Yay or Nay: Junglepussy

You know, I’ll admit it. i don’t love a ton of Female rappers. This isn’t to say there haven’t been a bunch of very good ones, I just have rarely been drawn to them beyond a song or two. I feel as though this is fairly common amongst many male rap fans. Not sure why it is. Cause, undoubtedly, there are and have been some really talented female mc’s. I clearly remember the first time I heard MC Lyte’s “Eye on this” album and loving it. Or Fugees Era Lauryn Hill. What about Trina? Her content may not be up your alley but she made some dope shit. More recently (meaning the last 15 years) Jean Grae has done a lot of good work. Hell, I may not love her music much but Nicki Minaj can undeniably rap her ass off. I’m listing all these ladies not in a “See! I like girl rappers!” kinda way but more to show the variety that can be found within the genre (is it even a genre?). As much as she was a blueprint for many female rappers, not all of them are Lil’ Kim knock offs. And even some of those knock offs were not bad. But all that said, this is the first female “Yay or Nay” ever so it must be something.

So, I’m probably late to the game but today I discovered JunglePussy. She’s been around for years and the name is definitely familiar. I probably never checked her cause I assumed it was some kinda club/dance/hipster rap that i assumed I wouldn’t care about. Well, turns out I was mistaken. JunglePussy is interesting. She’s funny. She’s contradictory in a great way. She’s also pretty hot but that’s neither hear nor there. She seems to have found a happy medium between the current type of “hot shit”, someone who spits #barz and having a very specific voice of her own. She’s kinda dirty. Topically, i feel as though she might lose some of you more picky, uptight types. But, I’m a believer in “it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it”, when it comes to rap. And I like how she says things.
Now, I won’t lie, I don’t love some of her production but I’m also a dinosaur so it’s not really made for me. I’m curious what you guys think.

What do you think? (you can pick more than one)

If you’re feeling her, i think you should check her new album on Vice Records

15 thoughts on “Yay or Nay: Junglepussy

  1. “She’s also pretty hot but that’s neither here nor there”

    Are you sure? Do you think you’d still be into her style if you weren’t attracted to her? Genuinely curious to know, not just trying to be a contrarian.

    • I think I would. The real question is would I have stuck it out to find out if she looked like Bahamadia? I dunno. Watching the vids helped be realize she might be kinda dope.

  2. This lady is yayish. She got energy can shine with proper support and production.

    Additionaly, do not claim yourself dinosaur If you can admire Nicki. I am 26 and cant stand her existence. She is as real N glamorous as donald trumps hair.

  3. (Based on the videos you posted) I think I feel the same about JunglePussy as I do someone like Drake; which is to say, I recognize that when they want to they can rap their ass off, but I don’t personally care for their music.

    She definitely has a great voice, though, and the kind of confidence you definitely want to see from an emcee.

  4. “It’s not what you say but how you say it”…. reminds me of one of my favorite Sean P. lines….

    “Abdul jabar, Mugsy Malone you/I don’t know what that means but you know what I mean when I told you”

  5. This girl is winning on her name alone. Sort of slightly related… you mentioned a while back that you like some drake stuff. Dude has always turned me off but I’ve heard enough of his music from passing by cars, in bars etc to realize that perhaps I should actually give dude a chance… for a dude who’s your age, grew up on the same tunes in nyc and such, do you have any recommendations on where one should start? Thanks alot!

  6. I’m sure you have heard of:

    Dessa (an MC in Doomtree) and Boog Brown.

    If you haven’t may I suggest:

    Dessa – False Hopes, A Badly Broken Code, Castor the Twin, Parts of Speech

    Boog Brown – Brown Study (produced by Apollo Brown), The Late Bloom

  7. Bahamadia was/is the only female rapper I could stand..that’s tolerate, not as in listen to. Great female rappers are like rainbow unicorns: they don’t exist.

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