Some Soundcloud loosies

So, I’ve been working on music lately but nothing that will be put anytime soon.  Every now and then, I like to throw some random shit up on soundcloud. You know, just to remind you guys that I’m still a breathing being. Over the last few months, I’ve put up a remix, a joke trap song and two old beats I made over a decade ago that I always liked but never did anything with. This post is just a means of me putting them all in one place (outside of soundcloud).

Peep dat…

If you like those old tracks, here’s a link to 15 installments of throwaway tracks I enver used, all made between 95-2004. Free beats, yo!

Also, I threw in a radio show I did where my Buddies Jer (Sir Jarlsberg) and Shannon (from the band Activator) played music and talked shit. The music ranges from stuff we like to an overview of my former group with jer Party Fun action committee to just a bunch of truly offensive songs you probably wouldn’t hear anywhere else. Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Some Soundcloud loosies

    • I’ve only skimmed it once. haven’t gotten around to giving it a proper listen. From the skim, I got the feeling that it was good but , ultimately, not something I was too interested in. Don’t care about most of the guests. It’s well produced for sure but the style of half of the beats was not really my flavor. i dunno. I gotta actually sit with it before I make my mind up.

      • I initially felt the same but it’s grown on me after a few listens… the whole thing isn’t great but there is some good stuff on there. You’re right about the guests though, especially the new dudes… lyrically the album is subpar for sure…

  1. Peep this from approx 1997

    Dope original to sample from…

    How do you end up sampling from this classic French singer? Random digging? Someone put you onto it? Other?


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