Answers for Questions vol. 264

What’s up. Welcome to another edition of “answers for questions”. You ask, I answer. If you have a fun/interesting question you want me to answer, fire away. leave them in the comment section or email them to me at

So, I’m headed out west today to do a few weeks on the road with Emancipator. If you live anywhere along the coast from B.C. canada to San diego, I’m probably playing somewhere kinda near you. Peep the dates here: come see your boy.
This also means my blog output may be a bit stilted the next few weeks but, hey, do you really give a shit? Probably not. I’ll try and write stuff here and there though.
Anyway, here’s this weeks batch…

If you were a fan of you, what question would you ask you?
Oooff…Man, I dunno. I’d probably be one of those very random , non-music related questions. Something that would possibly garner a funny story or humor on some level. Those are the questions I like answering the most so I’d try to make that happen. But, clearly, my imagination is so dead right now I can’t even think of an example.

Blockhead, how common do you think it is for guys to have tasted their own semen? It think that it would be extremely common, regardless of sexual orientation.
I think it’s not that rare but I also don’t think it’s the norm. It falls in between. I personally have never. I ate boogers as a kid. I think I even put my ear wax in my mouth once. But i never had the urge to taste my own jizz. That said, I’ve certainly spoken to a good deal of dudes who have. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. It just comes down to your level of curiosity. I never had that “I wonder what my cum tastes like?” moment, I guess.

I’ve been listening to your music since 2011 and reading your blog for some time now as well, but I never had a chance to go to your show due to geographical issues, i.e. me living and working in the middle of nowhere.

So, let’s say I came to your show, had a good time (goes without saying), went over to the merch stand, shook your hand, told you it was great and how I loved your blog (seems like you like to hear that), took a photo of me smiling like a hyena and you… well, doing what you feel like and I wanted to spend a bunch of money on stuff you’re selling to show my love and support (no irony here, usually if I like the artist and the show, I want to buy something to give him/her/them some financial… erm… boost? Also, to make them interested in coming again).

What do you have to offer? My wallet is itching, man…

Like, merch wise? I got cd’s, records and t-shirts. It depends what I have in stock at that moment but I generally have a few of those available at every show.
At the moment, I only have a new t-shirt I just got made, “Bells and whistles” on vinyl and “uncle tony’s coloring book” on Cd. I’m waiting on a shipment of more cd’s and records though. Sadly I won’t have them for this tour I’m leaving for today.

On a scale from 0-100 (0 being, you believe absolutely NOTHING the USA has said about the moon landings and space travel; 100 being, you believe absolutely EVERYTHING the USA has said about the moon landings and space travel) where do you land?
Hmm…80? I’m not a skeptical guy about that kind of thing and I’m absolutely not into conspiracy theories. But, more than that, I honestly don’t really give a shit. Did they go to the moon? Probably. Does that make my day/life any different if they didn’t? Not at all. Doubting things takes effort and, most of all, interest. Two things I’m generally low on, when it comes to space travel.
I’m kind of a sucker in a way cause I will believe some things simply cause I’m told them. Like, if i have no reason to not believe it or if it makes sense…I’ll just go along with it cause , regardless of what i think, it’s not that big a deal to be either way. Like if you tell me “Did you know that yogurt works as a subtle mood enhancer?” I’d probably just be like “No shit? cool” cause why the fuck not? I don’t care enough to fact check a person and i don’t get off on disproving people over pointless facts.

In terms of beauty trends, 2015 has been a huge year for eyebrows. Bold and polished brows have been everywhere. Is this something that you even notice as a guy?
The only time I noticed this is when I posted that Rihanna remix I did and the pic my friend used of her (for the jpeg) was her with massive brows. Then, people saw that and started commenting on it. Other then that, I haven’t noticed a huge trend towards caterpillar like eye brows. Which is good cause that’s not a good look for anyone.

Do you think it’s common for musicians to become depressed when they’re touring (in my mind, touring seems like it would have some fun parts, but it seems sooooo isolating and exhausting).
I don’t know about depressed but tired and run down? definitely.
Touring can kick your ass. Especially if you’re partying. After a while, the days just kinda all blend together. I’m normally good at remembering where I play and details of certain shows but if you put me on the road for two weeks, with a show every night, by the 5th show, it’s a blur. You go into “Tour mode” where it’s pretty much just moving forward without thinking. Your only goal is to be up for the show. So the entire rest of the day you’re just kinda out of it. But, I wouldn’t say that’s being depressed. They’re very different feelings.
Also, the longer you’ve been touring and the older you are, the more zonked out you get. Young artists touring for the first time are just having a great time.

Before you were able to make a living off of your music, what was the shittiest job you ever had? I’ve answered a variation of this a few times but I’ll do it again for the nose bleed seats.
I have had many shitty jobs. I worked as a “teachers assistant” in a special ed school, I was a bus boy, I worked in multiple coffee shops. Pretty much any job I ever held was not impressive.
My shittiest job was working as a security guard at Kim’s video. This was an NYC chain that specialized in alternative movies and music. I somehow fell into a job there as a security guard even though they bought me in to work at a cafe they had opened. The cafe closed and i was fucked, noticed they needed staff to be security and they just gave me job. No training. Nothing. That job consisted of standing in one place for 10 hours at a time , making sure no one stole anything. I was the youngest guy there (I was 20 at the time) and the only person doing that job who wasn’t literally from africa. I would stand in the corner of the cd section just pretending to watch for thieves. I never caught anyone. Probably cause i was just zoning out the whole time and, even if I did see someone take some shit, I’d just let it go cause who gives a shit? It wasn’t even that bad a job…it’s was just incredibly boring. Still, better than millions of other shit jobs i could have had.

4 thoughts on “Answers for Questions vol. 264

  1. What do you think of the whole “LA” beat scene created by artists like flying lotus, gaslamp killer and samiyam. Do you think islt has brought more attention/respect for instrumental artists such as your self?

  2. I know you’ve talked before about in the past wanting to do an album that was just rappers rapping over your beats. Is that still something that interests you? Seems like you’ve got plenty of friends and associates who are great rappers to make it happen with. And if so, these days, who do you think you’d like to get on an album like that if you were to make it happen?

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