This week in ridiculous rap: La Fear

We’ve reached a point in popular rap music where being overtly moronic isn’t a bad thing. In fact, I’d say some of these rappers look at the concept of “caring” as a weakness, in terms of rapping, and they are typically far more intelligent than the music they make. I get it. Simplicity has always been under valued yet incredibly successful. For every Beach Boys song, there’s a ramones song you’d probably rather listen to. That said, there is a line. A line that separates the hitmakers from local weirdo’s who have a video on youtube.
For instance, the other day, I found myself watching this video. I’ve never heard of the guy but my first reaction was “this is a cool beat with a simple video that isn’t breaking ground but it captures a vibe”. As i listened to it more, it became clear this guy basically speaking gibberish to a girl about fucking her. But it’s not about that. It’s about the mood it emotes. So, as completely empty as that song is, it does succeed on some level. I bring that video up to really put this other video in perspective.
The song is called “All on” and it shares all the romance and poignancy of the “Shorty lemme fuck you outside” guy.

But there’s a stark contrast between the two. For one, the music itself. I’m a dude who makes beats and I think I have a concept of how rhythm works. This beat is insane. And not in a good way. Like, it’s locked in a padded room , smearing shit on the walls insane. Aside from the typical fart of a bass line, the drums are just on some next level shit. I’m still trying to figure out why the snare falls where it does and whether or not the producer was familiar with how snares work in the context of a drum track. So, off the bat, “shorty lemme fuck you outside” guy has a clear advantage. It’s an advantage of taste and awareness. Those two things are typically the difference with this kind of music. La fear seems like he hasn’t heard music before but someone described rap to him while he was locked in solitude for 30 years. In his defense, his off beat rapping isn’t his fault. There is no fucking beat to rap too. It’s almost avant guarde. Maybe he sampled Phillip Glass or some shit? is that like a 3/57 time signature?
The third glaring difference is the video itself. If you’re gonna film in the aisles of a 7-11, it’s gotta be cause you wanted too and not cause it was your only option. Same goes for filming at the local auto body shop and on that jungle gym. We can tell the difference. If you’re gonna have strippers in your video, perhaps let the ones who had a baby two weeks ago sit this one out?
Listen, I get that we work with what we have I’m certainly not mad at this song or video. In fact, I love that it exists. I’d even argue that there is as much artistry in this song as there are in most French Montana or Cheef Keef songs. Clearly, those two artists are far more in the loop and have people behind them who would never let them make a song like that but I truly don’t think that much space separates them. On is polished, the other truly doesn’t give a fuck. La fear is just…well…out of it. Maybe he made this song and video during a bender of weed, syrup and booze. For all I know, he doesn’t even know it’s on the internet. But there is something beautiful about the purity of songs and videos like this.One thing is for certain, you could never call La fear pretentious and, to me, that’s a great quality.

4 thoughts on “This week in ridiculous rap: La Fear

  1. So isn’t this the rap equivalent of Ween? I instantly was reminded of The Pod when this beat started and he’s just barely mumbling incoherently. Hilarious! Could be genius.

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