Answers for questions vol. 243

Hi there and welcome to another edition on “Answers for questions”. You asked me random shit and I answered. It’s the logical reaction.
If you have a smart or dumb question you’d like to throw my way, the party is always going. Email me questions to or simply leave them in the comment section below. The weirder the better. Get creative. I know you can do it. you’re the internet.

Would you consider cryogenically freezing yourself for science or personal gain?
Not really. Seems like a waste of money. I’m also not one of those people who really puts much value on getting way older. Like, from what I can see, being over 70 kinda sucks. Sure, you’ve got wisdom and , most likely, an inner peace but everything you do seems hard and your body is just falling apart on a daily basis. I’m already past the age I’d wanna be frozen in so it’s a moot point. Also, the world isn’t exactly becoming a better place to be. The thought of being frozen then thawed out a few hundred years down the line makes no sense. Like “Oh dope! I froze myself so I could be awoken in a mad max like hell world! There’s not food or water and it’s 200 degrees during the summer! Awesome!”
Also, I don’t think me being around for future generations is important. Doubt I’d make the list for people that needed to be saved for later. I feel like only someone like WIll.I.AM would freeze himself. He seems like that kinda guy.

I know you travel a lot but do you ever shut it down for a week or 2 and go on vacation? If so, what kind of vacations do you take? Cruise, all inclusive resort, backpacking through Europe or just something simple like a secluded cabin for a week?

I do not ever go on vacation. For a few reasons…
1)My life is a vacation
Meaning, outside of making music an touring, I don’t have a ton of real life responsibilities. When I’m home for long periods of time, I’m chilling. I’m a man of comfort and regiment and NYC is , by far, my favorite place to be. So, when I’m here, I’m at my happiest.
2)I travel too much to wanna travel more
I take ,like, hundreds of planes a year. I’m not a bad flyer but it’s enough to make me not wanna be in airports or , really, be around any form of travel ever, when I don’t have to be. If I can not be traveling during my free time, that’s a win for me. So, going to far away lands isn’t that appealing to me , if we’re talking about my own personal leisure time.
3)I don’t really care about seeing places THAT MUCH.
Sure, there are plenty of places I’d like to see. Cities I’d like to check out. But, in general, I don’t care for nature (so camping is out) and I get bored by beaches within about 2 hours. A cruise sounds like a mall in the water. No thanks. My job has enabled me to see a lot of the world and because of that, I think I know what interests me. I’m not into being a tourist. I’m not into sightseeing. I like eating and experiencing cities as naturally as possible. That’s it. So, if that’s not on the menu, I probably am not that interested.
4)My vacations are brief
The only thing I do do is occasionally got away for a weekend to someones beach house or something like that. These trips are always more about just hanging with friends than the location. Swimming in a pool is nice. Maybe doing some drugs.

All that said, I think a crucial thing about traveling for fun is that I go with friends. That will always up the fun no matter where you are. I could probably have as much fun in Cleveland as I could in Rome if I went with the right people.

For whatever reason, if you had to make the choice between watch tv shows only or movies only (they can old or new, doesn’t matter) which would you choose – movies or tv?

That is tough. I wanna say movies but the reality is that, at this point, TV shows are right there with it AND the have way more variety. Also, sports play on TV so that’s a bonus as well. I love movies but there are maybe 10-15 that come out a year that I really wanna see. Where as , tv shows are constantly churning out new one’s that I want to see. I’m assuming netflix counts as tv, btw…

Here’s a somewhat FAQ speed round interview:
When did you start producing?
I started in the early 90’s by bringing samples over to peoples houses and watching them make beats. I got my sampler late 94/early 95 though.

Was it just a hobby to begin with?
Yup. Everything is a hobby when you’re a teenager.

How often would you lose hope in yourself?
I didn’t take it seriously enough to really get down on myself like that. I was more just obsessed with it and always doing it. I’m not really a person who sits around doubting myself or patting myself on the shoulder. I just did it and kept doing it cause I enjoyed it.
How often
would you change styles or genres?

I don’t think I’ve ever actively changed genres. It’s still hip hop to me.

Who supported you through the journey to ‘making it’,
and how?

My friends and family, I suppose. No one was like “Don’t do this!”

Where do you look for samples?
All over. Rare records of all genres.

Do you ever use field recorders?

When the proddin’s going bad, what do you tell yourself to convince yourself that you’re not
a shit producer and that you have the ability to spill sweet, phat, saucy tunes upon the longing ears of society?

“Proddin” hahahahahahaha! Jesus man, how high are you?
I never feel that way. I accept that , sometimes, I don’t have it and I shut it down until I feel inspired again. it happens.

How does one cook the perfect roast?
I can only cook with a microwave but I’d venture to say in an oven.

What kinda people, or who have you been working with in the beginning of it all?
People I’m still friends with to this day. My friend Niles, Jer (AKA Sir Jarlsberg) this dude Dub-l. i started with them.

When, where and how did you meet Aesop and start weaving dreams?
Your phrasing is making me want to vomit right about now.Put the weed down.
Anyway, I met aesop in 94 at Boston university. We don’t weave dreams though.

What’s the meaning of life?
answering dumb questions on a monday morning is the meaning of life.

Which programs do you use? Which VSTs?
I only a cassette four track and a magnifying glass. That’s it.

If one train is headed from Minnesota to New York at 100km/h and the other is a transdimensional Mushi master how can mirrors be real if our eyes aren’t real?
If a guy smokes dabs and sits in front of his computer for a few hours, does his brain cease to exist or is he in a higher plane of consciousness called “being fucked up”?

6 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 243

  1. assuming you had to be shrunken and live in a little submarine (which can have all the comforts of home) inside someone who would you choose and why? What would be the biggest problems for you? whats the best place inside a person to live?

  2. I’m not making fun of the travel question…nothing wrong with it.
    It’s just from what I know about you, Blockhead, the idea of you being on a cruise is so fuckin funny to me hahaha…Never mind the whole culture of that kind of tourism (cruise staff shimmying by you as they do the Macarena!) For passengers, there is so much waiting and so.many.lines. Lines for the buffet, lines to get off the ship at ports, lines to get back on..not to mention on your first day there is a huge process to embark that ship similar to being at an airport, and you probably had to take a flight already to get there! Not your happy place, to be sure haha.

    (I used to work in the kids entertainment part of a cruise line when I was a student. Never long-term, just seasonally during the summer etc when there were lots of kids on board, but I did it like 8 separate times. Enough to know, that’s for sure!)

  3. I haven’t heard it yet but have you listened to Aesop Rock on Open Mike Eagle’s podcast? If you have, is it interesting for you to hear those those two talk at length on air or is it like…you can’t even do it because you know them both so well!?

    • I did and I’m gonna post about it today.
      as for the question, I found it very interesting. Aes and I don’t really discuss the musical process like that so it’s cool to hear it in detail. Same with mike.

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