Answers for questions vol. 255

Happy post labor day! I hope you spent it being as lazy as I did. Welcome to another edition of “Answers for Questions”. You ask, so I answer. This weeks batch is randomly highly sexual. Dunno why but this is the order in which I received the questions. I guess you guys were horny that week you sent me these. That’s fine and all but, just know, I take all sorts of questions. If you’d like to submit, you totally should. I always need new questions! email them to me at or leave them in the comment section below. Have fun with it. get creative. Okay, let’s see what on your dirty minds this week…

Which 5 cities in the U.S. do you think would have the best tinders?
My guess would be the ones with the hottest girls and the most non-religious “waiting for marriage” types AKA the lowest morals.
NYC, L.A. , Miami, San diego and probably Austin. I bet San francisco , Atlanta and Portland are fun too.
Granted, I have only used tinder in two on these places but that would be my guess.

Have you ever played music during sex? What do you typically play? Some Barry White? Would that be the only time you would consider playing some instrumental hip hop?
I’ve never been into playing music during sex. It doesn’t bother me but I don’t exactly seek it out. Sometimes it can be a distraction. I think my mind is too critical and , if I hear certain music, I can’t help but start taking it apart in my head. Like, I recall, when I was younger, I put music on here and there and I’d find my self paying attention to it too much. Like if a wack song came on, I’d have the urge to change it, instead of just ignore it fuck right through it.
I recall going through a brief phase of trying to play music during sex but I was also a rap nerd at that age and the music I liked didn’t work for sex. No one is trying to fuck to rare b-sides by obscure NYC rappers. I even recall putting on “Back dat ass up” once just to see how it played during sex. Well, I can tell you, it makes sex very silly for about 4 minutes.
honestly, I prefer the sounds of humans but that also leads into this next question…

Why do you think women moan much more than men during sex?

That’s an interesting question with, most likely, many different answers.
The optimist in me would say it’s cause they’re generally more expressive and in touch with their bodies so they can’t control that kinda thing like we , as men can. I mean, let’s be honest, gun to my head, I could have a silent orgasm no problem. The pessimist in me would say it’s cause they’ve been groomed to “make sexy noises” by society and it’s expected of them. Porn hasn’t helped this either, obviously.
I prefer to think it’s somewhere in between there. I think SOME girls actually make authentic noises while other definitely put on a show. I also would add that I think the use of moans or even screams are their way of telling you “Yes, that’s it…keep going” without actually having to say it. Like, I know when I’m getting head, I will use not verbal vocal cues to let the girl know she’s heading in the right direction. It would make perfect sense that girls do the same, especially with sex where a guy could just be completely doing it wrong.
I’d also add that real men moan. Like MACGRUBER

Out of all the women you’ve ever slept with, has any woman’s sex noises turned you off and made you less attractive to her.

I guess this is a continuation of the last one.
I can’t say a girl has ever made a noise that turned me off. I’m speaking of a literal sound so jarring that it make me stop and question my life choice. Like a guttural scream or all of a sudden she has barry whites voice. That hasn’t happened. But, what has happened, is when they’re clearly playing it up like a porn star. Sometimes it’s hard to tell but, when it’s obvious, it’s totally a turn off. I recall, in particular, this one girl I hooked up with when I was about 30. She was way younger than me and I already felt kinda weird about it. But, when we got down to business, she was just all bullshit moans and over acting. It definitely turned me off to it all. At no point during sex do I wanna start thinking about how the person I’m currently penetrating grew up watching way too much porn and probably isn’t close with her father.

Who are your favorite top 5 NBA players of all time?
Wait, this isn’t a sex question…weird.
Hmm…That’s tough. I have one definitive favorite player ever: Dominique Wilkens and the rest are just dudes I thought were awesome but didn’t care about that much. I’ll always love Latrell Sprewell, Iverson, Sabonis and Lamar Odom. Yup, Lamar Odom. When he was good, he was awesome and I always modeled my own game after his in the sense he’s a guy that isn’t great at anything but he’s good at a lot of things. Or he was, at least. Now he’s good at smoking crack and that’s really unfortunate.

With all of the production you’ve done so far, could you live comfortably off of just your royalties? If not in NYC, how about in middle America?
Off my royalties? Helllllllll no. I don’t make that much off royalties. Definitely not enough to live in NYC. Maybe I could afford a small rental in some podunk town but royalties, to me, are like “extra”. I make most of my money touring. The only way the royalties pay me big money is if I get a song in a commercial or something like that. But that’s not something I can really rely on.

Do you ever venture into the realms of hard techno and drum and bass simply because of the dance factor? I remember you saying that you don’t listen to instrumental often but everyone needs a good hard dance sometimes

I don’t go anywhere near that. First off, I don’t really dance. I mean, if I’m drunk, out with friends and the music is good, maybe I will but it’s not something I seek out. Clubs, in general, are kinda a nightmare for me.
Secondly, i really just don’t enjoy that kinda music. I think it’s boring. I can certainly appreciate some of the production technics to it but it’s just not for me. I don’t even listen to instrumental music that’s sonically up my alley, let alone stuff like techno, trance or drum and bass.

How often do strangers randomly smile at you when you make eye contact? What do you think of it?

Hmm…I don’t really know. When I was younger it happened more but that was part of the game. You’d walk around , looking at girls and see who looks back. It was like the original Tinder. Nowadays, I tend to keep to myself when I walk around so I’m not really looking for random eye contact. It’s inevitable you make it though but catching a smile from someone is super rare. That might by an NYC thing though. I could see people in a small town smiling like creeps at each other all day on some neighborly type shit. I feel like we’re so jaded in NYC that smiling at a stranger could easily be taken the wrong way. We’re more of a “glance and keep it moving” kinda town.

14 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 255

  1. Back to my royalties question. Are you able to break down *how* you make money? You’ve been in the producing game for quite awhile. Especially in an industry that will turn against you (more likely your music) in a heartbeat. I’m assuming that everyone who reads your blog really digs your music. You deserve to have the world listen to you. But….they don’t. So, you’ve stayed relatively consistent for over 15 years making music? Can you break down how you’re getting paid?

    • He already answered your question. He makes the most consistent money on the road doing shows. I’m sure selling merch doesnt hurt either. Asking for a break down is kind of a personal question, no? Are you going to ask for his accountants phone number next?

      • All right, all right. Fine, I’ll ask a better question. (He won’t) If Trump won the presidential election, how fast would he sell the USofA to China? Days? Weeks?

  2. Didn’t write alll, the sex questions, but you’re right, I was probably horny then haha. Or maybe not horny, but sex was on my mind at least.


    What do you predict will be the some of the most copied halloween costumes this year?

  3. How tired are you of people just not accepting that you don’t dig your own style of music? I feel like every episode or two there’s a person trying to maneuver you into the instrumental music scene…

  4. Is there anything wrong with saying “they’re going to get gay married”, or should you just say “they’re going to get married” now in 2015?

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