Answers for questions Vol. 249

Hello there and welcome to another edition of “Answers for Questions”. You ask it, i answer it. Why? Cause why not?
if you’d like to be a great human being and participate, jump on in. Send me questions to or leave them in the comment section below. Have fun with it. Get weird.
Okay, here’s this weeks batch.

assuming you had to be shrunken and live in a little submarine (which can have all the comforts of home) inside someone who would you choose and why? What would be the biggest problems for you? whats the best place inside a person to live?

I would preferably chose to live in someone healthy. I’d imagine living in someone who is sick all the time or who has terrible habits (drugs, eating like shit) would result in my day to day being more of a struggle. So, maybe I’d choose a tibetan monk. Someone who lives a simple , healthy life. That way, if i feel like heading down towards the stomach I don’t have to deal with the backlash of them just eating wings and drinking 8 beers. That would probably feel like a hurricane.
As far as the best place to live, I’m assuming I’m alone in there so it doesn’t really matter. I mean, I guess living by the eyes would make sense so at least I’d have something to look out of. Otherwise, I’m just looking at blood and innards all day. I just feel like the further north you live in the human body, the better. The stomach and asshole area can’t be that pleasant.

did you ever go to Scribble Jam?

Yes i did! I believe I went in 2000 or 2001. For those who don’t know, Scribble Jam was a small hip hop festival that took place in Cincinatti. Mr Dibbs was one of the Organizers along with Kevin Beachem (I believe).
The one year I went, I drove up with some atom’s Family dudes (Alaska, Wind N’ Breeze ) as well as Despot. In fact, He and I shared a hotel room.
We got to the grounds and it was like 100 degrees outside. I’m not sure what happened but I stepped out the car and basically fainted. Maybe I hadn’t been hydrating. So, that whole day I was kinda fucked up. I just stayed in the shade , trying not to pass out again. It kinda sucked cause I was all amped to get drunk and party with all the rap people I had been connected with via the internet for years. The next day, I felt a little better and was able to be outside. I watched the battle. I believe Maclethal won. Some Def Jux people were there. Slug was too. I don’t really remember many details from it but it was fun.
When I got home, I still felt odd and it turned out I had a relapse of Mono. I didn’t even know that was possible but that’s what the doctor told me.

This is a curious question that I wonder about for ALL guys in general, so I might as well ask you:

When you’re in public, do you ever see girls who you think look like your favorite pornstars? Also, do you have any female friends who remind you of someone you watch in porn?

Hmm…I mean, I may see a girl who reminds me of a porn star I seen but it’s never like “OH MY GOD!”. it should also be noted that, no matter how fond of a porn star I am, there’s a very low ceiling to my excitement level when seeing a girl who kinda reminds me of her.
With friends, it’s even less. Every now and then I’ll see a porn star that vaguely reminds me of a friend but that’s about it. Depending on my relationship with that female friend, I may skip her altogether or enjoy the scene extra due to the similarities. You never know!

Yo! What’s up Tony? Long time reader first time asking but, I’m curious about how a relatively recent tour stop in Kiev went for you. Was it as bad as media coverage makes it out to be? Did anybody mention anything about what was going?

Kiev was actually totally cool. Everyone was really nice and it definitely didn’t look like a place where there was a major uprising recently. I actually stayed right by where the major protests happened and it was completely clean and peaceful.
I asked a few people about it and no one seemed to rattled by it. Maybe they were trying to make it seem better than it was but, I dunno…If i didn’t know what was going on there a year earlier, I would have never guessed it had happened, based on how it looked when I was there.

Which sandwiches don’t work well with mayo?
Ice cream sandwiches.
Chicken parm hero’s
Prosciutto based italian sandwiches
Muffaletta sandwiches
I’m sure there are more but that’s all that come mind.
In general, mayo is the fucking best when added to a sandwich.

If you had the opportunity to time travel and prevent a major and horrific tragedy (say one 1950 or prior) or event from occurring, would you? If time travel becomes possible, would we be morally obligated to help out the people of past, or do you think once an event occurs we’re under no obligation to change it, even if we can?

I suppose killing hitler is the easy answer here but I don’t know if i could realistically kill a person. I’m iffy about the whole concept cause of the ripple effect. Sure, it could make things better but it could also cause all sort of other bullshit to spring off. On a selfish level, it could somehow result in me not being born. After all, my dad was in WWII and if that changed, I might not be around. I’m not a person who messes with things like that. I’m not a “rock the boat” type. I’d rather just mind my own business.
i think, if the technology existed and we started try to fix every bad thing that happened, it would become mayhem. We’d eventually be trying to fix everything. Peoples personal agendas would pop up and all of a sudden our whole history would be haywire and , most likely, the things we’d be fixing would be based on the whims of rich people. After all, who controls this sort of thing? The government? Yeah right.
The whole concept of going back in time to fix things is good on paper but, in reality, it would be a shit show of epic proportions.
Sometimes we just have to live with tragedies and mistakes. Sure, going back in time to tell people to not get on a plane that will crash is one thing but stuff on a larger , global scale? It’s just not that simple.

7 thoughts on “Answers for questions Vol. 249

  1. Hey, you mentioned recently that you’re single again. I’m wondering what your thoughts are on jumping back into the dating pool? Also, might we see a new segment dedicated to that experience?

  2. For the sandwich question, I agree with all of those except for no mayo on the “Prosciutto based italian sandwiches.” It sounds like that’d be good…no? Maybe I don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • It’s not really typical. Most real italian sandwiches have a vinaigrette on them and mayo is frowned upon. Mayo could potentially taste okay with proscuitto or salami but , i dunno…doesn’t seem right. It would be like putting mayo on a hot dog.

    • Pollyne and I had a successful booty call relationship for years but that was a long long time ago. That ship has sailed. Now we’re simply good friends. We have the chemistry of friends.

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