I hooked up with Riff Raff Vol. 6


I swear to both god and satan alike, this was not my plan. When I first started interviewing girls who slept with Riff Raff, it was all about the sociology. i was curious about the man behind the man and a way to uncover that was to get insights you won’t find in interviews or youtube clips. That said, 5 volumes in and I feel as though I still only have a rough idea about the guy. From all accounts he seems like a normal guy. In the sense that he likes having sex with people. No shame in that at all.

So, the other day, I get an email from a girl who had seen previous installments who wanted to share her story with me. I just want that to be known cause I’m sure as hell not seeking these stories out anymore. Also, I always require proof of some sort cause I’m not trying to pander to trolls. Proof was given, questions were answered and here we are…once again.

How did you meet Riff Raff?
I met Jody at Vans Warped Tour in Atlanta on Thursday July 2. My friend and I went to see his set (which was awesome) at Aaron’s Lakewood amphitheater and then we went to his meet and greet a couple hours later and got our pictures taken with him. That was when we got friendly and exchanged phone numbers. Not long after we met, I got a text from him that said “It’s Jody” “Where ya at?”. My friend and I met up with his manager and he walked us to the Peach Panther tour bus where we hung out for the rest of the night.

Were you attracted to him when you met him?
I’ve been attracted to Riff Raff since I discovered him thanks to one of my old friends who actually looks a bit like him and actually dressed like him for Halloween before. I’m more drawn to him without the grills and braids (which is how he presented himself at Warped Tour that day), but either way I still think he’s a very attractive man.

Who was the aggressor , in terms of flirting and things escalating to a sexual level?
I think that I definitely made the first move: when I walked into the tent to meet him, I referred to him as my “neon daddy” and that’s when he asked me how old I am (18) and then proceeded to give me his phone number.

Is Riff Raff Charming?
I think that Jody was very charming and kind to me and my friend. We made good conversation and he wasn’t at all introverted or rude.

Was any part of sleeping with Riff Raff doing it because there’s something funny about being able to say you had sex with Riff Raff?
Most definitely. Especially afterwards, I didn’t expect to be so starstruck but as soon as we got off the bus to walk back to my car I almost lost it. It felt too much like a dream. I couldn’t believe I just had sex with Jody Highroller.
Have you slept with other “famous” people before?
Nope lol. Riff Raff is the first celebrity I’ve slept with.

Did he break out of character at any point? If so, when and how?
I feel like he was never really trying to play a character during the time I spent with him and his tour mates. He was very laid back and fairly (for lack of a better word) normal. It didn’t surprise me as much as I thought it would’ve, but I guess it helped me feel more comfortable around him.

Riff raff recently has been working out and getting huge. Do you have any incite on this? Are you into it?
He is definitely not as “swole” as people might think. I liked his figure actually. He has a pretty noticeable gut, but big arms so at least he’s proportional. And he was pretty decently sized down below as well

I feel as if most men are most honest and vulnerable post orgasm. Would you say this was true of Riff Raff?
I suppose, but like I said, he was pretty relaxed and laid back before. It’s not like we had like a heart to heart or anything intimate, but overall he’s a nice respectful guy and in my experience, he isn’t as freaky in the sheets and most would expect from such a character as Riff Raff.

Were drugs and alcohol involved in your personal time with Riff Raff? if so, what?
Not really. We ate Chickfila on the bus and there was Lemonade spiked with Vodka, but it wasn’t very good so I limited myself to only a little bit of that.

Did you enjoy sleeping with Riff Raff? Any regrets?
I enjoyed it very much actually. My experience isn’t as extensive as Jody’s, and he didn’t do anything I wasn’t comfortable with which was very sweet because he was more courteous than most of the “men” that live in my area. The only thing I regret was being too caught up in the moment to think about using protection, but since my encounter with Riff Raff, I’ve been tested for STD’s and I keep myself clean regularly anyways, so everything is all good.

Would you do it again?
If I was presented with the opportunity again, I probably wouldn’t pass it up. I had a lot of fun that day.

After it was all said and done, what is your take on Riff Raff, as a man? Good guy? Misunderstood genius? Retarded clown?
After spending only an evening with the man, I’ve gathered that he is a good guy with manners and he knows how to treat a lady, but all in all I still think he’s just a one night stand kind of guy. If I had the chance to get to know him better, I definitely would.

4 thoughts on “I hooked up with Riff Raff Vol. 6

  1. “Have you slept with other “famous” people before?
    Nope lol. Riff Raff is the first celebrity I’ve slept with.”

    Guess she plans on sleeping with more

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