This or that: Da$h Versus DP

While I like doing a good old “Yay or nay” with you guys, let’s try something a little different today. What we have here is two artists I know nothing about. I don’t know where they’re from, I don’t know if they’ve released other music, I don’t know how old these songs even are. I could do some research pretty easily but that wouldn’t be like me, now would it? Regardless, I do find something interesting about both these songs and I think it would be interesting to see what you guys think. Partially cause I wanna know but also to get an idea where your heads are at. These are two very different styles of rap. First off we have Da$h with a song called “Hello”

It’s a sloppy, very high/drunk kinda song. He even seems to be totally wasted in the video itself. But, it’s got something.
The next video is DP with “Jabar”

This is more straight forward. Kinda reminds me of the CLipse a little. Even the beat. Far less abstract and much more focused than the Da$h video.
So, what song do you like more? Feel free to elaborate in the comment section.

4 thoughts on “This or that: Da$h Versus DP

  1. Not a big fan of either, but I’m leaning way more towards the second one. The first rapper has pretty weak delivery and lackluster bars, it feels less like a rap song and more like a dopey beat with a stoned dude talking about drugs. He’s got potential, but he needs to sober up and stop trying to sound like Earl Sweatshirt.
    The second rapper is definitely more interesting, the rhymes are well placed and his delivery is decent enough. Unlike the first song, the beat complements him and not vice versa. I can’t find anything to dislike about this song, but overall the song is a bit too vanilla for my taste.

  2. I dunno about this one. I dig the beat on the Da$h joint…it’s kinda trippy and therefore works with his drugged out persona….but his lyrical approach is lackluster to me. So many long pauses and the content is just eehhhh……but i guess that is exactly what he was going for so I can’t say it doesn’t work in the context of the whole piece. The DP song is way more straight forward hip hop feel to it like you said as far as the music and the vocals….but I wasn’t really feelin his delivery that much. As far as which piece I would be more interested in checking into more….definitely the Da$h joint. Then again I’m a 36 year old white boy from a middle class family who has been playing in instrumental funk/ jazz bands and making hip hop beats since I was a kid. So I’m kinda leaning towards the more psychedelic shit like the Da$h song. Honestly though…this in my opinion is a great verse and a cool beat…and a cool album. I FEEL the verse and the vocal part and the video is disturbing and waaaay more fucked up then the Da$h one. Neither of the two songs in question here reached me like the Bobby Raps and Corbin Spooky Black did. I think the Bobby/Spooky has just more feeling to me. It’s always nice to hear new music though. Thanks. Your music and your blog fuckin rocks.

  3. Never heard (of) either of these guys, both I dug both. Da$h sort of reminds of Chance, but less dope. I was into it at first but was losing interest a bit toward the end.
    The Jabar beat is pretty great, and is probably the big reason I prefer that joint, plus dude is a little more engaging as a rapper. I never need to hear that another rapper did it their way like sinatra again though.

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