Answers for questions vol. 271

Right? okay.
Welcome to the all new, updated version of “Answers for Questions”2.0! Just kidding. Same shit, different day.
As always, in order for this column to flourish, I need your help. Ask me things! Get weird! get creative! Oh, and while you’re here, feel free to ask me for advice for the “Ask Dr. Tony” column.
send questions to or leave the questions in the comment section below. Let’s goooooo!

What’s your take on “Once Upon A Time In Shaolin”? It seems the Martin Shkrelli purchased it for 2 million. Guess he used all that AIDS pill money on it?

I can’t help but thinking, if I somehow live 88 years longer and I’m actually able to hear this album, it’ll be like every other full-on Wu-Tang album – 2 or 3 standout tracks, with the rest kinda meh and leaving me reaching for Wu-Tang solo stuff.

I think the idea of making an album, making one copy and selling it for a million bucks is insane. No matter WHO makes it. Like, if Michael Jackson rose from the grave and was like “Here’s the new album!” under the same circumstances, fuck that album.
The fact that Shkrelli dude bought it is even crazier. But he’s proven to a a guy with way too much money and a slightly tilted life view so, hey man, enjoy that album!
But, like you mentioned, the idea of a Wu-tang album in 2016 shouldn’t excite anyone that much. I can’t recall the last time I peeped a Wu album closely but , like you said, they’ve generally been a collection of songs hastily slapped together with 1 or 2 standout tracks. Not exactly a 7 figure piece of art, if you ask me.

I’m interested in vacations. How often do you take vacations? What were your last 5 destinations? Are you more of a domestic vacation guy or do you take trips to other countries? What´s a place that you have some fond memories of?

I don’t really take vacations. I travel so much for work that , when I’m home, I tend to like to stay there. The only vacation I can think of, in recent memory, is going to Miami for 3 days to chill with some friends. That’s it. To be honest, my life is like one big vacation that isoccasionally interrupted but having to travel for shows.
But, in general, I’m happiest when I’m home. All the travel I’ve done has worn me out. I’m sick of airports. I don’t have that fire in me to see new things cause, chances are, I’ll see them anyway later in the year.

If for some reason you had to permanently leave the USA (ecological disaster, political enemies, army of angry ex-girlfriends, take a pick): Where would you go to start a new life? For some added difficulty: It may not be a country where English is the primary language!

So that means no Australia? Cause that would be my first pick. So, excluding canada, Australia and the UK…Hmm…it’s hard to say cause a place like Paris would make a lot of sense. Berlin too…but , at the same time, every time I’ve been to eastern europe, I’m like “Man, I could live here for a little bit and really enjoy myself. Places in Poland and Romania especially. But, I gotta be realistic and recognize that my life revolves around eating delicious food so I’d probably end up in paris, berlin or maybe a city in spain. Food>>>>

Are you and Emancipator bro’s or do you hate one another? Also, who would win in a fist fight?
We have mad beef! Nah man. we’re buddies. We’ve been touring together for, like, 4 years. Probably one of my favorite guys to hit the road with. He’s super chill and just an all around fun guy to be around.
In a fist fight? I dunno. I’m a little bigger than him but he’s younger. Neither of us are particularly rage fueled people either. My guess would be, whoever was angrier at the time.

Which emoji do you think should be invented which hasn’t already been invented?
They need to just drop all the pretenses and make real genital emojis. It’s time. The World is ready. The eggplant has had it’s time. I realize this could be an issue for kids with phones but…I dunno…child proof that shit!
There also seems to be a lack of a convincing “eyeroll” emoji. I know there are ones that mean that but none that feel right. That seems easy enough though.

And this is just a question for here because it’s only a tv question….have you been watching Fargo (the series)? I lovvvvve it
I did and I loved it. The second season was even better than the first. Truly upper tier television. Don’t sleep.

Let’s say you have an opportunity to get completely free rent in a very nice, well located apartment in New York. The only catch is that every room in the apartment shares a wall with a very popular bar. This wall is actually a one-way mirror, so the people in the bar can get drunk while they see your every move. Would you make it work for the free rent?
ehhh…nah. That sounds like a social experiment I want no part of. Aside from the constant lack of privacy, there would be the noise element. Bars in NYC stay open till 4am. That shit would drive me nuts.
I suppose there would be ways around it though. Like created rooms with blankets for walls so all the onlookers could see was just some drapes. But it just seems like a whole to do. Like, Imagine , i bring some girl home and she sees all the blankets up. She’ll either think I’m a serial killer or a manchild who likes to live in a homemade “fort” full time.
I’m good with the apartment I have.

6 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 271

  1. Hey, if you couldn’t play basketball anymore (say, because of injury or something) do you think you would take up another form of fitness (like, weightlifting…..or creepy guy in the back of a Zumba class)?

  2. If you had to choose between constantly having an itchy asshole for 5 years or having to listen to nothing but Phish for 7 years which would you choose?

    I think you have said that you don’t see live music very often, but what is the best show/concert you’ve been to?

    F/M/K: Dog shit, Cat shit, Human shit

  3. What are your thoughts on people being “addicted” to their devices? I don’t see the problem as long as an individual knows when to stop staring at the screen and give their attention where it’s required.

    Also, is wu tang really for the children?

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