Answers for questions vol. 263

Good day to you, sir or madam. I hope your halloween was filled with candy and/or sex with someone dressed like a kitten.
Welcome to another edition of “Answers for questions”. This is where you, the reader, asks me anything and I answer. Seriously, I’ll answer ALMOST anything. So, if you have a question, lemme hear it. Leave them in the comment section below or email them to me at Be weird. Be interesting. This is volume 263 so you can assume I’ve answered questions like “What kind of equipment do you use?” or “What are your top five movies/albums/sexual positions/etc… ever?”
Let’s check out this weeks bounty.

Dumbest thing you ever did for love?

Hmmm…I gotta say, I’ve been pretty careful (aka guarded) about that for as long as I can remember. Like, I never had that “Say anything” moment where I stood outside a girls house with a boom box and played her a Peter Gabriel song to win her back. I’ve been way dumber when pursuing sex cause, well, you kinda have to be. I’m a fairly controlled person though and I have rarely ever put myself in a compromising position for anything like that. Mostly, it’s just going places late at night that I probably shouldn’t have gone to with hopes of hooking up.’s boring but true.

What do you think of astrology? Do you ever peep your horoscope?

I think it’s pretty much bullshit. While I am a libra and I definitely see a lot of myself in how they are described I don’t generally believe in things that were made up by other people from a time before intelligent science existed. It’s cute and all but if I believe that , I might as well believe it all. It’s kinda like believing in ghosts. If you believe in that then there has to a be a logical domino effect that leads to you believing in god. I don’t believe in god so it all pretty much ends there.
That said, I’ll read a horoscope if it’s in front of me. No harm in that.

I just got the Jake One/Mayer Hawthorne collabo album, Tuxedo, and the shit is pretty fucking dope. I’m wondering if you’ve ever wanted to collaborate on an album with a singer (as opposed to an emcee)?
I’m currently a member of a group called “The mighty Jones” which is me on beats, a guitarist , a bassist and two singers. We’ve been working on an album forever and it’s done (It’s called “Gone long”) but we’re pretty much just trying to figure out when to drop it. There are videos we’ve done for a few of the songs here and here
Trust that i will be announcing it’s arrival when that time comes. Which should be very soon.

You’ve spoken before about how you like to see old rappers come out with good songs, every now and then. Is there any particular emcee from your youth that you would really like to see make a dope comeback album?

I always hope that Rakim does something dope (although he doesn’t seem to care, anymore), and Busta Rhymes is long overdue for a great record.

Hope and reality are two very different things. Sure, I’d love to see Rakim or Kool G rap drop something great in 2015 but I’m also not delusional. I’m not saying their don’t have the talent anymore but it’s hard for guys from that era to make a song that somehow finds a balance between their old shit and what’s going on now. Let alone, an entire album. I feel like the only guys who could maybe pull it off would be one of the weirder guys like maybe Mikah 9. If he was able to find a style of production that worked with his rapping, I could see him making something pretty awesome. Kool Keith is another you can’t really ever count out. Willie D is also ageless in his raps so I could see him still making something I could enjoy.

Not sure if this one’s been asked yet, but if your dick was going to make a sound effect everytime you got a boner, which would it be?

A slide whistle sound would be amazing. Or perhaps the “dun dun dun dun” sound from Godzilla that Monch used on “Simon says

What was your senior year of high school like? Were you excited for college?

I was never a person who liked school or excelled in it on any level (as evidenced by my grammar and spelling in this very blog). My high school was a joke and I wasn’t really that connected to it. All my friends went to other schools. I didn’t really hang with many people from my school. It was like a job. i’d go, get through it and get the fuck out. I wasn’t an outcast of anything, I just had no interest in it. So, my senior year was pretty forgettable.
As for college, i honestly don’t remember how I felt about going. I’m sure i was nervous and excited. But, keep in mind, college , to me, meant “More school” and that was never exciting. The social aspects were the most interesting part to me. you know, meeting girls. That was my focus. A focus, I might add, I failed miserably at.
Looking back on it, I kinda wish I had gone to different schools altogether. Oh well. Can’t be that mad cause I am where I am now partly because of all that.

About a year ago you wrote about a website idea you had that would be like Yelp reviews for people/dating. Well… I recently read that a website called “Peeple” is coming out and it lets people leave reviews about other people. Friends, ex-lovers, relatives, etc… nobody is safe. Still a good idea or fuck that? Would you sign up if this website came to life?

You are referring to THIS
I saw and I’m feeling like I should be getting paid for this on some level.

I still feel the same way as when I wrote it. It’s a TERRIBLE idea for humanity but a great idea for evil. It’s such a flawed idea that it’s actually kind of beautiful. The fact the creators are even trying to pass it off as something that could ever be positive is amazing. The balls on those ladies but scrape the ground when they walk. It’s very similar to the idea of Facebook adding a “dislike” button. Oh, it’s for empathy? GREAT.
Now, would I sign up for this? It’s hard to say. I’d definitely be curious about it. Just to see how it works and , of course, to see if anyone wrote me a review of some sort. But I can’t see that going so well and , eventually, it would probably get pretty dark. It would be like throwing the entire world into a youtube comment like hell hole.
Honestly, it’s a terrible idea. But only for humanity. If you remove conscience from it, it’s actually fantastic and fits perfectly into the direction the world seems to be going. We’re becoming super PC and thin skinned yet we’re opening doors for people to be meaner than ever for no reason whatsoever. So, a stand up comedian can’t make a harmless Caitlyn Jenner joke but you’re close friend can tell you your breath stinks and you’re a fat asshole on a public forum seen by all your peers. Seems about right.
Can’t wait for the suicide rate to spike a month or two after it goes public.

17 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 263

  1. Monch is the dude who can keep making great records even though he’s now an old guy. PTSD was really good. Also a good twitter follow

  2. duuuuuude. just heard the mighty jones for the first time &, i gotta know, do you think we’ll hear the album before the year ends? both of those joints are two of the dopest shits i’ve heard in a long while. good work, man.

  3. Also: “It’s kinda like believing in ghosts. If you believe in that then there has to a be a logical domino effect that leads to you believing in god.” Couldn’t have said it better.

  4. Ok, so here’s a question for you…

    What blogs are you checking for this day, hiphop or otherwise? I feel like a lot of the blogs that I used to be into a few years back have died out and I see that many of the links on your blogroll are less than active… anyone I should be up on?

  5. I was just watching a Louie episode where his 10 year old daughter leaves the apartment and Louie freaks out and calls the cops. As a kid in Manhattan were you allowed to roam and ‘be back by dinner’? Obviously different parts of the city are more residential/safe.

  6. So I’ve noticed that older countries tend to have (but not always) country capitals which are also their largest respective cities (Tokyo/Japan, Cairo/Egypt, Paris/France etc.) whereas newer countries tend to have capitals which are not (Canberra/Australia, Brasilia/Brasil, etc.). Anyways, how do you think NYC would be if it were also the nation’s capital? Like, if you took Washington D.C. and and almagamated it into your city?

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