Answers for Questions vol. 252

Hi there everyone.
Before I start, I just wanted to say that I was lucky enough to catch the screening of the Stretch and Bobbito documentary last night in central park. It was awesome and I highly recommend it to any rap nerd out there. I think it will be on netflix and other such places in the near future. Support that shit.
Welcome to another edition of answers for questions. You ask it, I answer it.
If you’d like to ask me stuff, DO IT! Email questions to me at OR leave them in the comment section below. Be creative. Get weird. It helps.
Let’s peep this weeks batch…

Hey Block,

I read that Despot has been to jail, got shot and killed someone. Is that true or just someone messing about on wikipedia?

Also, does the release of House Made of Bricks mean that his album is finally on the way?

Pretty sure he’s never been shot and pretty sure he’s never killed anyone. The Jail thing is possible but, if it happened, I don’t remember it. Sounds like some internet tomfoolery. As for his album, i would think the new video is a good sign but with Despot, you never know. He’s truly gonna just do it when he feels like it. He’s a pretty busy dude in general so , you know, putting out an album isn’t super high on his to-do list. He’s got people to shoot and kill and jail time to serve.
ALso, he’s been clearly spending lot of time working out cause dude is kinda ripped nowadays.

Blockhead Vs. Nature. You’re invited to play some big festival in South America, but on your way, the plane goes down in the deep Amazon. You are the lone survivor of the crash, and regain consciousness to find yourself surrounded by a large group of “Uncontacted Peoples”, who have no knowledge of modern society. What happens next?
I’m assuming the would either murder me on sight or make me their leader. Isn’t that how it works? First off, I’d probably be a giant compared to them , as those lost societies tend to be full of inbreeding and south americans aren’t typically large people to start with. I wouldn’t be shocked it they brutally stabbed me to death with whatever weird cave man ass spears they made and then ate me. But, perhaps, they’re a gentle and kind people. They’d take me in, feed me, nurse me back to wellness with their ancient herbs. Then, when I was 100% , I’d kill and eat them. You know, these kinda things are all a coin toss, right?

Hey, you mentioned recently that you’re single again. I’m wondering what your thoughts are on jumping back into the dating pool? Also, might we see a new segment dedicated to that experience?

I definitely don’t see a segment dedicated to my dating experience. Simply out of respect for my ex and whoever I would be talking about. It would be a lot of fun to write about (especially tinder cause that shit is soooooo dumb) but I don’t really wanna air all my personal shit out like that.
As for jumping into the dating pool, I honestly haven’t really done it yet. I don’t know if “dating” is something I ever did. I was more and “hang around and see what happens” kinda guy. Like proper dates? I’m not opposed to them but they’re also nerve wracking and can be the worst.
Being single is bugged out for sure though. It’s fun and very free but also unpredictable. I’ve used this metaphor before a ton in real life (and maybe on this blog already) but, being single for the first time in 7-8 years is kinda like being released from prison after a 20 year bid. I don’t mean that in the sense that “relationships are prison!” kinda way. I mean, it’s been so long, the landscape of dating has changed. Not only am I waaaaay older than i was before but now internet dating is huge and meeting online in the norm. I’m walking out of jail in the same clothes I went into jail in , looking at how the city has changed like “whoa…what the fuck? There’s a starbucks there now?!?!”. I feel like I kinda used to know how to traverse these waters but it’s not the same anymore. The attention span has lessened. If you’re talking to a girl, it’s going fine, then all of sudden, the communication stops. I mean, that shit has happened forever but, nowadays, it seems to happen before you even hang out with them. I’m sure it works both ways too.
But yeah, I’m single, old, pale , I travel all the time and I’m fairly emotionally unavailable. Anyone wanna make out?

Have you noticed a recent upsurge in women applying full-on makeup while on the subway? I’m talking blush, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrows, etc. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’ve noticed a ton of this on the metro in my city lately….so weird!

I have not noticed this. I mean, I’ve seen it over the course of my life but never enough to feel any certain way about it. I also don’t really ride the train during the morning rush hour so I’d guess that’s a factor in this as well. People rushing to work and cutting their time by doing their make up on the train. Regardless, it’s way better than the animals who eat Mcdonalds on the train. That’s for sure.

I’ve been a big Jedi mind tricks fan for a while and obviously Vinnie Paz is incredibly talented. I am also very open minded and believe people should be free to be homosexual, trans, etc. obviously he is against these lifestyles and mentions it frequently in his music. Vinnie has the right to say what he wants to say and it won’t stop me from listening to his music, but it does bother me. What are your views on this?

To me, if a rapper is a good rapper, his content doesn’t really matter to me. I disagree with tons of shit rappers say but it doesn’t make me dislike their music. It just lets me know that, if I knew them as real people, we’d probably not be friends. That said, if a rapper is obsessively rapping about that stuff, it can be too much. Like, if Vinnie Paz (Who I’m not really a fan of, btw) made an entire song about why he hates gay people, that’s fucking ridiculous and I could easily see how that would make a person wanna stop listening to him. But if it’s just cause he says “faggot” here and there? That’s different. I could see and understand why that might turn a person away from his music but, personally, it wouldn’t really phase me (if i were a fan of his music, I mean). I realize it’s hugely different but I’m not a proponent of selling drugs or killing people. Still, I listen to tons of rappers who talk about that. I’d argue that killing people is a worse offense than homophobia in real life.
It’s really more about your ability to overlook that kinda stuff and also realize that lots of rap is not real. To me, it’s not hard to see the difference. I’ve loved songs that were about killing white people. It’s just music to me. I can generally appreciate it without relating to it. ESPECIALLY rap music.

Im curious to know how your podcast partner in crime is doing with her new life in LA? Loves it? Hates it?

Spoke to Pollyne yesterday. She’s doing well. She definitely loves it. The one thing she’s said is she wishes she could replace all the people in it with NYC people and it would be perfect. I know what she means.
But, yeah, things are going well for her out there.

What’s your favorite type of salad?
I tend to like a simple salad with a good balsamic vinaigrette. Cucumbers, tomatoes, avocado. Nothing too extra. My mom makes the best salad dressing ever so I grew up loving that shit.
Lately, I’ve found this spot that makes an amazing greek salad. Which is odd cause I’ve never liked greek salad in my life but the veggies are so fresh and the dressing is perfect. Also, they have this barrel aged feta that doesn’t even really taste like feta. Snack Taverna on Bedford st in Manhattan. Look into it!

8 thoughts on “Answers for Questions vol. 252

  1. Greek salads suck. Only because of the stupid seeds in the olives. Who the hell in there right mind wants to spit out stupid seeds while they’re ttying to eat?!

  2. Why on god’s green earth would anyone want to eat feta cheese “that doesn’t even really taste like feta”? Thats like saying, “oh this hairgel is great, its not even like hairgel at all, its more like mousse”. FOH just buy mousse then

    • I don’t like how feta tastes normally. I like strong cheese but most feta just tastes like how feet smell to me. This feta is creamier and less bitter. I think it’s just a type of feta. Dunno why that bought you to going on a mousse rant though.

      • Self proclaimed greek salad connoisseur here.
        Feta isn’t supposed to taste bitter. Sour, salty, yes, but bitter cheese is not feta.
        Also, (to reply to the comment above) olives usually taste better with the seed but de-seeded ones are more convenient, so there’s a taste/effort tradeoff here. Also, black olives>green olives imo (no offence to any olive group).

  3. What’s the story behind all this “The Fat Jew steals jokes” noise that is trending online? I just noticed several comedians on twitter tearing into him. Then I remembered the only time I ever heard of the guy before now was on your blog.

  4. With all of the production you’ve done so far, could you live comfortably off of just your royalties? If not in NYC, how about in middle America?

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