Answers for Questions vol. 272

G’day everyone. Welcome to Answers for Questions. if you don’t know what this is by now, i feel like it’s not even worth explaining. Also, self explanatory.
If you have any questions you’d like to ask me, fire away. Send them to or leave them in the comment section below. Be creative. Be weird.
This weeks batch is a good one. Definitely one that will probably annoy a few people…which is always fun.

What are your rules for dating a girl who has kids? How many kids is too many? What if there are multiple fathers involved?
Personally, and this will sound terrible, I’m not trying to date anyone with a kid. Probably cause I’m not in a place where I’m looking for anything very serious and I feel like , when there is a kid in the picture, the stakes are way higher. I’m not trying to fuck over some single mom.
So, my rule? I don’t do it. That may change down the line but, for now, that’s where my head is at.

I am a fan of rock as well as hip-hop. You mentioned Max Fish and I follow Sergio Garcia, the bassist for Deftones, on Twitter and it looks like he has a regular gig DJ’ing there. I guess he is friends with Shannon from Activator, who has been a long time, from what I can tell, friend of the Def Jux crew. I’ve heard some Activator and it seems like straight up metal. Can you explain the nature of this relationship(Def Jux/Activatior/Deftones)? Also, what are your two cents on Deftones? They are probably my favorite hard rock band, and I know El-P/Cage did a song with Chino on Handsome Boy Modeling School. I am rambling here…haha…feel freed to construct your answer with whatever about this that strikes you as worth discussing. 😉

I don’t know sergio but Shannon is my good friend. He is one of those old NYC guys who just knows everyone from all walks of life. He met the Def Jux people from just being around and working at Max Fish. He and El become good friends and then Shannon was his hype man for a bunch of years. Jux was also gonna put out the Activator album but the label folded before that could happen (I think…I’m not 100% on the timeline of that).
As for the deftones, I’ve never heard them. To be honest, I don’t get into metal so , in general, i’m clueless with regards to most of the genre.

What up Block,

So i been wanting to hear your thoughts on this for couple reasons. One, you from NYC Two, you write funny ass articles Three, im guessing this shit would annoy the fuck outta you and id like to hear you roll off about these ppl.

So I work in Saudi Arabia (from USA) but get limited contact with anyone outside of my coworkers (minus internet) cus this country is ass.

Therefore im constantly around the same 14 guys everyday. Breakrooms, work,van to work, everyday.

One new guy (british) will NOT shut the fuck up about 9-11. Bush did it he works for montesanto group. Masons this etc etc. guy is mid 40’s and talks to himself in circles about 9-11 conspiracy theories non motherfucking stop. To quote him talking to himself in the van “just like all these fools who think 9-11 really happened, wake up you muppets! It was bush…..buncha sheep oh my lord”. The rants continue and are endless.

So my questions:

1.You being from NYC, what’s your opinion as far as conspiracy surrounding the 9-11 attacks?

2. This youtube obsessed conspiracy theory guy. How do you suggest i get him to shut the fuck up? He likes rap n there are literally 2 other ppl in this country i know that listen to rap so I tend to ignore his rants n give him passes / leave rooms when he tangents.

3. Do many new yorkers share this British guy’s 9-11 opinions?

Personally I dont think it was an inside job and if it was, this fucking guy has no proof but youtube videos.

1)I think those conspiracy theories ,and most of them in general , are complete bullshit. People who obsess over them are bored as fuck and seem to be spiraling out all the time. I wrote a post about this very topic a while back:
2)there’s no use arguing with a person like that. At best you can be like “Okay guy, we get it…”
and hope he realizes what a crazy person he sounds like and just stops. Sadly, from your description, i doubt you’ll be so lucky.
3)Sure. People all over believe that shit. And the fact they base anything off youtube is hilarious. That’s like citing a think piece for a research paper.

Thoughts on Porzingis? Do you think this kid will save New York Basketball?
He’s awesome. On so many levels. Where he save NYC basketball? Can’t say but he will help it for sure. His ceiling is insane. Like a much more athletic dirk who can play defense (with a slightly worse jump shot). He’s gonna be an all star in the next year and for a decade to come if he can stay healthy. Definitely will be a great centerpiece to build around for the Knicks.

What do you think of PETA?

Ohhh, you’re trying to set me up. i see you.
Well, I’m all for the ethical treatment of animals. That said, I don’t give it ANY thought ever. Like, the other day, I posted an instagram pic of a dude with a tat that read “Vegan” , eating a hot dog. Some guy flipped out in my comments about the treatment of animals used to make food and I was just like ,dude, I’m glad you have your convictions but I truly and deeply don’t give a fuck. AT. ALL. It’s just not a cause I’m invested in. Also, i love eating meat and nothing based on emotion will ever sway that. At the same time, i’m not in favor of animal torture, obviously cause, you know, I’m a human being who’s not inherently evil.
But, as for PETA as a group, i find them to be overbearing and annoying as fuck in how they do things. It’s one of those cases where someone is on the right side of an argument but they’re such dicks about it , it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Like, they seriously got upset of some squirrels being skinned in the movie “Winter’s bone”. Pick your fucking battles, brah.
Now i patiently await someone in my comments to fly off the handle about something I just wrote…and that’s okay. Go nuts, guys.

What happened to Steady Bloggin? I used to check that site all the time, but nothins been posted in months. Thought you might know
I think it just kinda faded out , as blogs often do. These things are often labors of love so, unless you’re really dedicated to it and have tons of free time, they will all end eventually. It’s the people getting paid for it that can invest that time.

What are some of your greatest fears?
I mean, dying some horrific way is obviously in there but it’s not really practical. That’s something you can’t control.
In everyday life, my fears consists of getting into a conversation with someone I dislike and being stuck with no means of an exit. That happened to me a few times over the last month and i legit felt what a panic attack must feel like creeping up on me. Like I had to close my eyes for a moment and collect myself mid convo.
Really being trapped anywhere. Like being buried alive but in a more social situation. Other fears include:
I fear that rats get into my house. That terrifies me.
I fear something bad happening to my dick.
I fear that working as a musician will cease to be a viable way to make money.
I fear NYC will be washed away in the next 20 years.
I fear todays youth are making the world one big gaping vagina and it’s gonna come back at us when we actually need to stand up and be about something that matters.

That’s about it though…

Who are some of your favorite writers? I’d love to hear about any “classic” literature you like as well as current/modern/informal writing like your own.

I don’t read books. I simply don’t enjoy it. Never have. I’ve tried. I’ve read fiction, non-fiction , various eras of writers , taken recommendations from friends who know me and…nothing. It just doesn’t take. And i’m not saying i can’t read or comprehend what’s on the page. i literally get bored and drift off within a few pages. I can read a book, know what went on, capture the nuances of it but , 2 days later, not remember a thing about it. No clue why I’m like that but I just am.
My “writing style” is informal cause it’s based on nothing. it’s me rambling. I talk how i write. There’s no method or planning. It’s stream of consciousness to the max. That said, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t wanna read my writing either.

10 thoughts on “Answers for Questions vol. 272

  1. People probably try to shake your hand or give you a dap at shows. Have you every been in a situation where you had major reservations about any individuals? Maybe you actually see them do something gross with their hands, or you just get a bad feeling about it, like you don’t know where they’ve been?

    What do you think about the handshake custom? Is it good, or should we have already evolved to something better?

  2. What do you think about rappers rapping over vocal tracks on every single song when they play live? How is that acceptable for every song? Probably the worst offenders I have seen are LA The Darkman (he said his laptop was lost on the plane so he had to use a CD), Vince Staples (no excuse), Future (no excuse).

    What about rappers lip synching? My friend made me watch a Tech N9ne DVD once, and I swear he was actually lip synching half the time. What’s up with that?

  3. I just remembered something from like 10 years ago. I was at a party and said something in conversation about a David Bowie song which I think is dope. Some other guy there who I wasn’t even talking to started popping off shit about David Bowie’s personal life and told me that I like “faggot music”. It seemed like they wanted to fight me for a minute, then they left the room just to get away from me like I had the flu or something.

    When is the last time someone in real life ever sincerely talked shit to you about your taste in music? How can you even react to this?

  4. Do you like music by many artists that are openly homosexual or who many people assume are homosexual? If so, which artists? Why do some people get so hung up on this type of shit when it comes to their own musical taste?

  5. If you had to play a song repeatedly for your neighbors to hear over and over and over again, which song would you choose?

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