Answers for questions vol. 261

Well, fall is here. Like a motherfucker. To all you people who live where seasons don’t exist, i salute you but I also say that hoodie weather is the best.
Anyway, this is “Answers for questions”. You send me stuff to answer and I oblige. If you’d like to join in, I’d love you for it. Send questions to or leave the questions in the comment section below. Get creative. Get weird. This week is a good example of someone (one guy in particular) bugging out about questions. Follow this lead.

Hey Blockhead, have you heard of the whole facebook dislike button thing? And they’re marketing it as empathy instead of negativity or something like that.

…please write about this haha.

Yes I have and I’m wringing my hands in excitement for it. I have a feeling it’s not gonna happen cause the backlash has been pretty hard. There’s no fucking way the people at facebook are gonna give people that option and have the balls to say it’s empathy based. Sure, when someone posts about a death of a friend, i’ve always felt weird about “liking” that post and I suppose a “dislike” button would work in that particular instance but…jesus christ. What about the other 95% of the time? I can’t even imagine what my facebook music page with look like it. People are already so free with what huge dickheads they can be, that button would make it open season. Basically, it would turn facebook into youtube comments. Yes, this sounds horrible but there’s something very wild west about it all so I’m down to see what happens.
one thing is for certain, if a “dislike button” emerges, there will be a spike in facebook related death. Murders, suicides, and other. Mark my words. People take this shit VERY seriously.

Do you prefer binge watching TV shows Netflix style or week to week the more traditional way?
I like when netflix drops a whole season cause I can burn through it all at my leisure. It especially great for when I’m on the road and have lots of downtime.
That said, I’m also fine with things being weekly cause it gives me something to look forward to. It makes the show an event.
I mean, let’s be real, I grew up well before DVR or tivo existed so I’m kinda wired to wait for shows. The netflix shit is just extra to me.
That non-precise answer was bought you by me being a libra.

What are your favorite four Times Square walking tours, and what are their themes? (Please limit your answer to FOUR walking tours)

Top of the list
1) “Guy Fieri’s house of horrors”. that’s the one where he personally walks you to all the abandoned store fronts that were once famous bars or restaurants. He takes you inside, falls to the ground weeping as the people on the tour sidle up next to him and take pictures while he sobs uncontrollably. It’s actually quite poignant. When it’s over, he takes your money, fries it and covers it in cheese.
2) “The bums of times square” tour
This is where the tour guide shows you the last remaining homeless people of times square. The tour is pretty much spent looking where they went. It’s kinda like a whale watch in that you’re not guaranteed to see one but the excitement is in it being possible.
3) “McDonalds- a walk through the past and the future”
This tour goes from the oldest to the newest Mcdonalds of the times square area. It’s more about admiring architecture than anything else. Also, every person on the tour is require to speed eat a 20 piece Mcnuggets at every stop.
4)”Where did the whores go?”
This tour is odd in that it’s stationary and takes place where ever there is available seating. The guide is basically an old , lonely hooker lover who complains about how Time square used to be crawling with purchasable pussy but now, look at it!

By what factor was Manhattan more “real” back in “the day?” To what percentage are you “feelin’ it” compared to years ago?
I’d say it 100% has to do with the people, culture, businesses and era. By all those factors it was “realer” back in “the day”.
I’d say I was feeling it about 90& back then. Now, I’m down to like 76%. Still, a pretty high level of feeling it, compared to other places I could live.

How many times have you been haunted by former New Amsterdam Governor Peter “Peg Leg” Stuyvesant in the last year? Is it still cool when it happens, or is it just getting annoying now?
Dude…like all day every day. The other day I was taking a shower and i felt a cold draft. Before could say “Peg leg” there was his floating body, all googley eyed at me while I rubbed some summer breeze body soap into my naked body. Dude needs to chill. It was cool at first, cause he’d pop up when I was just hanging out. We’d watch Married with children Reruns together but now he’s just getting weird.

Was Debbie Harry really your babysitter, or is that an unsubstantiated rumor I just made up and plan to circulate throughout the internet community?
That’s a lie that you just made up but feel free to spread it far and wide.

What’s up with that dub-L demo and how much did you have to do with it
You mean his album “Dub-l’s in town”?
Just some backstory, Dub-l was a member of my old rap group “The Overground”. He later produced most of Aesop’s “Music for earthworms”. At some point, he decided to rap on his own. We were all like “i dunno dude…” but he made this album… “Dub-l’s in town” that was actually pretty amazing. To most people, it would be incredibly offensive and even straight up bad but never has an album captured a man’s personality like that album. It was the most honest thing I’d ever heard. To be truthful, it’s a fairly despicable album but , if you know him, it’s s spot on that it’s hard not to appreciate it. It’s mad funny and a perfect character study. At the time, Dub-l was a coked out drunk womanizer with no shame at all. I mean, it was actually quite fascinating. But he made an album ABOUT THAT. Not only that, he was a hip hop producer so he knew some famous people. The album featured Professor X of the X-clan and Jemini the Gifted one. IT’s truly insane and available on I-tunes.
As for my involvement, I didn’t do anything on it , beatwise. I sang on a hook a little and dropped a verse on one song that wasn’t on that album. Jer (of party fun action committee) is all over it though. For a taste of what the album was listen to this or this and , most importantly THIS

Maybe this is a horribly uninformed question: how do you refer to yourself as a musician? Hip hop producer is your Wikipedia description.

I wonder what you think of the distinction between terms like “DJ” and “electronic musician” etc. One of my friends referred to Richard James as a composer, so I was thinking about that (I don’t disagree).

It’s funny cause I hesitate to call myself a musician cause I don’t play instruments. At the same time, I do create original content so I’m not just a producer. If it was socially acceptable and not completely pretentious to call myself “A musical collage artist”, I’d go with that but, you know, that’s fucking awful.
I’m not a DJ at all so I try and never refer to myself as that. Only time I fall back on that is when I’m on a plane trying to explain what I do to the chatty senior citizen I’m sitting next to, who feels the need to talk to me the entire flight. For some reason “DJ” translates better to old people than “Producer”.
So, really, there are many titles i could go by. Hip hop producer. Electronic musician. Guy who makes music on a computer. It’s all the same to me. The only people who give a shit about that kinda stuff are record labels , journalists and fans who are way too hung up on titles.

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  1. Do you still ever watch The Walking Dead? Please name any characters that you detest more than “fucking Carl” (from any TV show).

  2. Hey Blockhead! What do you think of the new Prime Minister of Canada?

    (Don’t let me down and be like “I have no clue who that is”..)

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