Yay or Nay?: Spillage Village

This is one of those groups that I feel I may be a bit late on. Looking at their bandcamp, they have 4 releases thus far plus a brand new EP. That’s a pretty decent amount of work right there. Admittedly, i haven’t had a chance to go through all the music but I perused the old stuff after I came across the new EP “Bears like us too”. Well, from that glance, I feel like this new EP is a jump forward. Not that the old stuff was bad. Not at all. It’s just feeling like they’ve arrived at a sound that is more evolved than the previous projects.
These are rappers from ATL who seem to take influence from all over. The southern bounce is there but they are decidedly lyrical, kinda weird and just interesting all over. The production is versatile too. I’m into it. What do you think? Unfortunately, they don’t allow embedding…which is annoying but, whatever. Check out the new EP on soundcloud. Let it ride. It’s solid and remains interesting throughout.
Lemme know what you think. You can pick more than one choice….

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