Fuck/Marry/Kill Vol. 44

Welcome to another edition of “Fuck/marry/kill”. You know the game. It’s as stupid as it sounds. People sent in options and I oblige. As always, i much preface this by saying this is not meant to be taken even remotely seriously. I don’t want to kill or marry any of these people. It’s just a stupid bar game that I’ve expanded on. That’s all. Don’t be offended cause it’s not worth either of our time.
If you have interesting F/m/k options, leave them in the comment section below. Get creative cause I’ve covered a lot in the first 43 editions of this column.

F/M/K- GoT edition: Daenerys, Cercei, Margaery

Marry: Daenerys

I mean, come on. Dat Pussy fire, AMIRITE?!?!?!
This is an easy choice as she’s the obvious #1 girl on Game of thrones (Though her hot assistant might be my favorite girl on the show). She’s the mother of dragons. Not that that means anything but from a physical and power standpoint , she’s the end all of pulls. It is a little intimidating that her two boyfriends have both been giant murderous hunks but sometimes finesse can persevere. Also, there would be a chance I could make a half dragon baby with her. Not sure if that’s a good or bad things though.

Fuck: Margery
She’s sexy and manipulative. Put those things together and you get a real shit show of a relationship. The type that leave many men curled up in a corner , weeping, wondering what the hell happened. However, if you just keep it physical with her, I’d imagine it’s quite rewarding. Like, I bet she knows some tricks. Weird game of thrones tricks that don’t exist in the real world but involve hot rocks and liniments. Not to mention, unlike Daenerys , her past lovers have been children and sociopaths so I’d be pretty confidant going into this one.

Kill: Cercei
Cercei is pretty but also a terrible piece of shit. Just an awful person. She’s crazy, fucks her brother and cousin, and is responsible for creating the worst/best villain ever, Joffrey. Obviously, she gotta die. I mean, every week, I wait patiently for her to meet her demise and it never comes. Kinda like this Winter they keep fucking talking about. What’s up with that? Winter has been coming for like 4 seasons now. How long is goddamn autumn in the 7 kingdoms?

F/M/K- going back to college, moving to a small rural town, or growing white-guy dreads and wearing sandals everyday?

Kill:Growing white guy dreads and wearing sandals everyday
Kill me. Kill meeeeeeeeeeeeee. This just goes against everything I believe in. If I had white guy dreads and wore sandals, I’d try and strangle myself every time I walked past a mirror. The dreads are one thing. I mean, as lame as they can be, I don’t think that’s the worst. But the open toed shoes on men? That I cannot condone. This is a huge point of contention and I realize a large portion of you disagree but, keep in mind, I live in NYC. It’s just not okay to wear that shit here. You’re by a beach or in the woods, go nuts. But anywhere that revolves around walking on concrete is a no fly zone for that bullshit. Sorry. It’s the rules…that I made up…but I stand by them.

Fuck: Moving to a small Rural town
I’d honestly probably lose my mind in a small town. I’m just too used to the amenities of a big city. Also, I don’t drive so I’d be stranded. On the bright side, i could wear flip flops all day and feel no shame (I still wouldn’t though…ever).
But, seriously, there is a part of me that thinks I could enjoy that slow country living for a little bit. I could never “marry” that lifestyle but I’d dip my dick in and see what it feels like. No harm in that.

Marry: Going back to college
I dropped out of college. I hated school. I was terrible at it. That said, I actually sometimes wish I had stayed. Not for the learning. Definitely not. But for the social aspect of it. Living in dorms, being on campus with tons of other students. Parties. Girls. That stuff. Now, there is no way I could ever go back to college and do well as a student. It’s just not in the cards but , if I could go, get C- type grades and just live the college life? I’d be all over that. Not at my current age but, still…15-20 years ago it would have been so much fun.

F/M/K- cake, pie, brownies.

I marry cake cause it’s got a versatility that Brownies don’t have. There are thousands of types of cake. Some of them suck but that’s beauty of cake…you don’t have to eat those shitty types. For instance, wedding cakes are usually pretty wack. But birthday cakes? Pretty awesome. What about ice cream cakes? That’s some next level shit. just thinking about all this cake is getting me worked up. I’mma go put my dick in an entenmann’s box and pick out a ring.

I love brownies. As a stand alone thing, I’d take them over cake. However, they’re limited. I don’t think I could eat a brownie a day. Well, I’m sure I could but that’s not the point. Variety is the spice of life. Sure, a sea salt fudge brownie makes my jaw ache but that’s just lust. I lust for brownies. I wanna fuck the shit out of brownies. Can’t say I wanna make love to them though. They are the perfect mistress.

Kill: Pie
I’m torn here. On one hand, I’m not a pie guy. I think warm fruit is always gross and if given the choice, I pass on it always. Even non-fruit based pies aren’t my thing. It’s like they can’t decide if they wanna be cake or pudding. I honestly don’t know how anyone would ever take something filled with fruit over a iced, delicious , soft cake. That’s insanity to me. The only saving grace of pies is that they have a savory side to them. Meat pies. Spinach pies. I love that kinda shit. I would probably marry those alone but, alas, the warm fruit version has to come in a ruin it for everyone. Sorry Pie…

Fuck/Marry/Kill-Grace Jones ,Nina Simone ,Janis Joplin

Kill: Janis Joplin
This is tough. I’m definitely not attracted to Janis. She’s always had that new born gerbil face that makes me think she got taken out of the oven a little too soon. Also, she’s one of those people who I can tell smelled like shit. A boozing, drug addled hippie? That’s a slight step up from homeless woman on the “how bad does the person smell” flow chart. I dunno. She had a great voice but she’s just not doing it for me. Also, the kill part would be easy cause she’s been dead for like 40 years.

Fuck: Grace Jones
Grace Jones is terrifying. I can definitely see her ripping a dick off with her bare hands but I think that’s part of the appeal. If Grace jones wants to have sex with you, you kinda have to do it, right? If for no other reason, the experience and story it would create. It’s one of those “just let yourself go” situations. Sure, i might end up a pile of bones in the end but , in a way, that’s really going out in a blaze of glory.

Marry: Nina Simone
This was tough for me cause I had an inner battle between my heart and my brain. On one hand, Nina Simone is not a handsome woman. She’s also a tortured soul. That’s a lot of emotions being put on the plate. However, she’s easily of of my favorite singers ever and I can’t kill her. I’d also imagine she’s capable of a level of passion that is crazy. I don’t know if that’s a good thing but it’s something. Worst case scenario, i’d just listen to her sing all day and probably get murdered in my sleep. That’s fine. I probably deserved it.

3 thoughts on “Fuck/Marry/Kill Vol. 44

  1. Kimiko Glenn, Diane Guerrero, Ruby Rose

    Orange is the New Black! (Not the characters, the actors. These are the ones who I believe are viewed as the most “conventionally attractive”)

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