Answers for Questions vol. 262

Whattup? Welcome to “Answers for Questions”. You, the good people of the internet, asked me stuff so I answered it. I can always use new questions so don’t be shy. Ask away. Send me questions to or leave them in the comment section below. Please be creative. A few of this weeks questions are kinda boring music questions. I’d rather you get weirder. I know you can do it. I believe in you!

have you ever gotten into a protracted internet war, on a forum or on twitter or anywhere? Like, just went back and forth with someone until you both looked like idiots. I used to engage in these in the early internet days, but there was something on the Hiero Hoopla forum in…2001 or 2002, I’d say, that was just demoralizing and definitely made me look like an utter asshole. That’s when I learned the best response is to say nothing, and to never read the comments.
Oh lord have I. For as long as I’ve been on the internet I’ve been getting into those.
I used to post of this newsgroup “Rec.Music.Hip.hop” in the 90’s and early 2000’s and I’d get into flame wars on a regular basis. I even got into it was Sole and Pedestrian from Anticon before any of us were even remotely known.
More recently, I’ll get into back and forths with people on facebook cause , i dunno, i have this thing in me that I can’t let someone being overly dickish just slide. Like just shitty remarks with no purpose other than to be shitty? I react. Probably cause I would never seek someone out (especially a stranger) and say something like that to them.

For instance, I got into it with some girl on twitter cause she made the mistake of @-ing me in a vitriolic attack. For some reason, she felt it necessary to alert me that I was human garbage. The part that annoyed me was she didn’t explain what i did. It was just a blanket statement. Oh, and she blocked me so i couldn’t even ask her what I did to incite such anger. This kinda shit happens sometimes and I’m stubborn enough to not let it slide. So, I retweeted her and wrote some snarky thing. Problem is, my fans then launched an all out attack on her , which wasn’t really my goal. I just wanted answers. Keep in mind, this girl had 11 followers. So, it was kind of a dick move on my part but, at the same time, people need to be responsible for the actions. I think folks on the internet forget that there are real people on the other end of those screen names. Just cause I have a little notoriety doesn’t mean I will just accept some person I’ve never met telling me I’m a piece of shit. It’s not like I’m a kardashian and people aren’t groomed to hate me. I’m a nobody really so when someone reacts that way, it’s out of nowhere.
Anyway, eventually, she reached out to me on facebook and we talked it out. I took down all the posts and that was that. Turns out, she was offended by this very blog. OF COURSE SHE WAS. But it’s all water under the bridge now. Gotta say, I don’t regret it though cause I bet she never @’s someone again , thinking it’s all good to shit on a stranger.

Hi; you probably answered this one already, but:
Do you have a track of your own or somebody else that you feel that you’re into for the longest time of your life and still enjoying it everytime you’re listening to it? If so, which tracks are those?
/ basically which is your oldest favourite track from yourself and anyone else to this day?

These are two very different questions. Cause I definitely don’t listen to my music the way I listen to music made by others. I have a much deeper appreciation for other peoples music and, therefor, there are going to be tons of old songs I’ve loved for 20 years. Meanwhile, with my own music, I’m pretty much sick of it all (the older it is, the less I wanna hear it) and can’t listen to the old stuff with a discerning ear cause it’s not like I listen to it for enjoyment. It’s almost impossible for me to listen to it without a critical ear.
That said, there are some tracks that come on that I can get into hearing.
None shall pass” with Aesop, “A better place“, “Roll out the red carpet“. Those are all old ones I hear and I’m like “ah, that was pretty cool”. But I’ll be damned if I ever put them on to simply enjoy as music.

So Blockhead, you’re easily one of the top producers out there right now. Your ability to concentrate on detail and make elaborate soundscapes without it sounding cluttered is something that gives your instrumentals a lot of character and spunk. The twang you have in your music is fucking naughty, like the garbage pale kids of 1950’s BK combined with Fat Albert of the 70’s. Very bad ass, lucid, funky shit. So while I’m geeking out over your whole discog, I want to know what hip hop albums make you completely geek out. So what are your top 5 favorite Hip Hop albums, production wise?

I hate these questions. No offense meant, I just mean that “top 5” list questions are really hard and then tend to be constantly changing. I don’t have definitive top 5 in anything. Although, I’d probably put “top five questions” in my top five of “questions I dislike”.
But, I’ll throw a bone…this is in no way definitive. I will 100% stupidly forget some great album but I’ll just rattle off 5 albums who’s production changed the game for me
1)Black Sheep: Wolf in sheeps clothing
2)NWA: Efil4zaggin
3)Group Home: Living proof
4)Jungle Brothers: Done by the forces of nature
5)Aceyalone: Book of Human language

If you could make a pineapple appear anywhere in the world at a time of your choice where would you put it?

You can describe a situation rather than a specific place at a specific time. For example: In someone’s bed right before they wake. In the hands of an NFL running back right before he catches a touchdown pass.

In your moms ass right now , obviously.
No, just kidding.
Hmm…It’d be cool to have one appear , growing out of Donald Trumps ear in the middle of a debate. I’d say his mouth but that would make his head explode and it would be gross to watch. Like “Scanners” but with a pineapple.

What’s billy woods like in real life? He seems intense. Have you ever seen his face clearly, or are the promotional photos/music videos like that because he permanently has a black bar over his eyes/blurring effect following him around?

Woods is the man. I’ve hung out with him a bunch. He’s a super friendly, funny and smart guy. You know, i’ve met a lot of rappers over the years but he’s one where I very much felt a bond with immediately. Like, we’d be friends if rap didn’t exist. He’s the type of guy who will call me with a specific music based question and we’ll end up talking on the phone for an hour about everything but rap.
I fully get why people would think he’s intense (his music certainly is) but, in person, he’s a very chill guy.
Oops, am I supposed to not let that be known? Shit…maybe i should have lied about this one.

Block, who do you think did the mentally disturbed, drug-addicted white boy steez the best? Eminem, Cage or Slaine

Without question, Cage. Eminem was amazing and also troubled but Cage did it in an abstract way that kinda set the bar. Em was more about the rapping and flow patterns while cage was just a fucking weirdo who actually rapped like a person on the drugs he spoke about. I don’t think Slaine even enters the conversation.

10 thoughts on “Answers for Questions vol. 262

  1. I remember being in middle school and thinking It’s Dark and Hell is Hot was the dopest shit ever, but, just this last year, I re-listened to it and realised it’s fucking garbage. Have you ever had that experience with a beloved album from your youth?

  2. Which of the 3 is the most vile, fucked up pile of rotten snakes of a human?
    Beastiality people ( I was once curious and watched 30 seconds of a woman fucking a dog in Romania, and believe me, it was a crime against that poor animal), Pedophiles ( we all know about these sick fucks), or Necrophiles?
    Side note: Was going to ask you to pick one you HAD to do but even I realize that’s just an absolute shit question.

  3. A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing is my favorite album.
    Not the best, not the most important or influential, probably not even what I’ve listened to the most.
    I got it on casette when I was … 12? Maybe, I had to get a friends older brother to buy it because the local music store had all the rap/punk tapes stashed away, and anything explicit needed an ID.
    Those were the days. I wore that tape out.
    Have the vinyl framed above my desk right now.

  4. Met Billy a month ago in Pittsburgh, couldn’t of been a nicer guy. Have a whole crazy story for the night but it’s too longwinded. Also nice to see that someone loves A Book of Human Language as much as i do.

  5. You know that thing when you’re minding your own business looking in the direction you are about to walk or something, then some girl that just happens to be in your line of site turns around and thinks you’ve been checking her out? Have you ever had someone roll their eyes and get all snooty because of it? This happened while I was driving earlier today and it cracked me up. Do you think lots of women go through their day constantly misinterpreting these situations? Is it completely out of line to yell “I’M NOT CHECKING YOU OUT DINGBAT!” if this happens? Or, as guys, should we always just chill and walk it off, with the understanding that women DO get harassed more than we can imagine?

  6. never heard billy woods before. ill.

    that cage question though. he was the first rapper i’d ever heard that i could connect with, that made me think i could rap too like maybe i might have some shit to say. & i mean, technically, i guess you could argue eminem is a better rapper but who listens to rap for that shit anyways? i consider dudes like tame one & sean price a hundred times more technical then eminem anyways. eminem is from that ‘pack-it-in double time’ school of dudes who rap like they’re riding rollercoasters. i’ma have to google that other dude tho.

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