Yay or Nay: Adrian Lau

This is one of those occasions where I’m not sure what I think of the artist yet. Normally I have a mild agenda ,at best, to push new music to your unwilling ears. This time around, I’m actually curious what you think.
Adrian Lau is a NYC based rapper who just did a whole album with Producer harry Fraud. Off the bat, I will say the beats are all dope. I know some of you cringe at the sound of anything remotely trap sounding but Fraud is a dude who mixes that drums style nicely with some awesome sampling. He has a knack for making really atmospheric stuff that doesn’t sound too emo for it’s own good.
Anyway, let’s talk about this rapper though. Lau is good. He can rap. That’s not really my issue with him. I think what I’m undecided on is if he brings anything new to the table. He’s an artist who I can clearly hear his influences. But, like I said, he’s got talent.

So, what do you think?

1 thought on “Yay or Nay: Adrian Lau

  1. I would work out to this for the Fraud beats and just tune out Lau. Fraud is dope especially when he isn’t doing something with French Montana or some other similar cornball. Lau: meh.

    Side note: my girl made out with Harry Fraud when she was like 12 and he had a bowl cut and was pretty dorky. She was like “oh he’s hot now?”

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