Yay or Nay: This SWAG TOOF Video

Sometimes a good video can really give you a different perspective on music. There have been countless times I’ve seen a video for a song I probably normally would gloss over and then ended up loving it cause, subconsciously , I connect the music to the visuals. This isn’t always a mirage though. Sometimes, it’s actually a deeper look into the aesthetics of a group. A good video will sometimes help you “get” a groups mission statement.
So, here we have a video by the group SWAG TOOF. It’s just so fucking weird and awesome. Add in the beat is dope and the raps are kinda crazy in a ridiculous way and , well, here we are.

Thing is, I looked through a few of their other videos and , while I see why people fuck with these dudes, it was a case of “eh, this isn’t for my old ass”. As much as i don’t wanna admit it, I still hold on to some old school rap biases. It’s hard for me to look at the members of this group (a white dude with dreads down to his ass and a guy who looks like Stitches but soft) and be okay with that. I realize this is short sighted and unfair. More than anything, it’s just me dating myself. The old rules of authenticity no longer apply to rap music. Funny thing is, you’re reading this and probably on either side of this argument. You agree and are stuck in a similar mindset or you’re young and shaking your head at the old man. But, what can I say? A man can only try so hard to keep his tastes relevant.
That said, this particular video and song? I think it’s awesome. I can’t say if it’s cause it doesn’t show the members of if the song just works but I’m not going to question that.
So, join me in dropping all preconceived notions for just a moment and tell me what you think of this particular song.

7 thoughts on “Yay or Nay: This SWAG TOOF Video

  1. This is terrible. For the people who actually dig it, how is it any different than any group involved with ICP and Juggalos? ICP is probably the worst thing to happen, btw, if that wasn’t clear.

    • I think it’s fun. it’s different than ICP in many ways. For one, the production. Secondly, the rapping is better. Have you heard ICP affiliates? They sound like fucking limp bizkit. Totally different. This shit is some drugged out fun stuff. Obviously not for everyone but you’re missing the point if you’re listening to it for depth.

      • True. And when I sent it, I generalized the band as a whole. This particular song? I see where you’re coming from. I went on the youtubes and watched all of their songs. Overall, if I never saw the group and videos, it’s “aight.” Looking at the rappers in the videos took me straight to “hot garbage.”

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