few girlfriends but none that I would say I was in love with or ones that I would have even humored by saying those words to them.
I feel as though , to some people, there’s an urgency to say that phrase. Like they need to be heard and they can’t contain it. Whether or not they truly feel that way or not. Being that I’m an emotionally dead/stable person, I don’t have that part of me that forces me to say that or really requires me to say it. So it never feels natural coming out of my mouth. Sad but true.

Do you have an opinion on the so-called loudness war? Is taking care of dynamic range any different when working with samples?
Is there a war on loudness? Or is things being too loud what we are fighting? Either way, I’m clearly not aware of it.
Since I have no idea what this is all about I’ll just take this time to say that the volume in which people play music at venues is fucking stupid. It’s too loud. I realize I sound like your grandfather complaining about that but, on this last tour I did, I routinely found myself holding my ears in pain cause I simply walked by a speaker. What the fuck is wrong with people? I understand needing to listen to the music they like loud so they can “feel it” but there’s got to be a happy medium where it doesn’t deafen you by simply being in the room. Not sure who to blame here. Sound guys? The audience? the Performers?
Just for the record, if my shows are ever too loud, it’s not my fault. I always ask them to keep the gain at a reasonable level. Some sound guys are just maniacs.

Unrelated to this current blog piece but Yesterday while looking for some Asa Akira porn your blog came up in the google search. That website name looks familar I thought. How did your interview with her come to light? In person , over the phone or email? Nice work!

I did an interview with Kristina Rose first. I know her in real life and she was nice enough to humor me. That went over so well that I figured it would be cool to do another porn star interview. Asa Akira had recently followed me on twitter so I figured it was worth a shot to ask. She kindly obliged and we did the whole thing over email. I pretty much just sent her a one shot questionnaire. I’ve never met her or anything and , honestly, I think I got her to do it in the nick of time cause she really blew up shortly after that. It’s still the most read thing on my blog on most days. The comments people leave on it make me very sad for humanity.

Did you voice an opinion on the east coast west coast beef in the 90s? Seemed like the east bred better lyricists
Being an east coast guy, I obviously rode for NYC in that but I was also a guy who loved a lot of west coast rap. I didn’t care THAT much about the beef. All I knew was that I liked biggie and thought Tupac was overrated. I still feel that way. But it really wasn’t that serious to me. At the time, I was listening to weird underground rap anyway so the whole beef wasn’t really something that was on my mind much when it was going on.
It’s funny cause I definitely knew a few people who took it all very much to heart. Like they would get passionate just talking about the beef as if they were somehow involved in it. Suffice to say, those people were morons.

How many times do you think you’ve touched your own dick in your whole life? And how many times do you think you’ve touched your dick today?

(I don’t about you but I love this question. Guys and their dicks! ha ha ha….)

In my whole life? There is no way I could ever know that number. That staggeringly high number. A million? a billion? Does jerking off count as one touch or is it a series of thousands of touches? Today might be easier as I woke up a half hour ago. Probably like 10 times today so far…but the day is young and I’m definitely gonna put some milage on this thing before it ends.
I’m casually touching it right now, as I proof read these very words!

30 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 240

  1. Hey! I would like to know where are you producing your music?
    I cracked ableton live 9 and now i am experimenting a little. But the problem is, i dont know how to make a “lasting” sound like some amazing parts in your ( its raining clouds, the music scene, creeps crouching, grape nuts ans chalk sauce, the robyn byrd era, meet you at tower records-love those songs). I only can make kicks, drums, claps, hihats… but dont know how to make something that flows. Do you have any advice? sory for my english and thanks for answer!

  2. I have two unrelated questions:

    You’re a pretty chill guy, but, do you ever have the serious urge to duff some dude in the face? Like, do people ever rile you up enough to consider getting into a fistfight?

    I’m not sure if anyone has asked this already, but do you know if there is any particular reason El & Aes don’t make music together any more? It just seems kind of strange that they don’t at least do guestspots on each other’s albums since def jux dissolved

  3. You often say you’re emotionally dead. I know you think that makes life easier, but it’s actually kinda sad. Having strong, passionate feelings about people/matters/life is, to me at least, one of the joys of being human. Do you ever wonder why you’re like that or wish you were a little more “alive”? Have you ever considered therapy? I think you’d be a force to reckon with if you actually cared about things and tried to do something about it.

    • In budhism there’s a thing called “the middle path”, the basic idea is that any amount of caring will result in an equal amount of pain, so the most enlightened people will ride ” the middle path” between caring/attachment and not, thereby resulting in the least amount of pain as a consequence to caring and giving them the greatest balance within life. If anybody ever gives you shit about you not giving a shit just say “dude, middle path bro, look into it”. Then float away on a cloud of enlightenment.

  4. oops I meant (I don’t *know about you but I love this question)

    I’d think that jerking off counts as just one time, but still, I’m sure it’s quite a high number per day for your average guy.

    For whatever reason, if you had to make the choice between watch tv shows only or movies only (they can old or new, doesn’t matter) which would you choose – movies or tv?

    Also, for FMK:
    watching sports, watching tv, watching movies

  5. If you could choose between having the Eraserhead baby as a child or Roseanne Barr as your girlfriend who you must have sex with at least once a day for the rest of her life, which would you do?

  6. Blockhead,
    What does your music setup consist of. Do you use an mpc or software or both? What machines do you use to make your music?

      • That’s all?? Makes me want to relisten to some albums again. I always visualize artists whom I’ve paid $ to listen to as working with piles of gear, or gear that’s out of my price point comfort zone.
        IDK why, but I’m glad you’re not an MPC guy.
        The ASR has been around for a bit. Have you been using it since you began, professionally?

      • Yup.
        i think I’m a rare breed in that sense. I’ve never been a gear guy and actively ignore all other gear I don’t have. Like, when people talk to me about that stuff, I zone out fairly quickly.

  7. Ayo Block, re loudness war – I think the question was referring to the recent trend toward mixing/mastering music at increased volumes. Ex: if you listen to a newer song at the same volume level as an older song, it will sound much louder (and probably more compressed, with a decreased quality in overall sound).

    • Ah, I see. I still don’t really have an opinion on it either way. To be honest, audiophile stuff bores the shit out of me and I somewhat don’t even believe people who get caught up in it.

  8. Where do you get the images at the end of your blog? They almost always make me Laugh Out Loud (or LOL for the hip Internet people in the know).

      • I’ve recently gotten back into your blog and I forgot how bad it gets sometimes. If you want someone to proofread, I’d be glad to help you with it. If not, gofuckyaself. But seriously, it’s still entertaining, and grammar nazis need to get a life. That being said…

        Would you rather fuck a family member once, or wear one roller blade for the rest of your life?

        Recently I went to a local burger joint, and this lady cut me in line. I had let the guy before me go because I was still making up my mind, and then she cut right in front of me even though I was now ready and approached the counter. When I confronted her she said “But I have my six year old with me!” like I should give a shit. Has this happened to you, and do you also pray a meteor destroys them and every self-important parent that expects special treatment? If I was the kid, I’d be so embarrassed.

        FMK- Full House edition: Olsen Twins, Jodie Sweetin, Candace Cameron

  9. In one of the Dr.Tony’s you asked people to send updates. I’m wondering if you still want them?
    Your advice was on point each time!!!

  10. Whatd you think of the new asap rocky (alla)? He’s one of the few current rappers I can listen to without cringing

    Have you ever had public sex?

    • That’s a sad statment cause there are plenty of really great current rappers out there. I’d suggest digging a little deeper.
      As for ASAP album. haven’t heard it. I heard 3 songs, liked one and didn’t care about the other two.

  11. Would you rather kiss a dog or a cat on the mouth? (sorry)

    Do you or have you ever had any friends who seriously practice a religion?

    Are there any smells that you don’t like that most people think are pleasant?

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