Answers for questions vol. 270

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Happy holidays everyone. Hope you got a gift that you liked or whatever.
This is “Answers for questions”. You ask, I answer. Right now, my question queue is running low. So, that means I need you guys to dig into your santa’s bag of gifts and ask me stuff. Go nuts.
Send questions to or simply leave them in the comment section below. Seriously..tis the season to ask a motherfucker some random shit. I’ve long said that, once my question bag runs empty, it might be time to shut this whole things down. Don’t let that happen (unless you want to, in which case, carry on).
Here’s this weeks stash…

QUICK! I’ve been studying in NYC this past semester and I leave in about two weeks (mid/late-December). I wanted to try and do something in each borough before I left. Any recommendations? I currently have only driven through Queens and haven’t even stepped foot on Staten Island.’s probably too late and , honestly, I’m a terrible tour guide. I think living here my whole life has made it hard to just give random ideas of what to do in the city. It’s like asking me “What’s your favorite line in a movie ever?”. How can I even begin to figure that out. Also, I don’t do much. I chill. I don’t go out to new clubs or check out art exhibits. I’m low key. On top of that, I don’t know shit about queens, the bronx or staten island. So, yeah…sorry…can’t be much help here. I can say that it’s okay to just skip Staten Island. Not that it has no merit but it’s probably not worth the boat ride unless you got something VERY particular you want to check out there. What that could possibly be? I have no clue. Unless you’re one of those wierdo’s who likes to see where your favorite rappers grew up and end up hanging out near fucked up projects just so you can take an instagram pic of the WU-tang mural.

back in college (early 2000s) i had a NES in my room and used to wreck both my roommates at super tecmo bowl. i was sovereign. then one night my roommate brought one of his homeboys over and that guy whipped the polecat piss out of me in super tecmo bowl. to the point i wanted to throw the controller and accuse him of cheating. it was like he stole a piece of my identity. so the question is: have you ever been “known” for something that’s part of your persona, and then come across someone who’s so much better at that thing that it ruins it for you?

Sure. I’ve had that reality check a few times (I’ve also given it to people as well, which feels great). In my case, it was ping pong. I’m pretty good at ping pong. But on a casual level. Like I’ve always been the best amongst my friends and shit like that. One time, I went to this ping pong “club”. A friend knew a friend and got me in. It wasn’t like olympic dudes but somewhat normal people playing (though there was one guy who apparently played in the olympics and he was playing people using his phone as a paddle. He was kicking everyones ass). I got matched up with some dumpy Puetro rican kid. He seemed harmless enough but, goddamn…I play a very spin heavy game. but this dude was throwing ungodly shit at me, the likes I had never even known possible. he demolished me. Not only that, I watched him get destroyed the next round. That was a rude awakening for me. Like, I never thought I was an elite talent in ping pong but I was confident that I was very good. Then , when you see how deep it really goes…man…it’s depressing.

What is your policy on tipping? Are you generous? A stickler? If you go to deli, do you tip? What about places were they literally just grab something for you, yet still have a tip jar out? What’s your criteria when determining a tip in a restaurant situation?

I tip at least 20% at restaurant. I prefer to pay cash and I’m impatient so if I end up paying more and it means I don’t have to wait for change, so be it. Only time that changes is if the service is truly awful or if the service is next level exceptional then I will react accordingly. But, 20% is the norm.
For other things, I’m a little more picky. I don’t go to coffee shops but I used to work in one. When I worked there, I never expected tips. So, in that sense, I don’t tip people who are just doing their job (and getting paid decently for it). If I’m a regular somewhere, have some familiarity with the workers, I always tip a buck and change in the jar but otherwise? Eh. Not so much.
I don’t tip at deli’s or bodegas cause who does that?
I tip delivery men about 3-4 bucks per delivery. I tip a cab driver 1-3 bucks unless it’s a long ass trip (like to the airport) then I add on a few more dollars.

what are you listening to these days?

Random shit. I have a playlist that I throw new music I like into and it’s pretty much all I listen to. I recently added joints from Wiki’s new album, some Pusha T shit, there’s a new 50 cent song I like, “Days with yen lo” still gets run, Vince staples, shirt.
Honestly, the majority of the stuff I listen to gets mentioned on this blog eventually.

ever considered making a “year end list” of your fav tracks?
I will probably do that in the next few days. Many of you will be confused and disappointed by said list.

The initials of your blog are PF (fact). Which made me think right away of PF Chang’s (the chinese restaurant chain). So here’s my question: if you could be any item on a chinese food menu, what would you be? And would you prefer to be eaten with chopsticks, reg. fork or other?
This is important.

I mean, I feel as though picking a food that’s going to be eaten is pretty arbitrary. Like if I’m lo mein or beef and broccoli, my fate remains the same. It’s not like it’s gonna be better to be chewed to death cause I’m a peking duck or if I’m sauteed bok choy.
But, ignoring that, I would want to be a steamed pork dumpling. Why? Cause they are my favorite. You could eat me with a fork or chop sticks but I’d almost prefer people use their hands. Let my brown grease drip all over your gluttonous fingers as you take me to my final resting place.

What’s one trend thats popular right now that you cant wrap your head around?
Hmm…Rapping into autotune. It makes me feel old cause I know it’s a big thing but…why? it sounds like shit. I get singing into it but rapping? It’s so fucking stupid. I’m not a fan of “extra” in general and that all just seems so extra.
Also, crazy lumberjack beards. It’s not that I don’t get them. I fully get them. As a man, it makes all the sense in the world. But what I don’t get it how much women love them. Like kissing one of those dudes must be like licking a bears asshole. But ,hey, i support them in some sense cause they promote manliness , which is a dying concept.

Not a particularly creative question, I’m just in a fatty eating mood right now!

What are you favorite types of…
-ice cream

God, I love junk food.
This question is pertinent to my interests.
Chips: I like to get those fancy off brand chips they have at obnoxious “health food” deli’s but, when it comes down to it, my favorite all time chips are ruffles sour cream and cheddar and tostido’s Lime tortilla chips. Those are what I can always go back to.

Candy: I like gummy candy. Gummy bears are the obvious choice. I don’t buy candy much anymore but, when I do, it’s gummy bears. Sometimes, I’ll branch out and get the gummy coke bottles.

Chocolate: I don’t like dark chocolate. Call me a heathen but fuck you are you bitter bullshit ass chocolate. Milk, ALL DAY. I fucking love a Skor bar. I may be the only man alive who does but, man, I love some chocolate covered toffee. In general, I like anything milk chocolate related. Only time I’m not into it is when it’s got nuts. Otherwise, I’m all over it. ALL OF IT.

Ice cream: I’m kinda boring. While I love me some talenti ice cream (the salted caramel is crazy), in general, I’m basic. I like strawberry or cookies and cream as my go to flavors. Also, green tea ice cream is my shit. There’s a place near my crib that makes earl grey ice cream and that shit is incredible.

I’d also like to add that chocolate chip cookies are my favorite thing on earth. That is all.

8 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 270

  1. Yo Block,

    What happened to Steady Bloggin? I used to check that site all the time, but nothins been posted in months. Thought you might know

  2. What’s the longest you figure you’ve gone without….

    eating? masturbating? drinking alcohol? playing basketball? making music?

  3. Who are some of your favorite writers? I’d love to hear about any “classic” literature you like as well as current/modern/informal writing like your own.

  4. What are your thoughts on the 1993 film classic ‘Super Mario Bros’ starring Bob Hoskins, John Leguizamo, Dennis Hopper and Samantha Mathis?

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