I made an “I can’t feel my face” remix for fun


In an effort to both amuse myself and stay sharp, I’ve been dabbling with some remixes of famous pop songs lately. A few weeks ago, it was “Bitch betta have my money” and now, it is The Weeknd’s mega hit “I can’t feel my face”. I can’t stress how fun these remixes are to do. Partially cause it’s just fun to play around with these types of vocals but also cause of the rag eit can bring out of purist music snobs. But ,Seriously. I would do only stuff like this if i had a choice cause I love taking a song and making it something very different.
Anyway, check it out…download it from soundcloud. Tell a friend.

Thanks again to Sam Woolley for the artwork. It’s a good look for me, no?

10 thoughts on “I made an “I can’t feel my face” remix for fun

  1. How do you make your beats?? And where do you find stuff like “colouring book” guitar track and stuff like that? The beats are perhaps the best ones i’ve ever heard on hip hop scene…seriously you’re the MAN

  2. this is incredible. awesome job block!!
    are you not naming it the track the proper name for legal reasons? id imagine youd get a bajillion hits in a day since people are searching for that song all the time

  3. I guess you are looking for recent, well-known pop songs, but I would love to hear what you could do with some of the music by these girls. They put out a great album last year, which is all pretty minimal and full of good samples. These are the only acapellas I can find so far though. I wish there was a studio acapella for River.

    Jay Electronica Cover

    Ibeyi – Oya (Oya Capella).mp3

    Ibeyi – River (Oshun Dub).mp3

    Ibeyi – River (Live KUTX 98.9 Austin SXSW 2015) (Acapella).mp3

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