Answers for questions vol. 269

Whattup everyone. Welcome to another edition of “Answers for questions”. You ask, I respond accordingly. You got anything you wanna ask me? And i do mean anything…fire away. The only questions I’ve ever passed on were personal questions about other people and really boring questions I’ve answered already. Email me questions. Send them to or leave them in the comment section below. Get creative. Get weird.
Okay, let’s see what we got this week.

Do you feel the need to create music is outside of yourself? Are you visited by a “muse” from time to time, as some artists claim?

Nah. I’m very practical about how I make music. I sit down, get in a headspace to do it and execute. Sounds robotic and it is. If anything, I don’t buy that “muse” shit in general. I mean, I get that some people probably work that way but my guess would be that most people who speak of their work like that are full of shit or trying too hard. That said, I can see certainly how a person or event can inspire music without question but the idea of a “muse” is corny to me. Like “Hey, Cindy! Come stand in the room while I make this beat!”. It should also be noted that what I do is very different than, say, a guy who’s composing a piano concerto. So, in that sense, I could be talking entirely out of my ass.

You don’t strike me as the most sentimental, festive type of person haha, but what is your favorite holiday tradition from when you were a kid?

You are correct in that assumption. I don’t give a fuuuuuuuuuck about any holiday. In general, I’m not a fan of any old time traditions.
That said, I wasn’t always an ice hearted monster. Back in the day, the christmas stocking was my favorite thing ever. Even more than the actual presents I’d get from my family. Even thought those presents were always the “good shit” , the randomness of the stocking was my favorite. Like i would get chocolate, a tear away far side calendar and some random toy I never asked for. But i loved that shit. As i got older, i realized it was a way for my mom to push her health agenda’s on me. Like I’d get a certain kind of face wash or deodorant. Regardless, the surprise of what i would find in there was the best.
Nowadays, all I care about is the food. Obviously , seeing family is nice but it’s not like i never see them. Most of my family lives relatively close to the city (with a few exceptions) so seeing them for a holiday isn’t some major event. Food, son…all about the food.

Oh heyyy, nice to see Phat Friend back. How’d the touring go, do you feel human again yet?
I think I covered what touring on a bus was like last week so I won’t repeat it.
But the tour went well. Saw some real deep hippie spots. Like the type where, if you walk through the crowd, you can tell half of them use those toms of maine rock deodorants that don’t actually work. Aside from that, nice people though.
I was only gone for two weeks but it took me maybe 2 days to feel human again, once home. All i need to do is fall back into my routine. Which isn’t hard.

What are some of your favorite music videos (visually) from the mtv days?
Ohhh…tough question. Gotta think…There is a really a wide variety. some of them are songs I don’t even like but the videos were awesome.

Drop by The Pharcyde

Come to daddy By Aphex twin

Separate ways by Journey

What you see is what you get by Xzibit

Cry by Godly and creme

Hell yeah by Dead Prez

Human Behavior by Bjork

Smack my Bitch up by Prodigy

There are tons I’m forgetting but those all popped into my mind.

It’s been 11 years, what do you think of Ass Like That by Eminem?
I haven’t listened to it once in it entirety ever but i’m gonna assume it’s as bad, if not worse, as it was when it dropped. For a guy with the talent that Em has, he’s got some songs under his belt that rival anyone, in terms of “worst songs ever made”. He’s neck and neck with 1990’s Aerosmith.

I was listening to music by cavelight and I noticed that the beginning of Forrest crunk sound a lot like Drake’s Hotline bling. Is it just me or is the same sample? That’s all, lol. Have a nice day.
It’s just you. Definitely not the same sample. This is the hotline bling sample:

Awesome song. I’ve had it for a while and when i heard drake use it I was actually pretty psyched cause it’s not a sample I would fuck with but it’s really dope.

how many hats do you own? whats your criteria for buying a new one, are there any specific teams you would avoid?
Hmmm…I own about 8 or so but like 4 of those are well out of the rotation.
As for what kinda hats I buy, i’ve moved away from sports teams the last 3 or 4 years now. Nowadays I just look for kinda obscure hats that confuse people. Like, I rock this one I got in St. Petersburg, russia sometimes. I rock a Max Fish hat. that’s this bar I go to and it looks like a yankee hat but it isn’t. Basically, I’m trying to wear hats I don’t see everywhere.
When I did wear team hats, I stuck with only baseball teams and mostly old versions of the hats. Like the Orioles, the Brewers or the Padres. It wasn’t so much about the team as it was the design and colors.

3 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 269

  1. I am a fan of rock as well as hip-hop. You mentioned Max Fish and I follow Sergio Garcia, the bassist for Deftones, on Twitter and it looks like he has a regular gig DJ’ing there. I guess he is friends with Shannon from Activator, who has been a long time, from what I can tell, friend of the Def Jux crew. I’ve heard some Activator and it seems like straight up metal. Can you explain the nature of this relationship(Def Jux/Activatior/Deftones)? Also, what are your two cents on Deftones? They are probably my favorite hard rock band, and I know El-P/Cage did a song with Chino on Handsome Boy Modeling School. I am rambling here…haha…feel freed to construct your answer with whatever about this that strikes you as worth discussing. 😉

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