Demo Reviews Vol. 69 (now accepting Submissions!)

Whattup everyone…It’s the moment all the self loathers have been waiting for! I’m opening up the flood gates once again for demo submissions. If you have a song you’d like me to review, now is your time to both shine and possibly get shit on as well. However, before you just submit me something. There are rules. PLEASE READ THESE CLOSELY BEFORE SUBMITTING ANYTHING TO ME. They are crucial to your demo even making it to the review process.
1)The header on the email must say “Demo review”
2)If you’ve already submitted, DO NOT submit again. You had your fun now it’s other people’s turn. This includes producers working with new rappers.
3)Send me ONE SONG. Pick your song that is your favorite or the one that best exemplifies your music and shoot it over here. I’m not going to listen to your whole ep.
4)This time around, I’ll only be accepting songs that can be heard via a link. So, no loose mp3′s or myspace pages. I want soundcloud, bandcamp or you can even upload it to an upload site (like, hulkshare ect…) that allows the songs to stream. Basically, the streaming part is crucial. If this is something you cannot do, you probably shouldn’t be sending me music in the first place. I also accept youtube video links but, seriously, how you gonna have that be your only form of streaming music online. Soundcloud is free. just sign up and put a song up there.
5)Demo MUST contain original production. I don’t want mixtapes of you rapping over other peoples tracks. I want actual songs. About once a week, I review something only to find out it’s some rare madlib track the person jacked. If you send me something, I want it to 100% be made by you. Sampling is sampling but taking another person finished rap beat and calling it your own is not okay.
6)budding producers: don’t just send me some random beat you made. I want a finished product. If your shit is called “Untitled beat” I will throw it right in the trash. If you made a beat but it’s just drums and a loop, i don’t want it. i want something you’d consider a song that can stand on it’s own. A rap beat with a subtle change does not a song make.

That’s about it for the rules. But there’s more…You must also accept that I will be reviewing your music honestly. I don’t know you. You aren’t my homeboy. I may write some shit you don’t wanna hear/accept. Just know it’s possible you will not be happy with the review. Butthurt responses will be clowned on properly. Trust me, I’m as familiar with internet criticism as any person who makes music for a living. It sucks but it’s part of the deal. After all, you’re sending me your music so I can review it. what else do you expect? By submitting, you’re pretty much agreeing to possibly being let down.
It should also be noted that , genre wise, I’m a rap guy. I like rap music. This can work both for and against you people sending me rap as I will be highly critical of it but there’s also a chance I might actually like it. If it were up to me, I’d ONLY review rap demos. Where as with other genres (particularly instrumental music and electronic type shit) I don’t really listen to that kinda stuff. Feel free to send it but just know my ceiling of enjoyment for that kind of music is typically pretty low. Ironic, I know…but it’s the reality of things.

Got it? good.
So, send away to my email
I’m gonna keep the submission progress open for about a week so you have ample time to get your shit together.
Good luck and godspeed.

All that said, here’s this weeks batch.
Don’t forget to vote for your favorite at the bottom.

Artist: Mr Ramos
Song: World’s Honey

This is pretty interesting. It’s not every day you hear digeredoo utilized. I like the vibe and the girl is a solid enough singer (not exactly showing much range) but the song doesn’t really go anywhere. It’s the same thing the whole time. I’m assuming it’s some sort of Hari Krishna prayer type shit though so maybe they don’t believe in hooks.
Production wise, it isn’t exactly amazing but it fits the song nicely.
Production:5.5 out of 10
Vocals:5 out of 10
Listenability:5 out of 10
Originality:5.5 out of 10

Artist:Mic Trill
Song:Mr. Tidor

I wanna just say that I hate those ominous bells people keep putting on their songs. It’s been happening since Tupac and I hated it back then too. Just a random thought….
This is one of those beats that’s totally fine but not my thing at all. It’s dark! It’s ominous! Bells!
People love this kinda shit though so what do I know.
The rapper is okay. His voice doesn’t really match the kind of production but I’m not mad at him. He definitely sounds like he’s lacking a hair of confidence. That can be fixed easily though with a little time.
Production:4.5 out of 10
Vocals:5 out of 10
Listenability:4.5 out of 10
Originality:4.5 out of 10

Artist: Louis Mackey and Thirtyseven
song: Can’t seem to make you mine

This beat is very dope. Simple but effective. Dope loops, subtle changes and solid drums. It’s not exactly very creative but it’s well done for sure.
The rapping is solid too. There’s nothing particularly special about either of the rappers but they’re both skilled and very comfortable on the mic. This whole thing kinda reminds me of some early 2000’s indie shit.
Production:5.5 out of 10
Vocals:5.5 out of 10
Listenability:6 out of 10
Originality:3 out of 10

Artist: George Peterson
Song: Fresh Eggs Ft. Professor Plum

Wow. Hahahahaa…the rapping in this amazing. It’s like uncomfortable weird Al or telly from “Kids” but nerdier. I’m trying to figure out what’s going on here. It’s incredible. It sounds like it was recorded in three different rooms.
This is the kinda thing that, if my friends and I happened upon in 2000, we’d listen to it over and over , at first to make fun of it but, eventually, we’d all be obsessed with it and it would be the source of endless inside jokes. It’s awful but in a fantastic way.
Production:3 out of 10
Vocals:2 out of 10
Listenability:9 out of 10
Originality:3.5 out of 10

Artist: Reklooze witherspoons
song: The early showings of a vedic mindstate

THis is some stoned out jazzy shit. I think it’s a little boring but it’s well done and definitely could fit all sorts of moods. Most of which consists of being way too high while on a couch. I’m not mad at it. It feels like it needs more elements to really work as a song but all the parts are nicely meshed together. It’s WAY too long though.
Sode note: I hate the song title, and I didn’t even bother typing out the whole thing. Who are you, bro? Fiona Apple?
Production:5.5 out of 10
Listenability:5.5 out of 10
Originality:4.5 out of 10

Song: Goodbye

This is an interesting blending of different styles that doesn’t really work for me. Trappy drums, yell singing, then drake-ish sing rapping. It seems like it’s trying to do a lot of things at once without committing to anything. It’s not poorly made. In fact, it’s actually really well produced. The vocalist doesn’t do anything for me and the hook sounds like something Eminem would do that might end up on a commercial for the army.
I appreciate what the dude is attempting though.
Production:6.5 out of 10
Vocals:4 out of 10
Listenability:4.5 out of 10
Originality:4 out of 10

Artist: MC Stan
Song: Animal House

I’m am staunchly anti-Green day quoting in rap but I’ll let it slide. The rapper is good. He hits some corny moments here and there but , overall, he sounds good. Definitely way more comfortable with a double time flow cause, sometimes, when he slows it down, the flow loosens up a little too much.
The beat is just kinda there. I honestly can’t even really hear whats going on.
Production:4 out of 10
Vocals:5 out of 10
Listenability:5 out of 10
Originality:4 out of 10

Artist: Company
Song: Kako je Tamo?

This is a mellow , slow burn of a track. I like it. It’s well made and well recorded. It’s very tasteful. I don’t love when people use too many vocal samples (talking, not singing) but that’s really my only complaint. Definitely a “driving home at 5 am” kinda song. i assume…I don’t drive.
Production:7 out of 10
Listenability:7 out of 10
Originality:4.5 out of 10

So, what do you think?

1 thought on “Demo Reviews Vol. 69 (now accepting Submissions!)

  1. The Louis Mackey & Thirtyseven song could have used the Seeds sample a lot better….but it was the best one of them all.

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