Answers for Questions vol. 268

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sup brahhh?
Welcome to another edition of “Answers for Questions”. You guys ask me anything and I tell you what’s up. I can always use more questions so don’t be shy. Fire away. Email them to me at or leave them in the comment section below. Be weird. Be creative. The time of “What inspires you?” type questions has long passed.
okay, let’s see what we got this week from you snarky bastards.

Do you have a thing for small mammals? Maybe you had one as a kid and your parents said it “ran away” while you were at school, but you were too quick for that nonsense and realized it must have died? Are you still hurting from that lie and expressing those feelings through stock photos on a mundane personal blog?

You got me. It’s actually a sexual thing. I just like small furry things in an erotic way. Sue me, bro!
Just kidding.
I simply like pictures of cute animals that aren’t cats or dogs. When I started doing this column for my blog, I decided posting a pic of a cute animal every week would lend to the continuity. In reality, I doubt I’d wanna even touch most of the animals whose pics I post (I’m allergic to lots of animals). But, in photo form? Those are my dudes. But thanks for reading so deeply into something that could not be more shallow.

So I’ve noticed that older countries tend to have (but not always) country capitals which are also their largest respective cities (Tokyo/Japan, Cairo/Egypt, Paris/France etc.) whereas newer countries tend to have capitals which are not (Canberra/Australia, Brasilia/Brasil, etc.). Anyways, how do you think NYC would be if it were also the nation’s capital? Like, if you took Washington D.C. and and almagamated it into your city?

I think it would be exactly the same. It would just be a title. It would be impossible to make NYC MORE a focal point of the USA so calling it a capital wouldn’t add or detract from that. It’s not like Albany was all of a sudden popping off cause it’s the capital of NY. It’s just a name.

If you had a son, what are the odds that his name would Kristaps Simon?
Pretty low. He would be Dominique Wilkens Simon, obviously.

I know you’ve talked before about in the past wanting to do an album that was just rappers rapping over your beats. Is that still something that interests you? Seems like you’ve got plenty of friends and associates who are great rappers to make it happen with. And if so, these days, who do you think you’d like to get on an album like that if you were to make it happen?

This is 100% something that interests me and I’m actually starting to put together a game plan to make such an album. Problem is wrangling the rappers. Obviously there are friends I’d have on it but the hard part would be reaching out of my friend zone and getting people I don’t know, who I want to work with. Because this is actually starting to happen, I don’t wanna give anything away but just know it’s in the works on some level.

would you ever go to a fan’s house or go out to eat/hang out/etc. with a fan if you had more than one day in any particular city (not talking about a girl wanting to get down)? I feel that could be horribly boring and uncomfortable or incredibly fun and you’d learn a lot about the city you’re in. Probably nothing in between. Do fans ask you that?

I don’t think I would just go chill with some random fan. That’s weird. I talk to people at my shows and hang out but I think it ends there. I get asked to go smoke weed all the time and I decline cause a)I don’t smoke weed b)I don’t wanna go anywhere with some random dudes I don’t know. At best , I’ll kick it with the promoters a bit or maybe some of the other artists on the bill.
But, if i was in a city for a few days with nothing to do? Who knows. Fortunately, that doesn’t really ever happen cause I’m rarely in a city for more than a night.

Q for a, have you noticed Aesop’s influence on any newer artists, examples?


Have you ever picked up on your own style being copied/paid homage to?

Sure. In my demo reviews I hear Aesop’s influence all over. Not so much his newer style but his older style. People try and sound like he did 15 years ago today. It’s kinda funny, actually.
As for people copying/paying homage to my style, I rarely see it. I mean, there are times here and there where a mood reminds me of my stuff but I have yet to head anyone that made me stop and be like “whoa…he sounds like me!”. I’ve met a lot of people who tell me I was a “huge influence” on them but when I hear the music, I don’t see the similarities…which is a good thing. Being influenced by someone should not mean “I sound like them”. It should mean you heard what they did and applied that to your own style.

Do you call yourself Blockhead because your head is blockish?

Yup. That’s the origin. When I was younger, I was a rapper and it was the era of self depreciating names. My head was always square (at least my jaw was), so I went with that and it stuck. Now my head is far more oval but such is life.

Does it bother you when Spotify puts up other artists with the name “blockhead” on your page? You have some weird old singles attributed to you….
Man, I go fucking nuts when I see that. Like, I straight up black out and start punching strangers.
Nah, I don’t even have spotify so I have no clue what’s there. Someone alerted me recently of one and I actually tweeted them, they responded and fixed it. So, hey, who gives a shit?
The thing about my moniker is that it’s somewhat common. There’s a some hardcore band from the DC area that’s been throwing shows for years that has somehow linked in with my profile so I’d imagine more than a handful of people have seen them thinking they were gonna get me. Oops! Read the fine print guys and know the artist you’re listening to. If you hear a song on spotify with my name on but it’s some emo thrash japanese pop song, assume it’s not by me.

8 thoughts on “Answers for Questions vol. 268

  1. Which emoji do you think should be invented which hasn’t already been invented?

    And this is just a question for here because it’s only a tv question….have you been watching Fargo (the series)? I lovvvvve it

  2. Damn…that capital question tho. Ive never seen such a lame question with so much thought put into it. He/she or a he-she was prolly like,”Im a hit him up with ‘amalgamated’ and blow his mind.” laugh out loud. Sorry, I had to let this out.

  3. Good to hear about you getting that compilation album together. I hope you’re able limit most of the tracks to one rapper/group or at least rappers who have something in common. Nothing worse than those producer albums with 15 tracks and 50 different unrelated rappers who were never in the same room at the same time talking about completely unrelated shit. Maybe just my taste… Good luck with that either way!

    • I’ve actually thought about that. I’m not trying to force collaborations. But, at the same time, I think it might be cool to put people together that could make an interesting song. We’ll see…

  4. Let’s say you have an opportunity to get completely free rent in a very nice, well located apartment in New York. The only catch is that every room in the apartment shares a wall with a very popular bar. This wall is actually a one-way mirror, so the people in the bar can get drunk while they see your every move. Would you make it work for the free rent?

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