Answers For Questions Vol. 248

Hi there! Welcome to another thrilling week of “Answers for Questions”. Will the roller coaster even end?
Anyway, if you’d like to ask me stuff, please do! Send me questions to or leave the questions in the comment section. Be creative. Be weird. Be curious. I’m open to anything.
Let’s check this weeks batch.

you seem like a pretty easy-going guy, were your parents like this?

I think I share a similar disposition as my mother. She’s fairly laid back. Not very confrontational. My dad was an artist and also about 75% deaf my entire life so it’s hard to say if he was easy going or just in his own world. Neither of my parents are/were hotheads though and that vibe definitely carried over to me.

I’ve been a kanye fan for a while now. He’s definitely not in my top five or even top ten for that matter, but I have respect for him as a producer and mc. I read an article recently on how he’s a genius and he completely changed the game. Personally I think people that agree with this statement haven’t heard good fucking hip hop. So I’m asking, what are your thoughts on kanye?

I like Kanye. I think he’s a good producer and an underrated rapper. He has made some great albums but he’s also kinda pretentious and , seemingly, a total ego maniac. I do not think he’s a genius. I believe he thinks he’s a genius though.
To me, he’s a guy with good taste and his ear to the ground. He doesn’t even really make his own beats anymore. I think he’s taken a more Quincy Jones/Dr Dre approach to producing. He’s surrounded himself with people in the know, much like many other huge pop stars who manage to stay relevant. So, as of now, one of his best qualities is knowing who to take cues from. That said, When he did make beats, he was a very good sample based guy. Right in my wheelhouse.
I think a thing that bothers me about him is that , if you’re gonna go around telling people you’re a genius and the king of music, you gotta back it up. sure, hits will back up that claim on some level but, as a rapper, the dude is just not that deep. And, to repeat, I like his rapping. But if you’re gonna rap about cars money and whores all day long I don’t know if I can give you that “genius” title. Unless he’s a genius of simplicity.
To be honest, i think the word “genius” gets thrown around and it really applies to very few musicians ever. Stevie Wonder was a genius. James Brown was a genius. Kanye is just a dude who’s really good at what he does.

How much is your mood affected when you’re out somewhere and your phone runs out of battery? (Not when you’re at an airport but when you’re in New York
I go through a few stages.
1)panic as my phone runs out
2)Worry that I’m going to miss an important text/call
3)acceptance that I gotta just deal with it
4)Relief that I’m disconnected for a while. Sure, if I see a chance to charge it, I’ll jump on it but there is something kinda nice about not having to check my phone all the time. I’m fully addicted to my phone so it’s kinda like a weight being released when my phone does die. It’s stressful if I actually need to do things or reach out to people but if I’m in a place where it’s not needed, it actually can be kinda relaxing (once the terror has fully washed over me).

As far as music you listen to; what are your guilty pleasures? What is the worst music you enjoy?
I don’t know if I believe in guilty pleasures. Cause that means you acknowledge what you enjoy is shitty. I mean, I could say the new Drake album is a guilty pleasure but, fuck that…it’s really good. Or I could point to some weird 80’s music from my youth but I don’t have shame about that. I’ve been on an 80’s r&b kick lately and I feel great about that. But, it’s not like I sit alone in a room .with headphones on, bumping Tiesto and cutting myself out of shame. That would make me feel really guilty. Luckily, that will never be a reality.

So I recently picked up the “Cut to the Chase” album on vinyl and for the record this is a fantastic album that I feel like everyone needs to listen to. Your tracks are obviously excellent standouts and Chase Phoenix continues to kill it on every track.

I am curious, and you may have covered this in previous posts, but, what is going with CP these days? Has there been anything released since “Cut to the Chase?” Will we be getting more, anytime soon? As I personally would love to hear some more jams.

For those who don’t know, Chase Phoenix is a rapper and one of my oldest friends. He put an album out called “Cut to the chase” in 2003 that I did a bunch of beats on. Songs like this and this
Anyway, He and I are still friends and he still does music here and there. Most recently he was in a group called Monday Morning high. I haven’t worked with him in years though. No reason really. We’re both pretty busy.

Have you ever seen other people having sex? Porn doesn’t count
Uh…yeah. So many times. I’ve seen people fucking in cars. I’ve seen people fucking on the beach. I’ve seen people fucking through their windows in apartment buildings. I’ve seen friends have sex. I’ve even seen two homeless people having sex in my buildings vestibule when I was a kid.
I’d say the most common thing I’ve seen is dudes hooking up on my block where I grew up. I lived on a street where there was a one block stretch that seemed to be a place where male prostitutes would do their business. Many a late night I have walked home, with the sun rising, to see a dude blowing another guy on a stoop. One time I saw a guy giving another guy a hand job and all I could think of was “Why do people give hand jobs?”.
I used to work at this bakery and I had to get there at 6 am some days to work. My walk there meant passing down this backstreet. I’d say I would see some sort of gay sexual act popping off about 40% of the time. So, yeah…I’ve seen some shit.

On a scale from 1-10…

How much of a hypochondriac are you?

How much of a gossip are you?

How superficial do you think you are with women?

Hypochondriac- 5
I’m very aware of my body and when something is wrong, I address it quickly but I also don’t sit around thinking I’m dying or that I have a rare disease.

Gossip- 9
I’m the worst. Thing is, I do live by a code of gossip. If someone specifically tells me to not tell anyone, I will abide. However, if you tell me some shit and don’t clarify that, you may as well put it on gawker cause I’m telling EVERYONE. Assuming it’s juicy and/or funny, that is.

Superficial with women- in terms of who I would have sex with? 8
In terms of just hanging and being a normal human being? 2
I’m not a guy who will fuck anyone. I have standards and personal taste. I think it would be weird to not be superficial about who you’re attracted to on some level. It’s not like i meet a girl who I’m 100% not attracted to and then, over time, I decide I am attracted to her cause she’s so cool. I’d simply be friends with that girl instead. Attraction to people can grow and diminish over time but it never comes from nowhere. At least, not with me.

12 thoughts on “Answers For Questions Vol. 248

  1. Yo yo yo. What do you think about the whole “LA beat scene” that artists like samiyam,flying lotus and gaslamp killer have sort of created?

  2. I was supposed to do something important and I found myself scrolling through all the marry/fuck/kill posts…!! Great job man, you got me hooked!! 😀 I will now request you do Shelley, Donna & Audrey from Twin Peaks. Pretty please ❤ -Romy

  3. Thoughts on this?:

    I knew Ghost wasn’t going to respond well to Bronson’s comments, but, to me, this is embarrassing. It reminds me of when Ice-T got mad at Souljah Boy.

  4. Blockhead Vs. Nature. You’re invited to play some big festival in South America, but on your way, the plane goes down in the deep Amazon. You are the lone survivor of the crash, and regain consciousness to find yourself surrounded by a large group of “Uncontacted Peoples”, who have no knowledge of modern society. What happens next?

  5. Have you noticed a recent upsurge in women applying full-on makeup while on the subway? I’m talking blush, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrows, etc. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’ve noticed a ton of this on the metro in my city lately….so weird!

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