I remixed “Bitch Better have my Money” by Rihanna

Are you there, Rihanna? It’s me, Blockhead.
So, every now and then, I get a little restless and feel like putting something out. Anything. A great way to quench this thirst is to remix a random song. For me, it’s kinda fun to take popular songs that people either love or hate and put an entirely new spin on them. I did it with “Hot Nigga”, I did it with “CLassic Man”, and now I’m doing it with Rihanna’s “Bitch better have my money”. In the cases of all these songs, I actually like the originals. I’m sure that thought is appalling to some of you anti-pop music avengers but ,hey, a song is a song and just cause it’s made by millionaires doesn’t mean it’s bad. So, here is my version of “Bitch Better have my money”. Hopefully, Rihanna will hear it, fall in love with me and this will all be worth it.
Oh and it’s a free download on my soundcloud page so go nuts.

Side note, I do love doing these remixes. If you got any ideas of a current song that you’d like to hear me remix (one that has an existing acapella) , give me some ideas. I’m always open to try new stuff like this. Leave any ideas (and links to the acapellas if possible) in the comment section. I might make these remixes a regular thing.

Shout out to Sam Woolley for the artwork.

32 thoughts on “I remixed “Bitch Better have my Money” by Rihanna

  1. Future Island – Seasons. I know it’s not exactly new, but i just got into it and i remember you saying how much you liked it. Unless you already did a remix.
    Anyways, please keep remixing!

  2. the breaks thooooo this is tight as fuck!!! just dont get copyright infringement and get your page taken down thatd be lame as fuck.

    i like the bassline in this alot haha. its hella blockhead.

    as for remixes

    remix a fetty wap song hahaha, not trap queen cause oshi holds best remix imo

  3. Dro in the Wind by Trick Daddy. In Those Jeans by Ginuwine. Hit me up and I’ll email you the acapellas. Would love you hear you fuck with ’em!

  4. It’s like over a year old by this point, by All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor might be interesting to do. It’s admittedly one of my favorite guilty pleasure songs

  5. lastly for the fun of it:
    Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean? (Official Acapella – Vocals Only) + DL

    Nicki Minaj – Anaconda (Official Studio Acapella)

  6. Diggin’ this one. Slept on the “Classic Man Remix.” You got a DL link for it?

    As for new remixes… I’d like to hear your take on Miguel’s “Coffee” (but I haven’t yet found a decent acapella). Also something by Best Coast (especially “Jealousy,” but haven’t found any BC acapellas, either)
    How’s about The Weeknd’s “Often” (http://www.mafiastorage.com/7dd46e44792316fb)?

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