Answers for Questions vol. 241

Hi everyone. How was your weekend? Great.
Welcome to another edition of “Answers for questions”. A weekly column where you ask me stuff and I give you my beautiful truth. I always need new questions so don’t be shy. Ask me things. Send me questions to or leave them in the comment section below. Go ham.
Okay, let’s see what the mail bag has this week.

How old were when you went out and partied the most?
I’d say my late teens/early-mid 20’s were the most wild years. At that age, your ability to drink is unparalleled and you really don’t have that many real responsibilities. I was working at bakery a few times a week and could pretty much go out any day I wanted. I was never a dude who would go on binges though. My body simply can’t hold up to that kind of abuse. But I’d go out 3 or 4 times a week at most in my prime.

How do you come with the titles for your songs? Like, “Which One of You Jerks Drank My Arnold Palmer?” Did someone really drink your arnold palmer or is it an insider among friends?
It depends. Sometimes it’s based on a feeling. Other times, it’s an inside joke.
The most common way is that I’ll think of how the song makes me feel and make a random reference based off that. “Which one of you jerks drank my arnold palmer?” is one of those. That beat feels like summer to me. So, I just imagined some people sitting on a porch in the south sipping cold drinks in rocking chairs. I guess I had been drinking a lot of Arnold Palmers during that time so it somehow led me down that path. It was also just a ridiculous title and it’s fun to make people have to remember all that just to reference a song.

It’s tourist season!

How could a tourist in NYC be less annoying to the locals? (besides not coming in the first place)
Being a tourist is tough. You don’t know where the fuck you are. The city is huge and intimidating. I may not like them but I understand why they are the way they are.
My only advice would be to learn how to walk. Meaning, don’t congregate on corners. Move to the side. Or, when walking in a group down the street, make sure there is room for people to pass you. Also, in reality, I advise people to avoid midtown/times square when they visit NYC cause it’s the worst BUT , if that means there are less of you clogging up where I live, by all means, spend your entire trip in that hell hole.

What was the most embarrassing time that you ripped a fart?
During sex, while cumming.
It was awful. Luckily, it was with a girl I had been with for a while but, man…that was brutal. You know when you get that fart bubble in your belly and you know it’s gonna pop eventually but you think you can control it? It was one of those situations. I assumed I had a handle on it and , clearly, I was wrong. And it wasn’t a little pop…it’s was extended, loud and very present.

Who are some producers you think should stick to production and not rap? For one I think Necro should hop off of the mic and do production, any others you can think of?
I strongly disagree about Necro. I love his beats but he’s possibly the funniest rapper alive. Big Necro fan.
Umm…Puffy is an obvious answer.
He’s no longer with us but I don’t really think Dilla needed to rap.
Madlib does his shit and it’s weird but he doesn’t NEED to rap. I get why he does it though.
Swizz beats and Pharrell definitely should never rap. I’d argue that Swizz should also not make beats though.

you’ve mentioned that you’re not really happy with some of the drums you used on Music By Cave Light, which got me thinking: would you ever consider revisiting that album? Like using the same samples you used to make it (except the drums) but bringing your present approach to making music to it? Sort of remixing your own album, i guess. It would be interesting to hear how the blockhead of today would approach those samples. Or even Uncle Tony Remixes Blockhead (taking the music path you tested with the Coloring Book album and applying it to the Cavelight samples and style). Or would that feel kinda hack-ish, like you were repackaging the same old album but with a big “New & Improved” sticker on it?

I would never even consider that for a moment. The last thing any musician wants to do is go back to the old stuff. Even if it means remaking it “better”. That time has passed.
It reminds me of that thing where people will come up to me like “Dude, when are you going to make another “Music by cavelight!?!”. I know they don’t mean it that way but it’s really offensive to hear that. That’s old shit. I made that when I barely knew what I was doing and in a totally different musical climate. It’s the way it is because of that. I’m glad people like it and it’s served me well but it’s over now. I don’t love some of the choices I made on that album but they’re like that for a reason and I can certianly live with that. Doing a remix album of it would be something a desperate man would do. I’m not quite there yet.
That’s why anytime a rapper does a “part 2” of an old album, I’m suspect. You can’t recapture that kinda stuff after the time has passed. It’s simply pandering.

At what two ages do you think you were the most and least attractive?
Hmm…Least? I was a chubby little prick in 6th grade.
Peep your mans
I don’t even know if I can count that but it’s the one time I can honestly look back and be like “bro, get it together”. Also, right after my freshman year in college, I gained a bunch of weight but it wasn’t that crazy. Too much burger king.
My most attractive year was probably my senior year in high school. I was tall, lean and had that amazing part down the middle hair cut that everyone else had in the 90’s.
Prom bro swag on ten thousand
To be honest, I haven’t had much change in how I look since my early/mid 20’s. I mean, obviously, I’m older and have aged accordingly but I’ve been the same weight (within 5 pounds) for the last 18 years. I have more facial hair and some grays. I have less hair in general. But, outside of that, I’m been pretty consistent, for better or for worse.

i’m trying to spread awareness of a very real problem in this country (and maybe the world) that has received embarrassingly little media and public attention: Poop Shaming
Would you co-sign my cause and help spread the word about this very unsettling issue? Have you ever been Poop Shamed? (To be clear, Poop Shaming is when someone poops, and it smells, as poop tends to do, and someone else attempts to mock them and/or make them feel bad for the smell of their poop, or the fact that they just pooped. It is done in many ways, most basically by a look of disgust in your direction by the Shamer, or a joke about the length of time you just spent in the bathroom, or a joke about your diet). It gives me great sadness at the amount of unfortunate people forced to deal with this undeserved and irrational negativity and social mocking. Everybody poops, that one chick in that movie, that dude at the gas station, the president’s top aid, everybody’s parents, wives, neighbors, and mailmen. And every time they do, it smells like shit. I say instead of mocking the poopers, tell them “good job”. And when you are poop shamed mention it with the hash tag #poopshamed. My question though: have you ever been poop shamed? have you ever poop shamed someone else? do you think it is an america only occurrence or a world problem? Should there be a UN Resolution outlawing poop shaming? Do you think the people who start wars are the same people who poop shame?

I think you need a better cause. Poop shaming will never go away cause of the nature of poop. It’s smelly and funny. Everyone does it so it’s an even playing field. I’ve certainly never had my feelings hurt by someone making a comment towards me about my own shit. I think the way to beat poop shaming is to own it. If you take a horrendous dump and get called out, let them know you don’t give a fuck and that you’ll shit how you wanna shit. Offer them a chance to wipe your ass, if they’re so interested.
I’d say poop shaming is a first world thing. I can’t imagine 3rd world people mocking one another about the shit they took. They’d sooner use it for something practical than make fun of it.

8 thoughts on “Answers for Questions vol. 241

  1. Question for the next one: Do you ever get scared of global warming? Every time I look at the news lately I hear about how Alaska didn’t have a winter, or how temperatures are continuing to soar worldwide. It seems like Earth is becoming less inhabitable, yet people continue to have kids who will A) face these problems in the future and B) make it worse by taking up more space/resources. I’m starting to think that we as humans can’t stop ourselves from expanding, and we’ll keep doing it whether we should or shouldn’t, until the Earth can’t hold us anymore. And this makes me think I should prepare for a flood or some shit, go out and buy a lifeboat/gun/provisions when i’m broke as fuck, which makes me feel like a certified lunatic. What’s your view on it all?

  2. Awwww, that pic of you as a kid is so cute, those cheeks!

    This is one of those questions where you sorta want to know the answer of the person you’re asking, but you more so want to be vain and answer the question yourself. Sooo… haha, I think the most attractive for me was 18-19 or 27-28, can’t decide. For least attractive, a hard 22-23.

    Anyways, was that your gf at the time in that prom photo? She looks really into you there hahahaha

  3. That seems quite rare to be the same weight for such a long time. I remember you’ve said that you always eat at lightning speed. I think that the idea of “your stomach signals your brain and registers that you’re full 20mins after eating” may be true for some people sure, but is otherwise a pretty bullshit fact (opinion!!! ha)

    I tend to eat really quickly too and I feel full right away.

    • I eat terribly, in the sense that I eat so fast but I’m also very aware of what I’m eating and have rarely gone through a stage where I’m not exercising regularly. I think that’s kept my weight where it is. Also, I’ve never tried to be particularly fit or strong. I’ve always been satisfied with just maintaining what I got going naturally.

  4. Question:

    You seem to see yourself as a really consistent guy in terms of how you live. Is there anything that you’re NOT consistent about?

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