Here’s a compilation of remixes I’ve made

One of my favorite things to do when I’ve got nothing else too important to work on is remix random songs. some old, some new, some completely out of left field.
Over the years I’ve done a bunch of these and given them away for free (cause I’m cool like that) but I figured it might be nice to put a bunch of them in a folder and give them all away at once. So, dig in…enjoy these random remixes I’ve made over the last 10 years or so.

1)A dream: Donny Hathaway
2)Lost and lookin’: Sam Cooke
3)Nobody’s fault: Nina SImone
4)Fidelity: Regina Spektor
5)Bitch better have my money: Rihanna
6)I can’t feel my face: The Weeknd
7)Classic man: Jidenna
8)Dead hands:The Skins
9)Hot knife: Fiona apple
10)Nina simone mash up
11)Sunny Smash and bash: Various artists
12)Yesterday is Here: Tom Waits
Download link HERE
Alternate link here:

9 thoughts on “Here’s a compilation of remixes I’ve made

  1. Not much of a Fiona Apple fan but I love the Hot Knife remix, picked it up a while back probably from here, and its easily one of my favorite tracks.

  2. Oof, I let this sit for too long, but now it’s makin’ my monday morning…gonna go look for more. Also, maybe you’ll be inspired if you Stop! and Listen! to the psychedelic Motown tunes of Diane Coffee? I kinda need to hear some of their slow jams with your beats right now…

  3. All good but your Block Is Hot remix CD that I got free with some albums from HipHopSite (I think?) 10 years ago was absolutely fantastic. I mean, they were better than the originals (Mobb Deep maybe not but still excellent). What’s your take on that cd? How do you think you rate yourself then vs these new remixes?

      • Wait, you don’t remember the remixes or are you telling me to go find it? I have it. Do I need to send you a copy? You welcome to stop by my place tomorrow (Seattle) and I’ll let you listen to it to jog your memory. (kidding, but not)

        On that same note, would you ever go to a fan’s house or go out to eat/hang out/etc. with a fan if you had more than one day in any particular city (not talking about a girl wanting to get down)? I feel that could be horribly boring and uncomfortable or incredibly fun and you’d learn a lot about the city you’re in. Probably nothing in between. Do fans ask you that?

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