Answers for questions vol. 254

Hi there and welcome to this weeks “Answers for questions”. I was in Miami this past weekend, chilling and shit. I got a mild sun burn and a revitalized appreciation for latina women of all kinds. So, you go Miami.
Anyway, this is Answers for Questions. You ask, i answer. Simple stuff. I noticed my question queue is running a little thin so…ASK ME STUFF!!!!! I need it. Anything. This weeks questions are actually a really good example of the type of stuff I’m talking about. Get weird. Think outside the box. Send questions to: or leave them in the comment section below. Feel free to ask multiple questions if you feel inspired.
Okay, let’s get into this…

Let’s say you woke up one day in a world suddenly where large animals other then humans were now the size of insects. Lions and tigers and giraffes and bears were now miniature but they’re fucking every where and they’re major pests. Dogs and regular cats were the same size though. And at the same time insects of all types were the size of lions and tigers and shit. Again, this all happens over night. Would you dare to venture outside? Would you stay in and watch the news? What would you do and how would you react.
Well, if that were to happen, my walls would burst open and I’d be running for my life. I live in NYC. There’s insects all over the place. The ants and roaches alone would fill my apartment and murder me before I had a chance to even wake up. The fucking fruit flies who show up every how and then would be like vultures circling my garbage can. So, really, no matter what I did, I’d be screwed. It’s not like I live in the Serengeti and I’d be rejoicing cause all the lions that want to ill me are now tiny. My home would be the new Serengeti. I’d also point out that , the world would probably end within a week of that happening. aside from most insects basically being like prehistoric monsters , if they were huge, imagine the blow to the food cycle. No more cow, lamb or chicken. No more milk. Nothing. Vegans rejoice! You’d be dead too though.

Yo Block, I have a few friends that are cyclists and I occasionally join them on rides that aren’t too bad. The other day we did a 25 mile trek, and after the ride my buddy was complaining about penile numbness. Apparently this is not uncommon among cyclists. You figure a lot of pressure is placed on your undercarriage; nerves get compressed/pinched, etc. He said it usually goes away after a few days, and that he can still get a boner/bust a nut if he tries hard enough, but he equated it to having a super thick condom on. My question is this: would you rather A) suffer the same ordeal for the rest of your life, but sleep with only the hottest women in the world, or B) have full sensation in your penis, but be forced into fucking ugly women?

Oooof…I think I’d have to go with option A cause I’m not really into having sex with people I’m not attracted to. I’m sure that would cause all sorts of erectile dysfunction issues but I’ve never been one of those “get laid to get laid!” kinda guys. So, quality over quantity for sure.

Let’s say Donald Trump gets elected president. Predict in some detail the possibilities of what kind of world we would have to look forward to.

Well, I think our country would collapse within the first year. There would be riots. There would be murder attempts. It could really go one of two ways: Idiocracy or Mad Max. I actually thing the “Idiocracy” direction is inevitable , no matter who becomes president, but Trump would speed the process ten fold. We’d have a gold white house, ethnic cleansing and hookers would be legal. Woman’s rights would be fucked. We’d probably file for bankruptcy within months. No other country would ever wanna talk to us HOWEVER, I bet our relationship with wealthy oil baron scum bags from other countries would never be better.
I understand people are freaking out about this prospect but, let’s be real, he will never win the presidency. The same way these tea party morons were the big thing last time Trump supporters are not a threat. Well, they are, in the sense that they exist and are so dumb they’d vote for Trump but still…If it came down to a nationwide vote, NO WAY he is winning. We’re dumb , but not THAT dumb. This isn’t wrestling.
Any democrat should pray he gets the nomination cause then it’s a guaranteed win for them in the election. I bet a ton of republicans would even go democrat if he was their candidate. The election would be fucking entertaining though. Trump verse Bernie? The best.

What were the biggest challenges and benefits of releasing ‘Bells & Whistles’ on your own instead of through a label? Moving forward, is this the new business model?
The biggest challenge was paying for everything. I had never had to do that before. As an artist on a label, you don’t think of all the expenses cause all that stuff is covered and accounted for. Paying for the pressing, the mastering, the mixing, the press, the art work etc…Granted, there are cheaper ways to do all these things and I went the way I did cause I wanted it to be right but still…it’s not cheap to put out an album. It’s also not THAT expensive, on larger scale so when you see an artist asking for money to put out their album on kickstarter, know that $50,000 is a silly amount to ask for. You can make a good records for under $5000. Easily. Just saying.
Moving forward, I dunno. I didn’t put it out myself cause I wanted to. I did it cause it was the best option. If a label wants to put my shit out, I will do that (assuming it’s a good, trust worthy situation). I don’t think i really have any of that set it stone. Whatever is best for the record.

Have you encountered the phenomenon of actresses on Instagram having ugly dogs and never shutting up about how cute the dogs is? What is up with that?

I think that phenomenon is not just on instagram. It’s life, bro. People and their fucking dogs. People and their fucking cats. People and their fucking babies. There’s just something about ownership of a smaller life form that makes people lose their mind. Sure, all those things can be cute. Without question. And loving them is obviously fine (except cats, they don’t deserve real love). The need to constantly put them on display for a bunch of people who don’t actually care, though? I don’t get it. I mean, I get it…but I think it’s pathetic. And that rhymed!

Are you going to see Straight Outta Compton?
I actually saw it. I went against everything I had believed in and saw it in the theater. I was planning on it being a cable movie and , honestly, i probably should have stuck to that plan. I had just heard such overwhelming response to it I couldn’t deny it anymore.
Here’s the thing about that movie. It’s decent. It’s like 50%-60% good. That other 40%? Lifetime movie garbage. I thought the acting was good. I was impressed with a few scenes where they really went in and showed how fucked up things were. On the flip side, the dude that directed it is terrible. Had anyone with an even remotely stylized vision handled it, it would have been twice as good. All the emotional scenes were handled like a soap opera. They could have had actual power in the hands of another film maker.
There’s also the aspect of the movie being made by Dr. Dre and Ice Cube. Those two come out looking like fucking genius saints. At no point do either of them seem in the wrong about anything and that’s the problem when you let the people the movie is about, make the movie.
On a positive note, I thought Yella was the best thing in the movie. The dude who played Eazy really did a good job of getting his electric personality across. Suge was pretty perfect. There are a few amazing scenes and I don’t doubt it will be highly re-watchable (the last 30 minutes, not so much). It’s tough for me cause i know the story and there were definitely details I wanted to see more of and other aspects they covered heavily that I didn’t give a shit about. So, I’m gonna be a little biased. Two fucking scenes on “Efil4zaggin”? Come on…I’d give it a soft 6 out of 10.

8 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 254

  1. If you were given the opportunity to produce your ideal album, using any samples for free and having any and all guestspots of your choosing, BUT you have to be the predominant rapper on every track, would you do it?

  2. I think even 6/10 is giving too much credit. The second album was givin 2 fucking scenes… Ren and yella had like 12 lines total. No eazy vs dre… And they had eazy looking broke at the end selling weed… FOH

  3. “(except cats, they don’t deserve real love)”

    The probability of you finding your dream girl who also happens to own one..maybe two…maybe even THREE cats seems ultra high in my opinion. Muahahahhaha.

  4. (possibly lame) multiples…

    Who would you rather be stuck in an elevator with, Miley or Kanye?

    What do you think is grosser, ear wax or belly button lint?

    Do you floss regularly?

    In your whole life, have you ever been on a farm?

    Did you go to many amusement parks growing up? Ever been to a water park?

    What do you think is the best part of a boob – side, under or top?

    When you were in Miami did you go to the beach at all? If so, did you feel self-conscious about the paleness of your bod?

  5. Where you there the night referenced by aesop rock on “Tv On 10″? That shit’s crazy. The closest experience i have to that is my wife telling me her dad died that night suddenly. We were thirty-ish. I can’t imagine at 18. ” holey fucking shit”

  6. You’re a very good writer. Did you become a good writer by reading a lot? Or would you say it all just comes naturally to you?

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