Answers for Questions vol. 253

What up. Welcome to another edition of “Answers for Questions”. You guys send me questions and I answer them. I can always use more so don’t be shy. Send me questions! or leave them in the comment section below. Be weird. Be creative. Don’t ask me about music equipment. I don’t know shit about that.
Anyway let’s see what we got this week…

Say you can have your ideal life (socially, sexually, financially); basically, you can choose whatever course your life will take. However, instead of being a man, you’ll be a heterosexual woman. You won’t remember your life as a male, and you will possess all of the normal urges of a heterosexual woman. Do you do it?

My guess is that most men will say no, and most women will say yes. Based on people I’ve asked that’s definitely been the case. I say fuckit, I’ll do it!

I think what sells me on this is the “ideal life” angle. You’re saying that I could have a absolute happiness as woman? It wouldn’t make sense to turn that down. Sure, being a woman would be a lot rougher than being a man but, like you said, I’d have no memory of being a man so that wouldn’t even come into play. Pretty obvious choice, if you ask me.

How computer saavy is your mom?
Not at all. She knows how to play solitaire and send emails. Outside of that, I’d say she’s pretty limited. My mom isn’t exactly young though so you gotta cut her a break. If I could just get her into texting, it would be a game changer but I don’t see that happening ever. It should also be noted that she’s savvy enough to read this blog so, Hi mom!

I’m sure you’ve been to your fair share of weddings. Which wedding tradition do you think is the wackest? (e.g. white dress, bouquet toss, etc.)
I hate weddings in general. I’m not a fan of that type of tradition as it’s all a bunch of made up bullshit to me. In a perfect world, a wedding would be two people in a room signing marriage documents, then a party afterwards with their friends. No first dance, No vows, No biblical readings. None of that shit.

Food, drinks, a few words said by people close to the couple and partying. That’s all it should be. Cause, if you think about it, while a wedding is a celebration of a union, it’s only really important to a handful of people. The couple, the parents , maybe some very close friends. The rest of the people there don’t ACTUALLY really give a shit. Don’t get me wrong, they’re happy for you but you getting married doesn’t really matter to anyone but you. It’s kinda like how I look at other peoples birthdays “Congrats but, also, who gives a shit? Now, let’s party”.

Downtown science is my favourite Blockhead album. I’m also a big fan of Moondog’s music and Tony Schwartz’s media works. I guess I love New York City even though I’ve never been there.

I said this because I was listening to Moondog’s “Manhattan Music Vol.1″ and I think you sampled some parts from that album on Downtown Science or Uncle Tony’s Col…

The question is: did you ever met Moondog? Thoughts on Tony Schwartz’s work? What was your idea for the voice samples on Downtown Science? Or did they just sound good?

This is where I let you down and tell you I have no idea who you’re talking about. It’s very possible I sampled him. I’ve sampled thousands of things. But I never paid close attention to the sources. ESPECIALLY back when I was making “Downtown Science”. I would literally have a stack of records and blaze through them, often not even looking at the cover.
As for the voice samples on Downtown Science (I’m assuming you mean the sped up talking parts), the album was an ode to downtown Manhattan. I found a record that had tons of clips talking about the city and wanted to push that feeling through. So, yes, they sounded good but it was more just setting a tone for the album as a whole.

No one can’t deny that Def Jux had a huge influence on underground hip hop in the early 2000s. What album from that label do you consider your favorite or which album do you think had the most impact towards hip hop in that era?

It’s hard to say cause I can’t really judge the ones I was involved with. But, when it’s all said and done, “Cold vein” is the best Jux record ever and had the most impact. Sonically, no other album had sounded like that and it’s merged street raps with nerd rap sensibilities. I would say it kinda stepped on the line that had been drawn in the sand for that whole era of underground rap. Prior to that album, you were a backpacker nerd or you were a thug rap fan. That album was the first of that generation to bridge the gap. Also, it holds up still to this day, which you can’t say for a lot of rap from that era.

Being newly single after a long term relationship, What is the best part and worst part so far?
Hmmm…it’s hard to say cause , while it’s been a month or so, my life hasn’t fully slipped into “I’m a single guy!” mode. Mostly cause there are still some logistical loose ends that need tying up that are out of both my ex and my control.
That said, the best part is the freedom. I can literally do anything I want whenever I want to. My ex wasn’t needy or controlling at all so it’s not like that was a problem in the past but there is something great about not having to ever check in. If I get a call on a wednesday at 11:30 at night to go out, I can do that with no guilt or worries. I enjoy the ability to be able to just get up and go. Basically, having my own life schedule. Again, this wasn’t thwarted in the past by my ex but when you live with someone you have to take that kinda thing into consideration at all times.
The worst part? I think it’s too early to tell. The only thing I can think of is the social aspect of a break up where you both have the same friends but even that hasn’t been that bad. It also is the type of thing that generally will get better as time passes.

Actually, you know what the worst part is? My focus. I’ve been all over the place the last month cause it’s like , socially, it’s a free for all. When in a relationship, you have structure and the desire to be out and about is muffled. So, I think I haven’t been thinking much about music the last month or so and I probably should try and regain a little focus on that. It is my job, after all.

If you were on an island with no food and the corpses of your mother and your father, wich one would you eat first and why? Would you start by a particular body part?
Jesus, that’s an awful question.
Well, I’d eat my mom cause my dad has been dead for almost 20 years. He was cremated so suppose I could make an ovaltine like drink out of him but, still, that’s not much food.
I doubt I’d be too selective about what body part to eat first. I mean, arms and legs? Those seems to be the obvious choices.
Again, fuck you for this horrific question.

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  1. Do you ever venture into the realms of hard techno and drum and bass simply because of the dance factor? I remember you saying that you don’t listen to instrumental often but everyone needs a good hard dance sometimes

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